Research on Spiritus Habilitas
Also Known as Spirabilita
Author Dr. Shan Li
This is a collection of research on the topic of Spiritus Habilitas, which is literally
“Spiritual Abilities”. This is not to be confused with “Spiritual Gifts”, which I have also studied
extensively and can confirm that the two are completely different phenomena. This document is
by no means exhaustive, nor is it complete. I am simply publishing (albeit privately) what I have
discovered thus far.
I am not compiling this document for use in colleges or universities. They, for the most
part, reject my work as “controversial and whimsical”. Therefore, I shall refrain from
obfuscating this research paper, and aim at making it readily understandable to the public and the
bright young scholars of today, as I hope some will take up my work and continue it.
Spirabilitology is far from being a completed field of study, and I regularly make new
discoveries. Perhaps someday, someone will realize that my work is based on fact. Until then, I
shall use simpler terms and hope that you, my reader, will gain the same enthusiasm and respect
for spirabilitology as I have.
Spiritus Habilitas, better known as Spirabilita (‘spī-rə-bi-li-tə), is a phenomenon that has
been documented in various forms for millennia. This evidence is generally referred to by
historians as “wishful thinking” and “the product of imaginative minds”. This is an error on their
part. Spirabilita most definitely exists, beyond question of doubt.
Spirabilita (the word is both singular and plural) is, in essence, the possession of certain
unnaturally occurring abilities or “powers” by an individual, which are controlled through a
medium of controlled conglomerated spirits, also known as slave souls. The spirabilitan
possessing these powers is often referred to as a Spirabilitan, and I will refer to these people as
Spirabilitans for the remainder of this document, for clarity purposes.
For my explanations on this subject to proceed, the reader must understand a number of
ideas. These are, I can assure you, completely true, and I have tested and retested until I have
satisfied my doubts, and have proof of everything I claim. This proof is located in other papers I
have privately published, and I will provide references to them at the end of this document, but
not in this portion, as it is irrelevant to the reader now. The reader may believe whatever he or
she wishes. However, please understand that without these postulates in mind, nothing will make
sense. These postulates that must be assumed true are as follows:
1. Souls exist. It has always been debated whether this was true, and it is popular culture to
speak of them in a fanciful manner, but they exist
. Essentially, a human being is a spirit
(i.e. an ethereal consciousness) attached to a physical body. This spirit is referred to as a
2. Spirits (ghosts, in other words) exist. This is relatively easy to prove, although I frown
on those entertainment pieces they show on television. For the most part, those are
fictitious. If a ghost desired to harm you, it would, and nothing you could do would stop
it. Therefore, there is no real reason to be afraid of ghosts. It is like being afraid of death
itself. I have published proof of ghosts and souls in a different document
, and I will not
expand upon the topic here.
3. When an individual is born, a copy of a tiny piece of the father’s soul and a copy of
an equal piece of the mother’s soul are passed on to the child. This should be
self-explanatory. For the remainder of this document, I shall refer to these soul pieces as
“soul fragments” for the sake of simplicity, although the official term is “frustanima”.
These fragments are almost exactly 2.7% of the total soul of the person. They are actually
precise copies of the soul themselves, but are simply many times weaker in intensity. The
exact mathematical values are explained in another paper I have published
, referred to at
the end of this document.
4. When an individual dies, their soul separates itself from that individual, while the
fragments that the person has instilled in their children remain with those children.
My research indicates far fewer souls in existence than would be believed, which implies
the existence of an alternate reality in which the souls are drawn to or collect. I will not
debate the existence of Heaven and Hell in this document. My ideas on those subjects are
contained elsewhere,
as are the facts I have collected supporting the separation of souls
from the material body,
the existence of fewer souls than should be counted
and the
proof of the theory that the fragments remained.
5. When these soul fragments are transferred, exact copies of every soul fragment the
parents have collected are also passed on to the child. This should also be
self-explanatory, although the implications generated by this assumption, added to that of
the previous, branch out greatly. If this is true (the matter is addressed in one of my other
), then soul fragments accumulate over generations, increasing every
generation: 2, 6, 14, 30, 62, etc. After nine generations, the soul fragments themselves
die. I address this in a different document
, as it is irrelevant to the core of the subject
matter here.
6. Soul fragments can be considered “compatible” (for lack of a better word). For
multiple soul fragments to be compatible, they must both have the same “lesser likes and
dislikes” to a percent greater than 75%. These likes and dislikes exclude mindsets,
ambitions, hobbies, etc. They include preferences, morals, and favorites. A paper I wrote
on the combining of multiple sets of souls is referenced at the end of this document
, for
curious readers.
7. When two individuals with very large numbers of compatible soul fragments touch,
the soul fragments unite. These two individuals must have very high numbers of
completely compatible soul fragments. This is generally between 50-100 fragments for a single
conglomerated soul. This means that a family tree must retain its line of inborn preferences for at
least six generations, which is a very, very rare occurrence. The two individuals must touch hands
before anything else, making the likelihood of combining souls even rarer. There is no proof
against it, but there have been no documented cases of same-gender unisons of souls. From this, it
can be assumed, though not proven, that a male and a female are needed, as in human
reproduction. What this comes down to is “soul reproduction”, if I may coin a phrase. The unison
of the fragments is always (here I stress what I say, but it is necessary) accompanied by a bright
flash of light that lasts for several seconds and appears to radiate from the hands of the two
individuals. The significance of this flash is explained in detail later on in this document.
8. When the soul fragments unite, each individual is left with one or more auxiliary
souls. These “auxiliary souls” are complete reconstructions of a single soul, with an equal
intensity. They are, however, conglomerations of the different souls already provided.
These auxiliary souls are under the complete control of each individual, who are now
“spirabilitans” and can perform different supernatural phenomena. These phenomena are
of three types: Passive, mentally controlled and physically controlled.
It is possible for an individual to possess spirabilita from two distinct sets. However, this
is uncommon. Of the recorded cases, 71% were single sets, and 25.8% contained double sets.
When an individual obtained powers from two sets, this invariably resulted in the lowering of the
mentalic level of control for both spirabilitan partners. Only 2% of cases spoke of triple sets for a
single individual, and when these were reported, it always came with the statement that the
individual was nearly incapable of controlling their abilities with willpower. A remaining 1.2%
of cases were unclear, and I have thus kept them out of my mathematics.
Auxiliary Soul Conglomerations (ASC), the official term for the auxiliary souls, vary in
intensity. Some ASCs are more “intense” than others are, and the intensity of the conglomeration
(ASCI) determines, for the most part, the scale of the spirabilitan’s power in a particular
spirabilita. For example, a low ASCI rating in Ethereal-Time Control-Slow Time might result in
the individual being able to slow time by only 10%, while a high ASCI rating in the same
spirabilita might result in the individual being able to slow time by up to 90%. The expenditure
of energy during these two scenarios remains the same. This is because as the power of the
spirabilita increases, the auxiliary soul is more capable of its task.
Passive abilities are those that exist all the time, or add on to a different ability. Physically
controlled abilities require the person to perform a specific action, such as the waving of the
hands, in order to induce the auxiliary souls to perform their associated phenomena. Mentally
controlled abilities are the “wild card”, if I may use a common expression. Mentally controlled
powers always come in different levels of control, with the weaker levels being controlled by
certain emotions, and the higher levels being controlled simply by willpower. It is, of course,
more desirable to have a higher level of control, although one cannot select what they receive.
They must remain happy with what they are given, though I do note that not everyone is happy
that they received anything at all.
The usage of spirabilita drains the energy of the spirabilitan directly. Passive abilities and
mentally controlled abilities tend to make the individual mentally tired, or sleepy. This can lead
to passing out, if special care is not taken to ensure that the individual does not overstep their
limits. Physically controlled abilities tend to cause the individual to become physically tired over
time. This can lead to exhaustion if proper care is not taken to ensure the spirabilitan does not
overexert his or herself, and there have been instances in which the individual in question found
his or herself immobile because of the expenditure of energy.
Spirabilitans are symbiotic. If one partner dies, the other partner loses their auxiliary
souls, and thus also their spirabilita. This has been documented many, many times over the
course of history.
If one of the spirabilital partners has the Ethereal-Telepathic line of spirabilita, then the
other partner is able to “call” that individual, from any distance. This has the effect of calling
someone’s name, and the person’s mind alerts him or her of the mental contact. Moreover, if the
Ethereal spirabilitan speaks, with the intention of speaking to his or her partner, the other person
hears it in their mind.
Spirabilitans are also extremely capable of warding off the spirabilita of other
spirabilitans. For example, individuals have been recorded to be able to block their minds from
the presence of a Mental or Ethereal spirabilitan.
There are many cases where one could be almost sure of the existence of spiritual
abilities: the druids of old Britain, certain magicians, Voodoo shamans, etc. However, no proof
can be found concerning these incidents. For powers to be considered spirabilita there must be a
colored flash, and in the majority of cases, the flash is brushed away as unimportant, and thus
The majority of the recorded cases come, interestingly enough, from the Tibet-China
region of Southeast Asia. It is well known that the Chinese worshipped their ancestors, and there
may be a connection between this and the evidence of spirabilital activity. Common people
claimed the monks of their temples possessed supernatural powers, such as controlling objects
with their minds, floating above the ground, and creating spheres of energy. Ancient records
often speak of colored flashes at these temples, which the locals believed to be the manifestation
of magical powers of the mind. “Chi” is another example of the explaining away of spirabilita.
The documented cases are numerous, and I have compiled a list of them, which is referred to at
the end of this document
In the past one-hundred years, spirabilitans have almost ceased to exist, if what can be
found is to be believed. It is more likely that the governments of the world have decided to keep
the existence of spirabilitans a secret, or the spirabilitans themselves work to keep absolute
silence on the matter. Whatever the explanation, it has made it incredibly difficult to document
the phenomena, and I have worked hard to discover someone with these abilities.
Only one case in the past hundred years has reached my attention: A man (I am keeping
his and his spirabilitan partners name confidential) in Manhattan, New York, in the early 1920s,
found he had a very slight case of the Telekinetic set, and was capable of moving metal marbles
and other small objects short distances with his mind. The New York Times believed it false and
therefore unworthy of an article, though a smaller, privately owned paper, the New York Crier,
sent their reporter to him. Even so, he only obtained a small section in the middle, with no
photograph. The man’s spirabilitan partner, a young woman from China, had a slight case of the
Mental set, and found she was capable of tweaking emotions. This was undocumented by the
media, and I only found it recently through the journals generously provided by the man’s
relatives. The young woman spoke Chinese, and the man spoke English, and they could not
understand each other, but the woman pleased him and they stayed together for several years,
gradually learning each others language. Upon becoming pregnant, however, she attempted to
use her spirabilita to hurt the man, for an unknown reason. She went too far, and he became so
angry that he murdered her. He spent the last fifteen years of his life in prison, and found himself
incapable of his former abilities for the duration of that time.
This section explains the nature of the different sets in reasonable detail, including their
associated spirabilita.
Heading Bold text indicates that the indicated heading is the name of a
1. Heading This indicates that the indicated spirabilita is a level of a particular
line. All following spirabilita in the line automatically possess this spirabilita. In other words, the
second of the line would also contain the first as part of the ability.
1) Heading This indicates that the indicated spirabilita is a singularly
possessable option of a particular line. If an individual possesses this spirabilita, it is impossible
for them to have any other spirabilita in the line with the same number.
White Set (Ethereal) – This set is more often referred to as the “divine” set, as many of the powers in this
set are those which are commonly attributed to deities. It does not imply that the spirabilitan is actually a deity, as many have claimed.
