REKT Character Builder

After you're finished making a new character, feel free to PM Talvieno on Discord with it. If you have any questions that we haven't answered, just ask them in #rekt-general. We're a friendly bunch, and someone will be more than happy to help you out.

If you're feeling a little lost, check our wiki's New Player Tips section. There's a lot of helpful info there, written by older players. If you're still feeling lost, there's a brand-new quickstart guide intended to help get your character's backstory started in a hurry.

How it works:

Every additional point in an attribute costs the number of points equal to that attribute's new level.
It's wise to strike a balance between hardcore specialization and buffet-table "a little bit of everything".

Inmate Name
Inmate Age
Your history
and appearance
Reason your inmate
got REKT
Attribute Value Attribute Value
Strength Security
Endurance Medical
Agility Mechanical
Speed Conventional
Intuition Unconventional
Perception Exotics
Willpower Bookishness
Charisma Piloting
I'm planning out three oneshots to begin with, with varying amounts of roleplay/combat. I'm going to use a preference system to determine who gets put into which oneshot. Some people may end up in multiple oneshots. There may also be some small-time side tests.

The way this works is simple. You have 100 points, total. Split them between the various categories below. The more points you put in one category, the more likely you are to get that specific thing. Spreading the points around means you're more flexible, and more likely to get the option to play more than one oneshot.

Be aware that these are just "preferences", and I may give you the opportunity to switch around to fill in gaps!

Inf. Combat
Base System
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