REKT Backstory Quick-start Guide

Do you really want to play, but you're not sure how to start, or don't have a firm grasp of the universe? This page is meant to help with that. Using it, you can quickly and easily assemble a good, deep character. While REKT characters' backstories can often influence them, their main purpose isn't to provide a framework for future events (like traveling to your home planet, or killing sworn enemies), but to let you make a meaningful character with a solid history, with plenty of internal contradictions they struggle with and need to overcome. In REKT: 3152, you get to develop your character from a new "starting point" - the moment they begin their REKT career.

This page is not meant to be taken as "word of god". Sometimes a particular option may appeal to you more than others, so choose it! Or if you don't like what you've rolled, roll again! Sometimes rolling can help you realize that you like one particular option more than the others - or you may find that a character takes shape in your head as you go through the options. If this happens, take it! And don't be afraid to go off the rails - if you can think of something you like that isn't in the provided options, write it down!

Your childhood - 1d12 followed by 1d4

In what part of the galaxy did you grow up? What was your early life like? What challenges did you face as a child?

Figuring out your childhood helps define the boundaries that define the limits of your character's personality. It's our responsibility to, through character development, help them transcend these limits. It's also helpful to know where your character grew up because it can serve as the foundation for their backstory, and provide some valuable insights on not only who they are, but who they can and should become.


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