In fact, no set of abilities exist that allows a spirabilitan to perform truly divine powers, such as restoring vitality, creating life, or
returning to life after death. Because of these facts, I have renamed it to the “Ethereal” set, and I will refer to it in this manner
throughout this document. Nothing that is substantial can be created or manipulated directly with this set of spirabilita. The powers of
the Ethereal set cannot be used aggressively, though they are not all passive in nature. They include a very wide variety of powers, and
in fact, the Ethereal set is the most diverse set. In any case, the Ethereal set appears most frequently in pure-hearted individuals, which
says a great deal in the favor of those fortunate enough to gain them. It also appears more often in those who are more playful, and
enjoy being outdoors. This made it greatly desired, though it is the rarest of the spirabilital sets. An interesting note: intense light (such
as that of sunlight) seems to re-energize those with the Ethereal set.
Invisibility – It is fortunate that no cases of partial transparency exist. This does not mean that it is impossible,
however. It simply means that I have not seen it documented. A spirabilitan capable of adjusting their opacity would see
first their muscles, then their bones, then their inner organs. It would be a gruesome sight to witness. As I have said, it is
fortunate that nothing of this nature has existed.
1. Bubble Invisibility Mentally controlled. A thin bubble about a sixteenth of an inch in height is
created around the person’s skin. Everything contained within is turned invisible. This includes makeup and
breakfast. This, I might add, is very fortunate. Unfortunately, this excludes clothing, which seems to hover in
midair in a most unusual manner, rendering this ability useless.
2. Contact Invisibility Mentally/Physically controlled. The invisibility bubble extends to all objects
and people in direct contact with the spirabilitan. The bubble also extends to all objects in direct contact with
those people that the spirabilitan is touching. This causes clothes, jewelry, and contents of pockets to disappear
along with the original person. However, walls, floors, and other sizable objects are ignored, thus preventing a
person from cloaking a building or a vehicle. Bicycles and motorcycles are exceptions. It is documented that
skateboards work as well, provided the skateboarder is barefoot. The use of this ability heavily drains energy
from the spirabilitan.
Will-Controlled Invisibility Mentally controlled. The spirabilitan is able to cause objects to
become invisible, and require only line-of-sight contact with the target. The largest documented object to turn
invisible was a lion, though that had undesirable results, as the terrified beast killed the spirabilitan only
moments later. When the spirabilitan ceases focus on the object, the object returns to its normal opacity, and
obviously, the spirabilitan’s death has the same effect.
Telepathy – One of the most coveted abilities in history. Fictional cases abound to the point that an incredibly large
number of individuals claim they possess it. While it was terribly difficult to separate the true cases from the claims, I
believe I have done so. The Telepathic line is one of the few lines in which the only level of mental control is at the highest.
The use of telepathic abilities relies solely on willpower, and not emotions. It has been widely debated as to why exactly
Telepathy exists only in the Ethereal set, and not in the Mental set. My viewpoint on the matter is that the Mental spirabilita
are only related to the changing of other minds, while the Telepathy of the Ethereal set is focused mainly on reading.
1. Emotional Sensing Mentally controlled. The first level of the Ethereal-Telepathic-Sensing line.
The individual possessing this ability is capable of sensing the emotions of others. This is unusually similar to
the Betazoids of Star Trek, a series of which I watched four episodes for this exact reason, though I now see no
connection. The person with only the sensing line is incapable of transmitting anything, and only acts as a
2. Outer Layer Sensing Mentally controlled. The second level of this particular line of spirabilita,
Outer Layer Sensing is one of the most culturally popular abilities, used in fiction so frequently that it is useless
to attempt to document all the instances. The individual with this power is capable of both sensing the emotions
of people of their choice, as well as sensing the “outer layer” of the person’s mind. The “outer layer” refers to
the current thoughts of the person, as in, what is foremost on their mind.
3. Inner Layer Sensing Mentally controlled. Far more powerful than Outer Layer Sensing, the
person is capable of delving deeper into the mind, as well as sensing emotions and the outer layer. The
spirabilitan can sense the inner thoughts of the person – the ones they cannot control. However, the spirabilitan
still requires their target individual to have a particular topic on their mind for them to gain information
4. Memory Sensing Mentally controlled. The most powerful level of telepathic sensing. Memory
Sensing allows the spirabilitan to access all memories of their target directly. The target never becomes aware of
this procedure, as they cannot sense it. Memories of the person’s childhood, as well as memories of the day
before, are all easily accessed through simple willpower. This would allow no privacy whatsoever, and I am
somewhat relieved that the cases of this particular spirabilita are almost nonexistent.
Emotion Transmission Mentally controlled. The spirabilitan is capable of transmitting emotions
directly into the mind of a target individual. This individual will understand that the emotions are not his or
hers, and will quite commonly become extremely confused if they do not realize what is happening.
Thought Transmission Mentally controlled. While it has a similar name to Telepathy > Emotion
Transmission, this is not technically part of the same line. Cases have been recorded where the spirabilitan could
transmit thought, but not emotions. Thought Transmission refers to the ability to send thoughts to another
individual. The sound of the transmitted thought in the mind is distinguishable from audial noises, though the
target individual may not realize that they are not actually “hearing” the thoughts, and may believe the
spirabilitan is actually speaking. This has some comical results on occasion, which I have collected in a small
book, referred to at the end of this document
. Ironically, this book, published as fiction, is the only piece of my
work to win acclaim of any sort, and is available in public libraries.
Full Mind Transmission Mentally controlled. An exceedingly rare spirabilita, requiring both
Emotion Transmission and Thought Transmission. Both Emotion Transmission and Though Transmission may
exist without the individual possessing Full Mind Transmission, however. Full Mind Transmission is the ability
to transmit the entire contents of one’s mind, with the exception of memories, to another individual in an instant.
If the target does not possess an intellect capable of holding and recording the information at once, the
spirabilitan invariably loses consciousness. The transfer is generally described in such terms as “a tidal wave”
and “falling meteors”, leading me to the conclusion that it is a most unpleasant experience.
Thought Implantation Mentally controlled. The existence of this spirabilita is heavily debated.
While this would technically seem to belong to the Yellow set, there have been cases claimed where the
spirabilitan was capable of “tweaking” minds, in the sense of being able to directly implant a thought into the
person’s mind to where they believed it was their own. Like the Yellow set, claims have been made that the
target individual is capable of “warding off” the “attack”. This, if successful, reportedly results in the
spirabilitan undergoing pain to the extremity that they pass out. However, no true evidence exists on the matter,
and it is my professional opinion that Thought Implantation does not actually exist.
Teleportation – Teleportation is one of the lesser-known abilities, which is odd, because many cases were reported
in ancient China-Tibet of individuals possessing this spirabilita. Teleportation is generally controlled by the higher levels of
mental clarity, that is to say, willpower. However, there have been reported cases of spirabilitans teleporting due to fear,
anxiety, and other negative emotions, and the exact nature of the negative/positive emotional phenomenon is explained in a
different document of mine
. The Teleportation line requires both an ability of the Confirmation line, and an ability of the
Teleportation line. There have been no reported cases whatsoever, claimed or otherwise, of an individual possessing only
one or the other – an occurrence that would be useless and undocumentable. As to the range of teleportation, it generally
does not exceed one mile, whether the spirabilitan can see the target location or not.
1) Visible Confirmation Mentally controlled. With Visible Confirmation, the spirabilitan requires
direct line-of-sight between themselves and their target location. They can teleport directly through glass if need
be, as they can see through it.
1) Memory Confirmation Mentally controlled. Memory Confirmation, the second in the
Confirmation half of the Ethereal Teleportation line, is the ability to teleport to an area simply from memory.
This requires that they have seen the location at least once before.
1) Knowledge Confirmation Mentally controlled. The most powerful and useful of the
Confirmation half, Knowledge Confirmation allows the spirabilitan to teleport anywhere they desire, though it
could possibly place them inside a solid object. The individual requires nothing but the knowledge of where
their target position is relative to their present location.
2) Bubble Teleportation Mentally controlled. A very comical ability, and the weakest in the
Teleportation half of the Teleportation line. Bubble teleportation works, more or less, in the same manner as
Ethereal-Invisibility-Bubble Invisibility. A “bubble” is formed a fraction of an inch away from the skin of the
person, and all objects completely enclosed within the bubble teleport with that person. What makes this
spirabilita comical is the fact that the individual will teleport directly out of their clothing. I expanded on this
idea and turned it into a story
. Bubble Teleportation is, at any rate, useless. Unless the individual is alone, of
2) Contact Teleportation Mentally and physically controlled. Far more useful than Bubble
Teleportation, Contact Teleportation expands the “bubble” to include anything and anyone that the person is
touching with their skin, as well as any objects touching the people who are touching the spirabilitan. In simpler
terms, the spirabilitan may teleport themselves, their clothing, anyone that they are touching, and the clothing of
those individuals. Large objects are not included in the field, which appears much more powerful than the
Invisibility line. The ground and buildings are therefore ignored. The largest item recorded to be teleported was
an elephant in ancient China.
2) Will-Controlled Teleportation Mentally controlled. Extremely rare, to the point of there
only being a few cases on record. However, these cases have been proven true
, and there is no debate among
scholars on whether Will-Controlled Teleportation exists. Essentially, Will-Controlled Teleportation is the
ability to teleport an object or person without contact. It is unknown as to what the full extent of the capabilities
of this phenomenon is, as the individuals who possessed it never cared to teleport anything larger than a Llama.
Supernatural Hearing Passive ability. This particular phenomenon is well documented, and is used by the
entertainment industry to a certain extent, appearing in certain movies and television shows, most notably Superman.
However, I easily concluded that Superman is a pure work of fiction, as Mr. Kent possesses powers from four different sets
– far more than are possible for a single spirabilitan. Supernatural Hearing refers to the ability to hear things outside of the
range of normal auditory capabilities. Tesla, an inventor of the earlier 1900s, claimed to have a mild case of it, though it
cannot be proven true, as he never referred to a spirabilita flash in his records. He also possessed a number of other
spirabilita from the ethereal set, which makes me feel very greatly that he was an Ethereal spirabilitan. Much of my work
for the white set was done on his abilities. However, I digress. In any case, an individual may have Supernatural Hearing
without possessing either of the following additional sets.
Selective Blocking Mentally controlled. The spirabilitan is able to block out sounds, so as not to
become overwhelmed. Unlike conventional auditory blocking, the disregard of sounds takes place not mentally,
but aurally. This results in a complete absence of noises of the individual’s choice – a very useful ability to have.
This spirabilita is controlled on the upper end of the mental scale.
Visual Transposition Passive ability. Made known to the public by the hero in the comic
“Daredevil” who is a blind man with a clear case of Ethereal > Supernatural Hearing > Visual Transposition,
albeit only a moderate case. Visual Transition refers to the ability to “see” sounds in the mind’s eye. Colors, of
course, are disregarded, but the individual can outline the shapes of objects far more efficiently than a human
can by sight. In addition, the individual can effectually “see” around corners, and into buildings. If the sound
reflects off a surface and reaches the ear, the person can “see” it.
Light Manipulation – One of the most variable powers in known existence. It comes in many different forms,
and I have documented most of them here. Note I say “most”.
Light Globe Physically controlled. The hands are held pressed together and then drawn apart in a
curved shape, as if holding a widening sphere. This creates a sphere of light between the spirabilitan’s palms not
unlike the phenomenon some martial arts cartoons contain. This spirabilita is extremely variable, with many
different forms and functions. It is possible for an Ethereal to possess only the outer level of Light Globe
without any of the inner abilities, and it has been recorded in a number of cases. In these, the power is still good
for use as a makeshift flashlight. Higher ASCI allows the globe to be brighter, as well as permitting it to exist
for longer periods.
Globe Detachment Physically controlled. Sphere must be widened to a certain point and
thrust forwards. Added guidance abilities only operate in a 90° range away from the person who
creates the globe. Therefore, all interferences behind the globe’s path of motion are ignored.
Generally, only one guidance method ever functions for a single spirabilitan, though there have been
reported occurrences of a spirabilitan possessing more than one type of guidance. It is also just as
likely for an individual to gain none of the following spirabilita.
Light Guidance Passive ability. The globe is gently guided in the direction of the
strongest light source.
Darkness Guidance Passive ability. The globe is gently guided away from all light
sources, taking the path of least resistance.
Electromagnetic Guidance Passive ability. The globe is gently guided in the
direction of the nearest electromagnetic field. This likely includes cell phones and
wristwatches. Those with this spirabilita should exercise caution.
Gravitational Guidance Passive ability. The globe is gently guided in the direction
of the nearest large masses, the flight path greatly exaggerated. Gravitational fields
present in the area at the time of the globe’s creation appear to be ignored.
Heat Guidance Passive ability. The globe is gently guided in the direction of the
strongest heat source.
Cold Guidance Passive ability. The globe is gently guided away from all heat
sources, taking the path of least resistance.
Long Lifetime – The globe draws from ambient energy sources, allowing it to continue to exist.
The spirabilitan may possess none or multiple of the following spirabilita.
Electromagnetic Field Absorption Passive ability. The globe absorbs stray
electromagnetic waste particles to keep itself from dissipating. Can interfere with radio
Light Absorption Passive ability. The globe absorbs stray light particles to keep
itself from dissipating. A “sucking” of light in the room (with the effect of a sponge) is a
common phenomenon with this.
Heat Absorption Passive ability. The globe absorbs heated particles to keep itself
from dissipating. A cooling effect is a common documented phenomenon with this,
though the globe cannot lower the heat in the room lower than the temperature at which it
was created. Therefore, actual heat sources are required for this ability to function
Target Manipulation – When the globe hits certain objects, their nature is changed. The
spirabilitan may or may not possess one or more of the following spirabilita.
Electromagnetic Disintegration Passive ability. The full nature of this ability is
unknown, and lacks sufficient data to explain in full. Electronic devices affected
generally turn themselves off and melt/explode/disintegrate, after lowering the
electromagnetic value of the object in question to that in which the globe was created.
This also drains and destroys batteries. This ability tends to create sparks, heat, and
smoke as energy is released from the target, so stay back and use caution. Documents
exist stating the accidental creation of fires during demonstrations of this ability. Again,
use caution, and keep your laptop out of the way.
Light Destruction Passive ability. The object in question loses all properties of light
and ceases to function, generally dispersing quantities of electricity and smoke as energy
is released from the target. Light bulbs, for example, will burn out. Delicate circuitry will
fry from the added electricity, so it would not be wise to use this near a monitor or a
Heat Equalization Passive ability. The globe lowers/raises the temperature of the
object in question to reflect what was present at the time and place of the globe’s creation.
Therefore, Heat Equalization cannot be used as a weapon. However, it could prevent a car
from overheating, warm a person when they come inside, or other such things.
Light Shield Physically controlled. Arms and legs are held in a “Y” position with palms outwards away
from body center. A large dome of light, ranging from eight to thirty feet in diameter is formed from the
person’s shoulders, giving an appearance of angelic wings to those within the shield. Generally, the spirabilita
contains one or more of the following phenomena, though not in all cases.
Full Opacity Passive ability. I myself can see no purposefulness in this, but as it exists, I am
recording it here. With full opacity, the shield is fully opaque, as it sounds. That is, you cannot see
through it.
Matter Reflection Passive ability. This causes the shield to reflect matter as if it was light
from a mirror. Heavier and faster-moving objects have a tendency to drain the energy of the
spirabilitan far faster than would be normal. However, it does provide the individual with a very
complete shield.
Matter Repulsion Passive ability. The light shield repulses all outside matter in the manner
of a reversed magnet. Projectiles and other objects can enter into the shield, and the spirabilitan has
the danger of being hit by these objects, if they are moving fast enough and if they have enough
mass. Higher masses tend to be harder to “turn away”.
Matter Disintegration Passive ability. Matter Disintegration causes the light shield to
disintegrate all non-biological matter that enters into it, converting the matter into both light and
energy. Approximately 99.98% of the energy goes into the strengthening of the shield, and thus the
shield is able to disintegrate the intruding matter even more quickly. The remaining percentage goes
into re-energizing the spirabilitan, as well as into the production of light, which is generally of a soft
yellow hue.
Light Aura Mentally controlled. There have been instances recorded where the spirabilitan possessed
only the outer level of Light Aura without either of the two additive abilities, so it is not necessary to have one
of the following spirabilita. It is also possible for an individual to possess one or more of the following
spirabilita without possessing Light Aura, though this requires Ethereal > Light Manipulation > Light
Absorption > Miscellaneous Effects > Aura Combining to make use of the spirabilita. Weak cases of Light Aura
produce a barely detectable glow, while stronger cases make the individual appear ablaze with light. While more
often emotionally controlled, cases of higher mental levels are not uncommon.
Self Heal Passive ability. When the spirabilitan activates the Light Aura, their wounds begin
healing at a rate much faster than would be normal, causing visible changes to take place over a
matter of hours to seconds, depending on the individual’s ASCI.
Blinding Flash Mentally controlled. To utilize Blinding Flash, the individual must first
activate their Light Aura. The duration the Light Aura remains active appears to influence the
brightness of the flash. In cases of lower ASCI, the flash may be just barely enough to impede the
vision of those surrounding them. In higher cases, the damage can be permanent. I would advise
caution to anyone using this ability.
Light Absorption – Unlike the similar ability of the black set of spirabilita, the light that the Ethereal
spirabilitan absorbs is not lost, but merely displaced. With certain abilities, the spirabilitan can replace the light
they have taken. The individual must possess one or more of the following of the absorption line to utilize any
of the Miscellaneous Effects mentioned below. It has been noted that the absorbed light and snuffed lights only
remain in their altered state for as long as the individual retains consciousness.
Singular Absorption – Physically controlled. The individual who possesses Singular
Absorption places their hand palm-outwards in the direction of a light source and pulls inwards as
they curve the fingers, as though grabbing and pulling the light towards themselves. This snuffs the
light and allows the spirabilitan to absorb the energy, though they cannot directly utilize it without
possessing Self Heal.
Choice Absorption – Mentally controlled. The spirabilitan may select between the light
sources present, absorbing only those that they desire. This ability is controlled primarily on the
higher end of the mental scale, thus not requiring the use of emotions. Higher ASCI allows for more
accurate choosing.
Aura Absorption – Mentally controlled. Unlike Choice Absorption, the use of this spirabilita
may require any level of the mental scale. Those with Aura Absorption absorb the light in the
particular area in which they are standing, with the “aura” extending farther relative to the
spirabilitan’s ASCI.
Miscellaneous Effects – An array of miscellaneous effects that operate in conjunction with the
Light Absorption ability.
Self Heal – Passive ability. The absorbed light dissipates its energy and becomes
unusable, but in the process, it heals the spirabilitan.
Return Light – Mentally/Physically controlled. Those who possess Return Light may
return the light that they absorb to the original locations, in the reverse of the exact same
method in which the light was absorbed. For example, a person making use of Singular
Absorption must place their hand close to themselves with fingers curved and palm
outwards, and push forwards while straightening the fingers.
Light Redirection – Mentally and physically controlled. The spirabilitan with this
power is capable of redirecting the light that they have absorbed. This is done by pointing
a single finger, arm outstretched, towards the position where they desire the light to
reappear, and either feeling the appropriate emotion or exerting the appropriate amount of
willpower. The light flows down the individual’s arm and creates a tiny “stream” or
“rivulet” in that direction, and finally “pools”. I use quotation marks because I am
quoting almost directly from one of the ancient texts from a Tibetan monastery.
Aura Combining – Passive ability. The light absorbed combines with (or creates) the
individual’s Light Aura, at a rate of approximately one per four absorbed. An Ethereal
may use this newly created Light Aura to utilize Self Heal or Blinding Flash, which they
may not be capable of creating in any other manner.
Time Control – Higher auxiliary soul conglomeration intensity increases the speed with which the time alters and
the duration in which the time remains altered.
Fast Forward Mentally controlled. The individual is capable of “fast forwarding” through time. During
this interval, the person appears motionless to those nearby. This spirabilita has no real advantage whatsoever,
besides waiting through heavy traffic or a stop light. It is best used sparingly, I am told. Some cases of “comas”
have occurred where the spirabilitan does not wish, or perhaps cannot manage, to come back to the normal flow
of time, and remain indefinitely in a “vegetative state”. This, I am sure, would be terrifying to the individual
involved. In any case, the spirabilitan cannot choose at which speed they increase the flow of time. It is like a
switch, if I may make an analogy. It is either on or off, and there is no halfway point or dial to change how fast
the individual “fast forwards” through time.
Slow Time Mentally controlled. This is a very valuable spirabilita. When the person realizes that it is not
simply a trick of their mind, they become capable of “super speed”. The exact ratio of real time to slowed time
varies. The individual is not capable of choosing at which speed time is slowed, and may only slow it at a fixed
rate. Thus, if the initial speed of slowing is 50%, then the spirabilitan will never be able to slow time at any
other speed than 50%.
Reverse Time Mentally controlled. This spirabilita has been referenced on many occasions in popular
entertainment. The individual is capable of going back in time, and nobody even knows. The person cannot go
back indefinitely, however – they are forced to remain within 5-30 minutes of when they begin. As with “Fast
Forward” and Slow Time, the individual cannot choose at what rate time is reversed.
Time Jump Mentally controlled. The fabled time travelling phenomenon. The individual is capable of
leaping both forwards and backwards in time, but only to within 5 years, at the most powerful documented
occurrence. Unlike Fast Forward, Slow Time and Reverse time, the individual is capable of changing the output
of their spirabilita to choose the exact instant in which they “arrive”. However, a higher ASCI increases the
accuracy of the “landing”.
Pause Time Mentally controlled. The spirabilitan is capable of pausing time, while they themselves
move about normally. The bubble generally expands to everything they touch, while they touch it, which is
fortunate. If this was not so, their clothes would render them incapable of motion. Higher ASCI allows for
longer durations of paused time.
Blue Set (Glacial) – An individual with this set may have a preexistent resistance to colder temperatures. The
Glacial set generally stays near the lower end of the mental scale, that is, they require the use of emotions to produce their effects,
rather than consciously willing a particular phenomenon to occur. Fortunately, more emotionally sensitive individuals appear more
likely to obtain this set, according to my research, as well as those who enjoy solitude. It is interesting that the glacial set is defined by
two main sets of abilities, these being water and cold. It is the only set of the ten to do this. It is fortunate, in any case, as moisture is
necessary in the creation of ice. It also should be noted that the Glacial’s skin is invariably immune to the wrinkling effects of water.
Water Manipulation – Water Manipulation is a very diverse set of abilities, just like Colder Temperatures.
Water Creation Mentally and physically controlled. Water Creation is the phenomenon of the
spontaneous creation of water. The individual aims their palm in the direction they desire to create the water,
and makes a “shaking” motion with their hand. This is coupled with either an emotion or willpower, depending
on the level of the mental scale. As stated before, it is more frequently recorded for the abilities of the Glacial
set to stay near the lower end of the mental scale. The amount of water created, as well as the distance from
which it can be created, is controlled in part by the level of the spirabilitan’s ASCI.
Humidity Aura Mentally controlled. Much the same as in Bram Stoker’s Dracula, where the Count
was capable of creating a fog about himself. Lower cases provide less of a fog, and less dense. In any case, a fog
does appear around the spirabilitan who possesses this spirabilita, when they choose to execute this
Water Vaporization Mentally and physically controlled. This spirabilita allows the person to
vaporize the water they desire. The hand is aimed in the direction of the water that the individual wishes to
vaporize. This must be coupled with a slight “shaking motion”, in addition to the appropriate mental control.
When this is accomplished, the water will spontaneously convert into water vapor, though not in the heated
manner of steam.
Underwater Breathing Passive ability. Unlike the spirabilita of the Physical set, which is closely
related, the individual must be underwater to utilize this power. Underwater Breathing enables the possessor to
make use of water in much the same manner as a fish, though without gills. In the most powerful case on record,
an old monk in China was able to stay under the waters of the Yangtze River for over two years, before he
finally decided to surface.
Water Manipulation Physically controlled. The spirabilitan with Water Manipulation is capable of
controlling water in much the same way that Telekinetics are capable of controlling solids. This includes such
motions as twisting, pulling, and pushing. In higher cases of ASCI, the individual may also be capable of
shaping water into forms of their desire, such as a dragon or a bird. This generally involves complex use of the
fingers and very much skill, if the records are to be believed.
Colder Temperatures
Freeze Aura Mentally controlled. The individual possessing this spirabilita is able to lower the
temperatures in the surrounding area. This is, in most cases, past the freezing point, though in the lowest
recorded cases of ASCI, the individuals were incapable of managing this. Higher cases, of course, permit faster
freezing of the surroundings. It has also been noted that individuals without Cold Immunity find themselves just
as cold as their surroundings.
Freeze Object Mentally and physically controlled. The spirabilitan with this ability may freeze the
object of their choice. This is done by aiming the palm at the desired target and making a “shaking motion”, as
is common with spirabilita of the blue set. This motion must be coupled with the appropriate mental action.
Interestingly, this ability sometimes pairs itself with Water Creation. The exact reason and method for this is yet
unknown. The ASCI level determines the maximum size of the object that can be frozen.
Freeze Area Mentally and physically controlled. This spirabilita allows the individual to freeze a large
area of terrain. This is activated in the same way as Freeze Object, and is used when the individual cannot freeze
the object because of the size. If it stands alone, then the target object is still frozen, though the area around it
freezes as well. The individual’s ASCI determines the size of the area that can be frozen.
1. Cold Immunity – Passive ability. In the first level of this line, the spirabilitan is immune to the
effects of cold temperatures. This may be compared to the similar spirabilita of the Thermal set, though with
that set the spirabilitan is never completely capable of thermal immunity. Auxiliary Soul Conglomeration
Intensity has no known effect on this phenomenon.
2. Cold Self-heal – Passive ability. In the second level of this line, the spirabilitan is not only immune to
colder temperatures, but also healed by them through some unknown process. It is well known in science that
colder temperatures imply a lack of energy, and it has been speculated that the healing process takes place
because of some unknown inconsistency between this world and the spiritual world. In any case, the healing is
slow at higher temperatures, such as 0°F, while the rate of regeneration approaches instantaneous speeds the
closer one approaches absolute zero. Of course, no individual has ever reached absolute zero to be sure, though
liquid hydrogen has been known to do an incredible job. Higher ASCI also accelerates the healing process.
Freezing Globe Physically controlled. Somewhat similar to the “Fireball” of the Thermal set. Some
claim a connection to the Ethereal set, though in reality, the Light Globes of the Ethereal set are far more
variable. The Freezing Globe is formed the same way – the individual places their palms flat against each other
and curve their palms as they pull outwards. This forms a near-invisible sphere of subzero temperatures. If the
individual possesses the Water Creation or Humidity aura powers of this set, those are activated passively, and
flecks of ice may appear within the sphere. The sphere can be thrust at great speed, and remains intact and
spinning until it encounters a solid object.
Yellow Set (Mental) – Possibly the second most-feared of the sets, the Mental set allows the spirabilitan to
control the minds of others, to a certain extent, depending on the types and intensities of the auxiliary souls. Unlike the Telepathy
spirabilita of the Ethereal set, Mental powers cannot be used for communication. Individuals who are more emotionally inclined (type
of emotion aside) appear likely to receive this set, as are those who are less playful and more serious, as are those who especially enjoy
social activities. This set is rarer than most, and somewhat difficult to study. All spirabilita of this set appear to be controlled on the
higher end of the mental scale. While considerably fewer than many of the other sets, the Mental spirabilita are far more powerful.
Tweak Mind – The ability to “tweak” a person’s mind. The best analogy was created by Dr. Isaac Asimov, in his
Foundation series, though for a different purpose: the adjustment of dials. The spirabilitan can “rotate” the dials of a
person’s mind. This does not allow him or her to change the individual actions of the target, nor does it allow them to
change the person completely. However, the adjustments made by Tweak Mind are permanent, and can only be undone by
re-tweaking. Higher ASCI allows for greater control.
Tweak Mood Mentally controlled. This spirabilita allows the spirabilitan to tweak the target’s mood.
This might be to edge them a little closer to happiness, or to edge them towards depression or fear. Spirabilitans
with higher ASCI are capable of making larger adjustments. As with all of the abilities in the Tweak line, these
adjustments stay until outside interference changes the individual’s mood. However, repeated adjustments can
eventually cause permanent, irreversible damage, and the person’s mood may never change again.
Tweak Personality Mentally controlled. This spirabilita is generally immediately noticed by anyone
who knows the target well. Tweak Personality allows the spirabilitan to change the individual’s personality. For
example, they could cause a person to explode with anger whenever someone makes noise. Adjustments to
personalities invariably causes permanent damage to the individual’s soul and associated soul fragments, and in
extreme cases has even resulted in the individual losing their powers. I referred to this phenomenon in one of
my books
, my only humorous work.
Tweak Memories Mentally controlled. This coveted spirabilita allows the individual to edit, create, or
destroy certain memories of another individual. The spirabilitan must know beforehand which memories they
desire to adjust or create – they are incapable of actually reading the person’s mind. These memories are
generally so realistic that the victim will fully believe the memory to be true. However, in cases of lower ASCI,
the individual may be able to discern the phony or edited memory from others, with the knowledge that it exists.
Control Mind – This is possibly the primary reason that the yellow set is so feared. Control Mind spirabilita are
temporary, but complete. A Mental spirabilitan may possess one or more of the following abilities. Higher ASCI allows for
greater control.
Thought Control Mentally controlled. A spirabilitan with Thought Control has the power to create
thoughts, control thoughts, and prevent certain thoughts from forming. Higher ASCI allows the spirabilitan
greater control over the targeted individual’s thoughts. This control exists only as long as the spirabilitan
concentrates on the individual. Once the control ceases, the individual may realize that someone was controlling
their thoughts, though they are incapable of realizing it during the actual controlling.
Emotion Control Mentally controlled. Emotion Control permits the spirabilitan to set the emotions of
a person, as the name suggests. These emotions include confusion, determination, courage, anger, paranoia, and
depression, among many others. During the controlling of their emotions, the individual fully believes that the
emotions are natural, and their own, though later they may look back and wonder what happened, or even
understand what happened.
Muscle Control Mentally controlled. Muscle control is the only spirabilita of this set in which the
target individual is expressly aware of the fact that they are being controlled. They may still will their muscles
to move, but find themselves incapable of it, or even of yelling or fighting back. This experience is terrifying,
and in more extreme cases, it can be traumatizing, or even mind breaking.
Emotional Aura Mentally controlled. Similar to Tweak Mood, to some extent. Emotional Aura alters the
emotions of the people in the area surrounding the spirabilitan, but only temporarily. When the spirabilitan ceases to control
their aura, the emotions of those around them return to normal. The range and effectiveness of this phenomenon are
determined largely by the associated spirabilita’s ASCI.
Emotional Feeding Mentally controlled. A cross between a self-heal and an empowerment, Emotional Feeding
allows the spirabilitan to “feed” off the emotions of others. This “feeding” re-energizes, heals, and empowers the
individual, and higher intensities of emotion may impart a feeling of ecstasy. The required emotion is pre-set at the time of
the individual’s flash, and may be set to fear, or happiness. As an example: A spirabilitan may require a sensation of fear
from those around them to “feed”. With this in mind, the spirabilitan may attempt to scare the individuals surrounding
them, and impart a feeling of fear. The stronger this fear becomes, the more power and energy the spirabilitan absorbs from
the mental energies. It is fortunately just as likely for the predetermined emotion to be one of joy or happiness. However, it
is interesting to note that emotions implanted or tweaked by the spirabilitan are not absorbed by emotional feeding. Only
emotions occurring naturally are absorbed.
Silver Set (Spiritual) – The most common set, appearing in 18.21% of cases, the Spiritual set allows the
individual to contact the spiritual realm. This does not include “angels” and “demons”. There are many, many reported cases where
individuals claimed to be able to talk to “the gods”, “ancestors”, or “higher beings”. Many of the cases are false claims, but
comparatively large percentages of them are recorded and have been proven true
, though only as far as the actual existence of
spirabilita. This is partially because imaginative individuals more frequently gain this set, as well as people who are more spiritually
inclined. Less confident individuals appear to be more suspect for this as well. In all cases, at least one part of the Spiritual > Spirit
Sensing line is present.
Spirit Control Mentally controlled. This spirabilita is controlled primarily at the upper end of the mental scale.
Spirit Control permits a spirabilitan to literally control a spirit, and manipulate them in much the same way as one would a
puppet or marionette, though entirely mentally. The controlled spirit can utilize weaker versions of spirabilita, though it is
not certain what causes the specific spirabilital abilities. Higher ASCI allows the controlled spirits to possess greater power,
as well as allowing the individual more time before the spirit “breaks away” from the control of the individual. The
spirabilitan must maintain caution, as spirits that break away tend to attempt to harm him or her.
Spirit Sensing – Every individual with the silver set possesses at least one of these three spirabilita, as I have stated
before. These abilities allow the spirabilitan to understand that the spirits exist, and assist in their control of them. Auxiliary
Soul Conglomerations are included in the category of sensable spirits, and are most often the first that the spirabilitan
Spirit Echoes Passive ability. The individual is capable of hearing spirits. Many spirabilitans who
possessed this ability spoke of the phenomenon as hearing “echoes” of other beings, and the name comes from
this. The individual must be within “earshot” of the spirit, and the spirit must be “making noise” of one sort or
another for the “sounds” to reach the person. It has been proven factual only through the aid of spirabilitans with
similar abilities, but still remains a mysterious spirabilita. The level of ASCI appears to determine how close the
spirits must be to the spirabilitan to be heard.
Visualize Spirits Passive ability. The individual is capable of seeing the inhabitants of the spiritual
realm, though in a somewhat translucent manner. The visualized beings may flash in and out of existence, and
on several occasions, they have been known to disappear. However, the ancient texts have assured me that this
is only normal. These spiritual phenomena have been documented in another of my documents
, and as eager
as I am to go into details here, I shall refrain from doing so.
Sense Spirits Passive ability. The spirabilitan with Sense Spirits is capable of “sensing” nearby spirits.
According to my studies, this is different from any of the “normal” five senses. The individual with this ability
simply gains an “awareness” of the spirits around them, and can tell when they are there without looking, almost
as if in a third-person view of themselves. Walls or barriers of any sort do not dull or block this ability, although
with distance the souls are less likely to be sensed. The distance from which a spirabilitan can sense spirits
increases with ASCI.
Spirit Communication – The ability to converse with spirits. This is done in several ways. The spirit must be
nearby. In other words, the spirabilitan must be actively sensing the spirit to communicate. What these powers provide, in
essence, is the simple ability to allow the spirit to sense their presence and communicate in return. The spirit itself may
choose not to return the communications, and the spirabilitan is helpless in these instances.
Physical Communication Physically controlled. The spirabilitan must make hand motions or act
out what they desire the spirit to understand. This can result in some ludicrous gesturing, and may be in part
what evolved the popular game of charades. It is worthwhile to note that unless the individual has Spirit Echoes
or Visualize Spirits, the spirit is unable to communicate in return.
Verbal Communication Physically controlled. The individual with this ability can communicate
directly with spirits through speech. In return, the spirits can communicate verbally, although only the
spirabilitan can hear them.
Mental Communication Mentally controlled. The spirabilitan is capable of mentally
communicating with the spirits he or she senses, hears, or sees. In return, the spirits can communicate
telepathically. This is the most preferable spirabilita of the Spirit Communication line.
Summon Spirit Mentally controlled. Summon Spirit is, as would be assumed, the ability to summon a
particular spirit. It appears that this may be done over long distances, though there is a definite maximum executable
distance, controlled by the ASCI level. The spirabilitan must know of the particular spirit, and must have sensed it before
the attempt. It may take some time for the spirit to arrive, though the time decreases dramatically with the second function
of the ASCI.
Spirit Memories Mentally controlled. This spirabilita is controlled primarily at the upper end of the mental
scale, in the same manner as Spirit Control. The individual is capable of “withdrawing” the memories of that particular
spirit. Higher ASCI permits greater accuracy in withdrawing the memories, as well as increasing the accuracy and intensity
of the memories. The spirabilitan literally “relives” the memories that are withdrawn. This can have some unintended
effects. Generally, when the memory ends, the spirabilitan’s consciousness separates from that of the spirit’s, though rare
cases have been established where the individual is unable to cease “being” the spirit, and loses him or herself. This
generally happens if they attempt to read the memories of a recently killed individual, or an unusually powerful or
notorious one.
Spirit Sight Mentally controlled. An interesting ability, Spirit Sight allows the spirabilitan to “see” through the
eyes of a particular spirit. The spirabilitan does not need to see the spirit they are executing this power on, but needs only to
know they exist, and to be close enough. Higher ASCI allows for clearer vision, as well as allowing the individual a longer
range. The sight provided by this spirabilita is often referred to as “visions”. This is possibly not quite accurate, but it must
do for now. In any case, the vision only remains for as long as either the spirabilitan wills it, or for as long as they maintain
the appropriate emotion, depending on the level of mental scale for this spirabilita.
Spiritual Shield – Physically controlled. A very useful ability, particularly against other spirabilitans. Spiritual
Shield allows the individual to wall themselves off from the effects of spirits, and this includes spirabilita. To do this, the
spirabilitan must hold their palms out to the sides, level with their shoulders and about six inches from the body. The exact
location varies, and each possessor of this spirabilita may find a slightly different point of execution. It is immediately
recognizable, as it creates a “whirlwind” effect, with visual disturbances similar to the wavering air phenomenon visible
above heated areas. This “whirlwind effect” draws this visualization of wavering air in a “whirlwind” around the person,
making a very clear outline. Thus, I have called it a whirlwind. The exact strength of this spirabilita is determined by the
executors ASCI, and higher ASCI can block attacks that are more powerful. It is therefore desirable for one to have a
higher level of ASCI than his or her opponent has, if he or she wishes this ability to function correctly. This spirabilita
appears to have unlimited power against non-conglomerated spirits.
Cyan Set (Telekinetic) – The telekinetic set is arguably the most enjoyable of the sets, if not the most
battle-ready. All the powers in this set involve physical motions only, and not one is mentally controlled. Ironically, persons who are
more logical and inquisitive appear to have a higher tendency to receive this set, as well as those who enjoy being indoors. It is a little
rarer than other sets, though not to the point that it is difficult to study. I have compiled a detail report on Telekinetic spirabilita
which was in fact the first set I studied. This set closely resembles the abilities of the Jedi in George Lucas’s Star Wars, and I often
wondered why he never had them “fly” telekinetically. They were clearly capable of it.
Directed Telekinesis – A very useful ability to possess, Directed Telekinesis allows the individual to pull and
push objects to and from their position, as well as propelling themselves in some cases. The spirabilitan must maintain
visual contact with the target object during the use of these abilities. The maximum range of this spirabilita is determined
by the spirabilitan’s ASCI.
Telekinetic Propulsion Physically controlled. Telekinetic Propulsion is the ability of the spirabilitan
to pull objects towards him or herself. The maximum size of the object and the hand-to-object motion ratio are
determined by the individual’s ASCI for the particular ability. With high enough ASCI, the spirabilitan can pull
themselves off the ground and into the air, by attempting to pull a larger object. This would closely resemble the
motions of Spiderman, though Spiderman could not possibly have been created on inspiration of spirabilita. To
utilize this ability, the user must simply stretch their arm towards the object they desire to manipulate and pull
towards themselves, palm outwards and fingers curving slowly.
Telekinetic Repulsion Physically controlled. This is the reverse of Telekinetic Propulsion in every
way. The motion used to perform this spirabilita is the opposite – the individual must place their hand with palm
towards the object, and push towards it while straightening the fingers. Instead of pulling, Telekinetic Repulsion
pushes the object away from the person. With high enough ASCI, the individual is capable of pushing himself
or herself off the ground.
Parallel Telekinesis Physically controlled. By itself, Parallel Telekinesis may not seem a very useful ability
to possess. However, those with directed telekinesis frequently found themselves desiring this particular ability. Parallel
Telekinesis allows the spirabilitan to move objects in parallel to themselves, as the name suggests. This is done by making
a grabbing motion with the fingers, as if holding the object, and moving the arm in an arc in the desired direction. The
spirabilitan must maintain visual contact with the target object during the usage of this ability. The maximum range of this
spirabilita is determined by the spirabilitan’s ASCI.
Rotational Telekinesis Physically controlled. This spirabilita is one of only two Telekinetic powers that
require the use of both hands. Rotational Telekinesis allows a person to rotate an object relative to how it is. The possessor
of this ability must position their hands as if they are grabbing both ends of the target object, and then move their hands in a
way that suggests they are rotating it. The size of the object varies in relation to the spirabilitan’s ASCI, and the largest
object to have been rotated, or perhaps I should say tipped, was a cow. As with the other forms of telekinesis already
mentioned, the spirabilitan must maintain visual contact with the object in question during the execution of this
phenomenon. The maximum range of this spirabilita is determined by the spirabilitan’s ASCI.
Telekinetic Shield – By holding his or her arm in front as if holding a shield, and keeping the palm faced
outwards, the individual with Telekinetic Shield can create an invisible “shield” in front of themselves. This has varying
strengths, according to the level of ASCI, and comes in several distinct variations.
1) Repulsion Shield Physically controlled. The spirabilitan’s shield repulses all objects that come
near to it. With objects of higher velocity, such as an arrow, the object may not be fully repulsed and may only
be turned aside slightly. Heavier objects tend to have more unsatisfactory results on the shield. This form of
Telekinetic Shield requires the least energy output.
1) Reflection Shield Physically controlled. The telekinetic shield that is generated is capable of
reflecting all objects that encounter it, up to a certain size/velocity. This takes a large amount of energy, and as a
result, the user often falls unconscious. On one occasion the spirabilitan was recorded to fall unconscious in the
middle of a demonstration, which was a very comical incident, I am sure.
1) Disintegration Shield Physically controlled. As objects that pass through the shield disintegrate
into dust, this would seem at first glance to be the most useful variation of Telekinetic shield. In reality, the
opposite is true. The amount of energy required to maintain the shield is so extreme that it has killed several
possessors of this ability on their first attempt. Unlike the Ethereal > Light Manipulation > Light Shield >
Matter Disintegration spirabilita, Disintegration Shield does not return the produced energies to the spirabilitan.
Telekinetic Blast Physically controlled. With this spirabilita, the individual is capable of destroying all objects
within a certain range of him or herself, in a dome-shaped area. This is done by holding the arms close to the body, and
flinging them upwards while swinging outwards at the same time. The execution of this ability has the appearance of
clumsiness, but the effect produced is capable of incredible damage. The range of the destruction from the spirabilitan
increases with higher ASCI. This spirabilita does not affect living creatures in any way. An interesting note is the fact that
unlike any other telekinetic spirabilita, the individual executing this power does not feel any physical force counteracting
their actions.
Telekinetic Slice – Physically controlled. By moving their hands “across” an object from afar, with fingers
together and flat relative to the palm, the individual may slice through the object, provided the density of the material is not
too much for him or her to handle. The maximum sliceable materialistic density is determined by the possessors ASCI. As
with Telekinetic Blast, this ability cannot be used on living creatures. The maximum range of this spirabilita is determined
by the spirabilitan’s ASCI, the same as most others in the Telekinetic set.
Red Set (Thermal) – The Thermal set is one of the lesser sets, and one of the slightly more common. As
with all sets, Thermal is best considered as a gift. Unfortunately, Thermal has rarely been used in history for the common good of
humanity. Inherently angry individuals are, without doubt, more suspect to gaining this set, as are those who are stubborn. This is
unfortunate, as these spirabilita are controlled mentally, particularly on the weaker end of the mental scale. In other words, emotions
control the use of these powers, and unfortunately, the activating emotion is anger in 71.24% of the cases. Also unfortunate is the fact
that an individual can possess Body Burn without possessing heat resistance, which resulted in the recorded deaths of several Thermal
spirabilitans. In any case, individuals with preexistent resistances to heat are also more likely to receive this set, and all individuals
who possess the Thermal set gain a certain resistance to heat, generally of temperatures of up to 1000°F.
Spontaneous Combustion – The shortest way to describe this particular phenomenon. This does not signify
that the spirabilitan catches fire. Instead, the spirabilitan can induce other objects to catch fire. Unlike other certain
spirabilita, the effect does not cease to exist when the individual loses their concentration on producing the phenomenon.
Also unlike other certain spirabilita, the object in question cannot leap into flames if the spirabilitan does not maintain
some sort of contact with the object.
Contact Combustion Mentally/Physically controlled. The spirabilitan must touch the object they
desire to catch fire. As the object becomes engulfed in flames, the flames will stay away from the hand of the
spirabilitan, keeping him from being burned. This is what is documented, in any case, and I have come to accept
it as fact, as it has appeared in so many isolated incidents.
Visual Combustion Mentally controlled. For the object in question to catch fire, the spirabilitan must
obtain line-of-sight contact with it, and feel the emotions necessary, or exert the willpower, depending on how
high the individual’s spirabilita is on the mental scale. Individuals with Visual Combustion may also have
Contact Combustion.
Heat Response –The responses the spirabilitan’s body has to sources of unnatural heat.
1. Heat Resistance Passive ability. The individual is resistant to the effects of heat. Unlike the
immunity of the Glacial set, this spirabilita does not guarantee complete immunity. Rather, the individual is
immune to heat, but only up to a certain point. This point generally falls between 1500°F and 3000°F, if the
individual has only the first level of Heat Response. While an individual may be immune to single flames, they
may not be immune to raging infernos, and most certainly, no one has ever been recorded to be immune to the
effects of lava.
2. Heat Self-heal Passive ability. At the second level of Heat Response, the individual is not only
resistant to the effect of heat, but is healed by it. The heat resistance at level two is recorded to rise significantly
in respect to level one, and my research suggests it ranges from 2000°F to 5000°F.
3. Heat Empowerment Passive ability. A level that is not obtained in the Glacial set. It is rare, but
it has been recorded in six different cases. Heat Empowerment takes the heat from the environment surrounding
the spirabilitan and uses it to empower the auxiliary souls to greater intensities, but only temporarily. This raises
the resistance of the individual even further, which is hard to determine exactly. My research on Heat
Empowerment suggests that the initial resistance of the spirabilitan ranges from 4000°F to 10000°F, and
temperatures above 50% of the maximum resistance value increase the ASCI of their spirabilita at a rate of
50%. This means that at a certain point, the individual slowly loses their resistances as the heat increases.
Heat Aura Passive ability. With this power, the individual is capable of increasing the temperature directly around
him or herself. This spirabilita does not branch out, as others do. Instances have been recorded where the individual was
capable of heating the air to an extent where flammable objects in close proximity caught fire. However, these instances
were rare, and it is my presumption that these actions required a significantly high ASCI.
Visual Heating Mentally controlled. The spirabilitan is capable of heating objects simply by looking at them
and feeling the appropriate emotion. In cases higher on the mental scale, the individual may not even need to feel an
emotion, and may only need to will the object to heat, while maintaining visual contact. This may seem as one of the
weaker abilities, but in cases of high ASCI, the target object can be heated past 12000°F, making this very dangerous, and
giving the spirabilitan potential to kill. Unfortunately, the majority of spirabilitans possessing this particular spirabilita
injured themselves over the course of their lives, which is completely understandable.
Flame Manipulation Physically controlled. The spirabilitan with Flame Manipulation is capable of
controlling flames in much the same manner that Telekinetic individuals are capable of controlling solid objects. However,
not only are the flames controlled, but the heat from them as well, allowing the spirabilitan to manipulate fire at close
quarters. In a way, this is far more powerful than the Telekinetic set, as with various motions of the hands, the spirabilitan
can shape and direct flames at will, on all axes. This includes pushing, pulling, and parallel motion, in addition to the added
capability to shape flames, in cases of higher ASCI.
Fireball Creation Physically controlled. The spirabilitan can create a spinning globe of flame in much the
same manner as an Ethereal can create a globe of light. This is done by pressing the palms together, and subsequently
pulling them apart while curving the fingers inwards slightly. This fireball can then be manually directed with a thrust from
the individual, and it will float forwards at the same speed. Higher ASCI allows the fireball to stay in existence for longer
Green Set (Materialistic) – The least understood of all the sets, as well as one of the rarest. If I could
study a case of any one set that I desired, it would be the Materialistic set. This set appears most often in those with large egos, and
those who are self-centered and insensitive, as well as those who are extremely intelligent. I have listed the confirmed powers here.
Other unconfirmed Materialistic spirabilita exist, and I will exclude them until I have more evidence that is provable. Please email me
at the link provided if you or anyone you know possesses information on this spirabilita.
Object Manipulation – These abilities permit the Materialistic spirabilitan to manipulate the structure (both
chemical and physical) of objects.
Object Summoning Mentally controlled. Object Summoning is completely controlled on the higher
end of the mental scale. The individual with this spirabilita is capable of summoning an object to appear. The
object must be nearby, the maximum distance determined by ASCI, and the person must have knowledge of the
object’s location. The maximum summonable object size is also controlled by ASCI.
Object Displacement Mentally and physically controlled. To activate Object Displacement, the
spirabilitan must make a striking motion with the hands towards the target item, as well as either feeling the
associated emotion or willing Object Displacement into execution. The object targeted will seem to disappear,
generally locating itself somewhere else in a nearby area. The maximum displaceable object size, as well as the
distance it is displaced, is determined by the spirabilitan’s ASCI for the associated spirabilita.
Object Morphing – This spirabilita allows the possessor to morph and manipulate objects into other
shapes and forms of matter. This ability has not been known to exist without a level of the Execution line below.
Matter may be destroyed or created in the process, and while the amount is relatively small, it is usually held to
be essential. The maximum amount of this phenomenon is determined by the spirabilitan’s ASCI for the
associated ability. Object Morphing appears to be completely controlled by willpower, with emotions irrelevant.
Intelligence is a large factor, as the individual can only create working objects of which they have complete
understanding. This makes it impossible to create objects such as a teleporter or a death-ray gun, or a “warp
drive”, to name a few. The spirabilitan does not need to hold all the knowledge in short term memory – the
knowledge of how it is done only needs to be possessed. The spirabilita may require a certain amount of
defining emotion to execute.
Shape Morph Mentally controlled. With this spirabilita alone, the spirabilitan is capable of
changing the shape of an object, though not the material. Therefore, a Materialistic spirabilitan with
this ability might change a wood-and-metal table into a wood-and-metal shield, with the same
amounts of wood and metal. It is also possible to discard materials during the morphing process, and
these generally fall to the ground beneath the morphed object.
Element Morph Mentally controlled. With this spirabilita alone, the spirabilitan is capable of
changing an element in an object, though not the shape or matter state. As an example: A spirabilitan
with this spirabilita picks up a tin mug. He or she wills the object to morph elements, and the tin mug
changes into a golden mug of the same size and shape. Willing again might change the mug to lead,
or even hydrogen, though in a solid state. This spirabilita may have given rise to the myth of King
Midas, who found he could turn any object he touched into gold. It was used primarily as a morality
myth, but I find that in all stories of human creation, there is always a small kernel of truth that lies
Matter Morph Mentally controlled. The spirabilitan in possession of this power is capable of
changing the type of matter they are manipulating, such as changing a glass of water to a glass of ice,
for instance. They cannot change the shape or element, if they possess this power alone. However,
they are fully capable of vaporizing solid objects, as well as melting substances such as even
tungsten. This ability can prove fatal to those who possess the Contact Execution level of the
Execution line.
1. Contact Execution Physically/Mentally controlled. The first level of the Materialistic >
Object Manipulation > Object Morphing > Execution line, Contact Execution requires the
spirabilitan to touch the object they wish to morph.
2. Visual Execution Mentally controlled. The second level of the Execution line allows the
spirabilitan to touch the object they desire to morph if they so choose, but requires nothing more than
visual contact.
3. Memory Execution Mentally controlled. All the spirabilitan needs in order to morph an
object is simply a memory of seeing the object, as well as knowledge of the object’s location.
Object Phasing – Object Phasing allows the spirabilitan to “phase” an object. This causes the targeted
object to become immaterial, while remaining fully visible. The object remains phased for only as long as the
spirabilitan maintains the desire to keep it in its altered state. A defining emotion may be required if the
spirabilita has a lesser level of the mental scale. In any case, the phased object has the visual effect of some
well-documented glitches in certain computer games, where three-dimensional objects do not collide, but
instead pass through each other. Unfortunately, I myself do not possess enough knowledge on computers to
determine if this is entirely coincidental. Larger objects generally require higher levels of ASCI to phase. In any
case, it is interesting to note that the auxiliary spirit prevents the object from falling through the floor on which
the spirabilitan stands.
1. Contact Execution Physically/Mentally controlled. The first level of the Materialistic >
Object Manipulation > Object Morphing > Execution line, Contact Execution requires the
spirabilitan to touch the object they wish to phase.
2. Visual Execution Mentally controlled. The second level of the Execution line allows the
spirabilitan to touch the object they desire to phase if they so choose, but requires nothing more than
visual contact.
3. Memory Execution Mentally controlled. All the spirabilitan needs in order to phase an
object is simply a memory of seeing the object, as well as knowledge of the object’s location.
Body Manipulation – While the Object Manipulation line allows the spirabilitan to manipulate objects, the Body
Manipulation line allows the individual to manipulate his or her own body.
Self-Phasing Mentally and physically controlled. The spirabilitan activates this ability mentally, and the
requirements can fall at any point on the mental scale. For this ability, ASCI does not appear to play a factor,
other than the decrease of energy consumption. The auxiliary spirits keep the spirabilitan from falling through
the floor, unless the spirabilitan executes a certain maneuver. He or she must jump into the air and pull their legs
up to their chest. When they come back down, they will fall through the floor. It has never been recorded
whether the spirabilitan can fall through the ground itself, and I confess I am somewhat curious about this.
Self-Morphing Mentally controlled. My colleagues and I unsure of precisely how this works. It
appears that a spirabilitan can morph his or her self into any object and retain his or her life and consciousness.
Higher ASCI permits the spirabilitan to morph into objects with properties more distant than him or herself.
Lower cases still generally allow the individual to morph into animals. This ability is controlled entirely on the
higher end of the mental scale.
Gravity Alteration – A most unusual spirabilita, this allows the individual to literally alter gravity. This can take
on multiple forms. The spirabilitan may possess none, one, or both of the following abilities.
Area Alteration Mentally and physically controlled. The spirabilitan must aim both their palms at the
area that they desire to contain within the altered gravitational field, and will an alteration to take effect. The
gravity can be altered up to two Gs in any direction, if the manuscripts are accurate. Higher ASCI appears to
allow the spirabilitan more control, as well as increase the area of the field. The two Gs appears to be constant
in all cases.
Object Alteration Mentally and physically controlled. The individual is capable of altering the
gravity for a single object. This does not include living creatures. The spirabilitan must first point their palm in
the direction of the object they desire to manipulate, and couple this motion with both a movement of the palm
in the direction they desire the object to move, as well as the willpower and thought of which exact direction to
send the object. This permits complete control of the object, almost as telekinesis. Unlike the Telekinetic
spirabilita, the Materialistic spirabilitan is incapable of drawing objects directly towards them, or of pushing
them away. This renders them incapable of flight. Also somewhat limiting is the fact that higher ASCI is needed
for larger objects, as well as increased g-force. The g-force that the spirabilitan is capable of greatly increases in
this spirabilita, in relation to that of Area Alteration.
Matter Absorption Mentally and physically controlled. By placing his or her palm on an object and using
the appropriate mental level of execution, the spirabilitan with this ability can literally absorb matter into him or herself.
This matter cannot be returned to its former state. The absorbed matter is used to heal the individual. It cannot empower
them or increase their size, although claims have been made to both of these. It is possible that those records are correct,
but I require more information to be correct. My colleagues assure me I am wrong, but I am not convinced of this.
Gold Set (Physical) – The set Superman is most likely modeled after, if he was modeled after a particular
set of powers, as four of his powers are in the Physical set. The Physical set is possibly the one known best to the public, as the powers
are so fundamental. It is the second most common set as well, appearing in 17.43% of cases. Many of the abilities in the Physical set
are passive/mental spirabilita, and are used when the time calls for them. This is rare among the spirabilita sets, but possibly for the
best. Humble individuals appear more likely to receive this set, as are those individuals who lead and enjoy a simpler life, and those
who are more confident. This made the monks of ancient China/Tibet especially suspect. The most famous and believable case of
Physical spirabilita in popular culture is the hero in the movie Unbreakable, who found himself unable to be pierced by objects, as well
as finding he had incredible strength. My colleagues and I strongly suspect that this work was based on a non-fictional story, though
we have yet to confirm this.
Full Flight Mentally controlled. At the lower end of the ASCI scale, an individual with Full Flight is capable of
hovering slightly off the ground. At greater intensities, the spirabilitan can actually fly. This is the only ability of the
Physical set that requires the spirabilitan to exert willpower. Full Flight is completely biased to the upper end of the mental
scale, meaning that no emotions have been found necessary in any of the cases on record – only concentration. Flying
individuals generally cannot produce motion in excess of sixty miles per hour, and of course, if it were not for the
difference in scale, this spirabilita would call Superman to mind, as I have mentioned.
Toughened Skin Passive/Spiritual ability. Well-known and often used in entertainment, Toughened Skin
actually appears increase the basic armor function of the individual’s epidermis. In minor cases, this spirabilita can
decrease the likelihood of the spirabilitan accidentally cutting his or her finger with a sharp kitchen utensil. In more
extreme cases, Toughened Skin has warded away blows from blades without damage, as well as reflecting single arrows.
Individuals with Toughened Skin do not bruise, as their outer “shell” absorbs impact from objects after the manner of
snowshoes on deep snow. The harder the blow, the more energy is generally required. Records state that on close
inspection, the skin of the possessor of Toughened Skin appears completely normal. This has been confirmed to be because
the person’s own auxiliary spirits decide when the spirabilita must be activated.
Enhanced Strength Passive/Mental ability. Enhanced Strength can increase the physical strength of the
spirabilitan by up to ten times, though they may only have a small increase in cases of lower ASCI. As with the other
Passive/Mental abilities of the Physical set, Enhanced Strength requires a sense of need in order to manifest itself.
Enhanced strength, like the other abilities of the gold set, is popular in the entertainment industry, especially in the case of
Superman (who again, has a much out-of-proportion talent). The Spiderman of the comics and movies also appears to have
a case of this, though I quickly dismissed this fictional hero as irrelevant to my studies, because he is capable of creating
spider webs, a phenomenon never witnessed nor documented in any way as spirabilita.
Enhanced Speed Passive/Mental ability. Enhanced Speed refers to the same as that of Superman, although on
a much smaller scale. An individual with Enhanced Speed may find themselves capable of moving at speeds in excess of
sixty miles per hour, although this speed must be tapped into by a sense of need. Interestingly enough, the spirabilitan with
Enhanced Speed finds that they feel no physical exertion as they use this power. Instead, their mental energy is drained, and
this can lead to unconsciousness if overused. However, few cases have ever shown this to happen. In the greater majority of
cases, Enhanced Speed only allowed the individual to move unusually quickly, such as to block or dodge a blow.
Body Elasticity Passive/Mental ability. A somewhat rare spirabilita, Body Elasticity refers to the ability to
stretch portions of the body unusual distances. It is controlled primarily through a sense of need, though it also takes a
certain amount of mental exertion to execute. An example of how Body Elasticity works: Consider that a Physical
spirabilitan with Body Elasticity attempts to reach across a table for a second helping of casserole. The casserole is a bit
beyond our hero’s reach, but the individual’s arm stretches the distance anyway. The arm stretches out of first, the need,
and second, the will. It might also be noted that Body Elasticity does not allow the possessors body to contract in any way,
other than back to its original form. In addition, generally only the limbs are controllable in this manner. A good example
of this spirabilita is Mr. Fantastic from the comic series Fantastic 4, though he, if he was a spirabilitan, had an extreme
case. Generally, this spirabilita only allows for distances of up to a foot, though cases of up to six feet have been recorded
on rare occasions.
Extreme Contortion Passive/Mental ability. This, like body elasticity, is somewhat rare. The best possible
example of Physical > Extreme Contortion is Lucy of Bram Stoker’s Dracula. When Abram van Helsing sealed the door to
her tomb, and she must get back in, he removed a tiny chink of the holy wafer, and Lucy managed to slip into a hardly
detectable crack, to get back into her coffin before daylight arrived. Extreme Contortion works exactly like this, and no
harm comes to the possessor. However, Lucy exhibited what would be in spirabilitology an extreme case. Generally, the
heaviest cases of this spirabilita only allow the individual to contract him or herself 25% at the most. Extreme contortion is
controlled out of need. If the individual feels they need to contort themselves, then they shall.
Enhanced Breathing Passive/Mental ability. This spirabilita is the least understood of those within the
Physical set. I know of no appropriate entertainment instances to reference, as no characters seem to possess this ability (or
when they do, it is done accidentally in a plot hole). As with the majority of the abilities in the Physical set, Enhanced
Breathing requires a sense of need. When executed, the individual loses their need to breathe, relying completely on the
energies of the auxiliary spirit to keep him or herself alive. When this energy is depleted, the spirabilitan must return to a
location containing safe air, for the auxiliary soul to be replenished and the ability to return. Cases of up to sixty minutes
without air have been recorded and proven, and the individual may be within any substance they desire to activate this
power – poisoned air, water, ice, rock, under a pillow, etc.
Black Set (Demonic) – Without doubt the most feared of all sets, and the near antipart of the Ethereal set.
While the Ethereal set cannot be directly used to cause harm, the Demonic set is rarely used for anything besides harm. The name is
misleading, as the spirabilitan is not truly a demon, but only possesses powers that might be attributed to “demons”. When a flash
occurs with an individual who is obtaining the black set, the light in the room is darkened, rather than being increased by the flash.
Thus, it is “black light”, even more so than the popular “black light” of entertainment industries, where it is actually nothing more than
simple ultraviolet. The Demonic set appears, by my research, to appear most often in individuals with a love of causing harm, or
deeply ingrained superstitious beliefs. Those who have little to no sense of logic are also more suspect. I cannot stress enough how
unfortunate this is, as the abilities are thoroughly evil. The monks of ancient China watched for it carefully, and they would put to
death any pairs of spirabilitans, even at the cost of an Ethereal, to be sure that the evil was wiped from the world. These individuals
would often willingly turn themselves in, out of fear of what they were capable of doing. It is one of the best-documented sets, as the
monks in those ancient monasteries would go to great pains to impress upon those in their care the evil that the Demonic set was
capable of creating. In my opinion and those of my colleagues, it is a pity that in modern times, Demonic spirabilitans have become
almost revered. In some cases, the affected spirabilitan has been known to exhibit pain at direct, bright lighting. This may have
something to do with vampire mythology.
Harm Infliction – The ability to inflict harm on living creatures, including human beings.
Hold Immobile Mentally controlled. An individual with this particular power is capable of temporarily
paralyzing their victim. This is not as varied as some of the other abilities in the Demonic-Harm Infliction line
are, as only one method exists. Depending on the mental capability of the spirabilita, the spirabilitan must either
direct certain feelings towards his or her target, or simply will the target to become immobile. This paralysis
affects all the major motor control areas, with the exception of the bladder (which is fortunate but yet to be
explained) and the face. The victim is capable of speech, but it is restrained. The ASCI determines how far away
the spirabilitan is capable of being from their target to execute this action.
Inflict Pain – This ability allows the spirabilitan to cause a target individual (not necessarily a person) to
believe they feel pain. There is no direct harm involved, and after the spirabilitan ceases their efforts, the pain
subsides. This spirabilita requires one of the following of the Requirement set:
1) Contact Requirement Mentally and physically controlled. The spirabilitan must be
directly touching their victim in order to inflict pain.
1) Sight Requirement Mentally controlled. The spirabilitan need only hold the target in
direct line-of-sight in order to inflict pain.
1) Memory Requirement Mentally controlled. The spirabilitan needs to have seen the
person at least once before in order to inflict pain.
1) Knowledge Requirement Mentally controlled. The spirabilitan needs only knowledge
of the person’s existence in order to inflict pain.
Inflict Wounds – This ability allows the spirabilitan to inflict wounds on the target, as the name suggests.
These wounds are spiritual in nature and they will disappear from the victim after the Demonic spirabilitan
ceases his or her efforts. However, if the person dies during the event, the wounds will remain unsealed.
Contact Wound Mentally and physically controlled. The spirabilitan must be touching the
victim in order to cause them physical harm. These wounds are many times more lethal than those of
Remote Wound are, and generally include large, deep lacerations and profuse bleeding, if my
research is correct.
Remote Wound Mentally and physically controlled. These wounds range from bruises to cuts
to bleeding through the skin. The execution of this spirabilita invariably requires
willpower/emotional alignment and physical motions, which are acted out in the direction of the
victim. Therefore, if the spirabilitan makes a slicing motion in the direction of the victim and makes
him or herself feel hatred towards that person, or whichever emotion is aligned to the individual’s
ability, then a cut may appear on the victim in the position where the spirabilitan intended. The ASCI
determines the capable range, the severity of the damage, and the accuracy in which the wounds are
Dismemberment Mentally and physically controlled. As it would seem, this spirabilita is incredibly
harmful, and can in fact separate the different parts of a person’s body from themselves. This ability is rare,
thankfully. As with Inflict Wounds-Remote Wound, the individual makes gestures with the hands and arms
towards their victim, and with a high enough ASCI, they are capable of causing internal damage as well as
external. This ability can be used to kill instantly, if the spirabilitan so wishes. Fortunately, this ability is
exceedingly rare, but unfortunately, not rare enough.
Strategic Darkness – Unlike the Ethereal > Light Manipulation > Light Absorption ability, Strategic Darkness
does not allow the spirabilitan to absorb, create, or manipulate light. Instead, it only allows the individual to dim or dispel
lights, or heal from the lack of lights.
Darkness Aura Mentally controlled. Darkness Aura allows the individual to dim or darken lights in an
area surrounding them. This area increases in size relative to the spirabilital ASCI of the individual. The ASCI’s
second function determines the darkening ability of the individual. A low value allows the individual to do
nothing more than cause the lights in the vicinity to flicker on and off rapidly, a very frequently recurring
phenomenon in movies. A higher value enables the spirabilitan to douse all the lights completely, no matter
what the intensity of the lighting.
Light Destruction – Mentally and physically controlled. Coupled with the appropriate mental activity,
the spirabilitan makes a striking motion towards the targeted light source, which destroys it. The sun and stars
are of course too far away, and therefore are untouched. The destroyed lights remain destroyed, even after the
spirabilitan is dead.
Darkness Healing – Passive ability. The individual, while shrouded in darkness, is capable of healing
him or herself. This is done at a somewhat slower rate than the healing of other sets, but it is healing
nonetheless. Unlike the other sets, internal injuries begin healing immediately, as they are already darkened.
Therefore, the spirabilitan needs to do nothing more than cover their wounds. Higher ASCI permits a faster rate
of healing.
Darkened Mist Mentally and physically generated. The spirabilitan outstretches their arms and either
feels the appropriate emotion or wills the execution of the power, and darkness flows from them as a vapor. This
“vapor”, which has been described by the ancient Chinese as “a deep black smoke that devours light as a hungry
dragon”, and has actually been called a dragon in some cases, will continue expanding until it runs out of space
or is stretched too thin. The longer the individual continues with their arms outstretched, the longer the mist will
continue to form. Higher ASCI allows the vapor to form more quickly.
Instill Fear Mentally controlled. The spirabilitan is capable of channeling the emotion of fear through
the darkness of an area. This effect is easily dispelled with enough torches to light the room, or a flashlight as
well, I would assume. The Duration line below is additive, and is not necessary. With the lack of any of the
duration line, this phenomenon ceases to exist if the spirabilitan ceases to will the effect to take place. It has
been widely debated whether this should be counted as an additional member of the Duration line. I am using
the traditional version.
1) Consciousness Duration – Passive ability. The effect of Instill Fear remains until the
spirabilitan passes out or falls asleep. As before, the effect can also be dispelled if the affected area is
well lit.
1) Vitality Duration Passive ability. Once Instill Fear is executed, this additive ability allows
the spirabilita to remain in effect until either the darkness is destroyed, or the individual dies.
1) Infinite Duration Passive ability. Once Instill Fear is executed, this additive ability
allows the effects of fear to remain until the darkness is destroyed. This can result in situations such
as the Paths of the Dead in J. R. R. Tolkien’s literature.
Future Sight – The name of this spirabilita is misleading. The individual who possesses it rarely sees a vision of any
sort, except in cases of the highest ASCI. With this spirabilita, the individual is able to foretell the future, to a certain
extent. The spirabilitan must possess at least one of the Activation line, and at least one of the Foretell line of the following.
Future Sight generally only activates if the future for that individual or object is extreme in one way or another. For
example, Future Sight activation might occur if an object is going to explode, and the individual possessing the power
might become aware of a violent explosion. It has always been somewhat uncertain as to precisely what the individual
senses, as they are never able to describe the sensation accurately.
Physical Activation Passive ability. To activate Future Sight, the spirabilitan must come into
physical contact with an object, action, or person. In this spirabilita, Auxiliary Soul Conglomeration Intensity
does not appear to play a role.
Mental Activation Passive ability. To activate Future Sight, the spirabilitan must think about a
particular action, object, or person. The object can be more distant from the individual, if the individual
possesses a higher ASCI.
Foretell Fortune Passive ability. The individual is able to foretell the fortune of a person or an object.
With higher ASCI, the individual is able to discern less extreme cases, and the extreme cases are seen as a
vision. With lower ASCI, the foretelling might be nothing but a vague sensation. These sensations can include a
foreboding, a vague feeling of joy, or of power. The individual cannot tell his or her own fortune.
Foretell Outcome Passive ability. The individual is able to foretell the outcome of a particular action.
With Physical Activation, the individual must begin to perform an action. For example, if the spirabilitan begins
running towards a cliff with the intention of jumping to his or her death, he or she may feel a sensation of dread.
In higher cases of ASCI, they may see a vision of their death, seen through the “eyes” of the associated auxiliary
soul. With Mental Activation, the individual need only think about the action. Mental Activation generally does
not allow visions.
Cast Curse Mentally controlled (?). The exact nature of this spirabilita is unknown. It is certain that the
spirabilitan must consciously will another individual to come to harm. Higher ASCI appears to cause more harm to the
person. The associated auxiliary soul leaves the spirabilitan and follows the individual around, causing mischief and
harming the victim in any way possible. The victim may appear to become clumsy, or simply unlucky. In extreme cases, it
can result in extreme “Rube Goldberg” situations resulting in the victim’s death. This may have been the inspiration for the
movie series, “Final Destination”, in which one character foretells the imminent deaths of his or her companions, and they
escape the plight, only to be followed around by some malevolent force intent on their destruction. It is almost certain that
this ability is mentally controlled, though there is evidence to support the theory that it may also be somewhat physically
controlled as well.
Animation – A very terrifying spirabilita to behold, Animation refers to the ability to give a consciousness to
inanimate objects. This has been widely used in recent years, such as the creation of “zombies” in Voodoo culture. In
actuality, Animation does not require a “ritual”, as those in Voodoo culture liked to imply. It is controlled mentally. The
Demonic-Animation line of spirabilita is controlled primarily through emotions, though some instances were recorded in
ancient texts that spoke of Demonic spirabilitans reanimating corpses on willpower alone, though these cases cannot be
Corpse Reanimation – This phenomenon has gruesome effects, as the resurrected corpse is not alive,
but simply inhabited by stray soul fragments stolen from nearby non-spirabilitans. This means that the corpse
continues to decay. Higher ASCI allows the spirabilitan to instill more soul fragments into the beings, giving
them greater intelligence. These animated corpses are oriented towards the will of the spirabilitan who created
them, which is, in the majority of cases, evilly inclined. Corpse Reanimation requires one of each of the
following spirabilita lines to function.
1) Contact Reanimation Mentally and physically controlled. The spirabilitan must be
touching the corpse to reanimate it. As gruesome as this may sound, Demonic spirabilitans appear to
enjoy the task.
1) Visual Reanimation Physically and mentally controlled. The spirabilitan must have
direct line-of-sight contact with the intended target in order to animate it. Again, this is generally
1) Memory Reanimation Mentally controlled. The spirabilitan requires nothing but a
memory of the location of the corpse and for the corpse to be within a certain range (generally up to
1,000 feet) to reanimate the corpse. This range increases with ASCI.
1) Limitless Reanimation Mentally controlled. The spirabilitan is capable of reanimating
corpses without needing to know that they even exist. This generally results in large armies of
corpses resurrecting themselves at once, possibly spawning the idea for the genre of zombie games.
As with the above ability, the individual must be within a certain range.
2) Willpower Maintenance Passive ability. The individual must be focusing on keeping
their reanimated corpses functioning, or the stolen soul fragments will separate themselves from the
“zombie”, which will collapse. The soul fragments are never recovered, in this or any other level of
2) Consciousness Maintenance Passive ability. The spirabilitan must only retain
consciousness in order to keep their demonic creations from losing the stolen soul fragments.
2) Time Maintenance The reanimated corpses function for a period predetermined by the
spirabilitan’s ASCI for the spirabilita. After the allotted time is reached, the soul fragments scatter
and disintegrate, and the spirabilitan must reanimate the corpse. The time ranges up to one day, if the
records are to be believed.
2) Limitless Maintenance Passive ability. Not as rare of an ability as might be hoped,
Limitless Maintenance permanently reanimates the corpse, preventing the soul fragments from ever
Object Animation – This phenomenon can seem terrifying, as it defies what people normally assume to
be possible. It is thankfully rare, though not rare enough to cease to be a problem. The “Chuckie” movie series
may be related to the execution of this spirabilita, though the methods of animation they assume amuse me. The
true method of animation is that the spirabilitan instills a certain number of stray soul fragments stolen by
nearby individuals, primarily non-spirabilitans. The object is then capable of motion, as if it was alive. The
object is generally unable to defy gravity, and though it may be capable of “jumping” or flinging itself into the
air, it will not float, fly, or hover, though they may be capable of sliding themselves along the ground or flipping
themselves upright, without the use of joints. Interestingly, this spirabilita is considerably weaker than Corpse
Reanimation. Object Animation requires one of each of the following spirabilita lines to function.
1) Contact Reanimation Mentally and physically controlled. The spirabilitan must be
touching the object in order to animate it. It must be done carefully, as the item may turn on its
animator, as they have done in several cases.
1) Visual Reanimation Mentally controlled. The spirabilitan must have direct line-of-sight
contact with the intended target in order to animate it. As there is a bit of distance between the
individual and his or her target, this method is somewhat safer, and therefore more desirable.
2) Willpower Maintenance Passive ability. The individual must be focusing on keeping
their animated objects “alive”, or the stolen soul fragments will separate themselves from the item,
which will revert to its former state of immobility. The soul fragments are never recovered, in this or
any other level of maintenance.
2) Consciousness Maintenance Passive ability. The spirabilitan must only retain
consciousness in order to keep their demonic creations from losing the stolen soul fragments.
2) Time Maintenance Passive ability. The animated objects remain in their altered spiritual
state for a period predetermined by the spirabilitan’s ASCI for the spirabilita. After the allotted time
is reached, the soul fragments scatter and disintegrate, and the spirabilitan must reanimate the
selected item. The time ranges up to one day, if the records are to be believed.
Orange Set (Electric) – I will admit that the color of this set puzzles me. While for the most part, the
color of the set closely reflected the associated spirabilita, the orange color shows no immediately apparent relation to electricity.
Individuals who possess this set are generally more impulsive and prideful than others are, and often have a preexistent desire for
political power. This brings to mind the Chancellor Palpatine of the movie series Star Wars, whose only ability appeared to be that of
spouting electricity from his hands, despite his training in “the force”. Unfortunately, the recorded cases of the Electric set predate the
harnessing of electricity, resulting in a lack of knowledge as to the potential of this spirabilita set. While conjecturable that the
spirabilitan could be capable of manipulating electrical circuitry, it is not proven, though some evidence exists purely through hearsay.
However, it does appear universal that individuals who possess this set become inherently immune to the negative effects of
electricity. In any case, it is safe to say that this set is quite possibly the least of the ten, especially as those who choose to manipulate
or cast lightning generally drain their energy dry in a matter of minutes. Prolonged use of these spirabilita may lead to the individual’s
altered appearance, again bringing to mind the character Palpatine of George Lucas.
Electric Healing Passive ability. High voltages of electricity heal the spirabilitan. Lightning was the only
source of electricity to be documented, and invariably healed the individual instantaneously.
Electricity Empowerment Passive ability. The spirabilitan is capable of being empowered by lightning,
and presumably other sources of high voltages. This increases the power of the individual’s related spirabilita.
Unfortunately, the exact quantity of increase is unknown, as the technology present was incapable of recording voltages.
Cast Lightning Physically controlled. The spirabilitan is capable of casting lightning through their hands. This
is done by aiming the arm at the targeted location and flexing the fingers as if clawing at the air. This sends bolts of
electricity in the intended direction, which has the potential to harm or maim humans. Higher ASCI allows the individual to
choose higher voltages, and the spirabilitan may have the potential to kill another person instantly.
Electricity Manipulation Physically controlled. This spirabilita is controlled in the same manner as the
abilities of the Telekinetic set. The spirabilitan uses one or both hands to twist and shape the electricity he or she or others
have cast. This is dangerous for non-Electrics to witness at close range, and many deaths have been recorded. It is,
however, reportedly “the most fascinating phenomenon ever witnessed by man by the grace of the Creator,” according to
one Tibetan monk.
Various Tables
Percentages of Set Rarity
Sets, in order of rarity
of Single
of Double
Percent Change
between Single
and Double
Percentage of
Triple Cases
Total Cases
Ethereal Set (White)
Mental Set (Yellow)
Telekinetic Set (Cyan)
Glacial Set (Blue)
Materialistic Set
Demonic Set (Black)
Electric Set (Orange)
Thermal Set (Red)
Physical Set (Gold)
Spiritual Set (Silver)
Spirabilita Count per Set, and Ring Points
Sets, alphabetically
Ring Points
basically: more
abilities in a set
= higher ring
Demonic Set (Black)
Electric Set (Orange)
Ethereal Set (White)
Glacial Set (Blue)
Materialistic Set
Mental Set (Yellow)
Physical Set (Gold)
Spiritual Set (Silver)
Telekinetic Set (Cyan)
Thermal Set (Red)
Double Set Coupling Percentage*
lly listed
Electric Set
Set (White)
Glacial Set
c Set
Mental Set
Set (Gold)
Set (Silver)
Set (Cyan)
Set (Red)
*Not my compilation
. I am not convinced of the accuracy of this data.
Spirabilita Control Types
Demonic Set
Electric Set
Ethereal Set
Glacial Set
Materialistic Set
Mental Set
Physical Set
Spiritual Set
Telekinetic Set
Thermal Set
Glossary of Potentially Unfamiliar Terminology
Antipart: From the Latin word “anti”, meaning “against”, and the Latin word “pars”,
meaning “one that is considered equal”. In other words, the opposite of a counterpart. A
different form of the word, “antiparticle”, has found frequent use in science. It astounds
me that this word has not made its way into the dictionaries. However, as I have a
penchant for coining new terms, I give you “antipart”.
ASCI: Auxiliary Soul Conglomeration Intensity. The intensity of a Conglomerated or
Auxiliary soul, determined by the count of soul fragments contained.
Auxiliary Soul: An “extra soul” that belongs to an individual and that can be controlled
to perform certain phenomena. The soul is a conglomeration of many dozens of
Flash: The light that radiates from the hands of the two affected individuals when their
soul fragments unite to form auxiliary souls.
Fragment: See “Soul Fragment”.
Habilitus: The Latin word for “ability”.
Mentalic: Of or related to mental activity.
Possessable: Able to be possessed. I am shocked that this is not a word.
Ring: A “layer” of abilities in a set. The Physical set has one ring. The Thermal set has
Ring Points: The power of a set determined by the Ring Point System.
Ring Point System: An ancient system that determines the number of Ring Points a
particular set is worth. The first ring is worth 27 per spirabilita, the second ring is worth
nine per spirabilita, the third ring is worth three per spirabilita, and the fourth ring is
worth one per spirabilita.
Sensable: Able to be sensed. Coined to prevent confusion with the word “sensible”.
Soul Fragment: A miniscule fragment (about 2%) of a copy of an individual’s soul,
possessed by the individual’s children, grandchildren, and so on.
Spirabilita: A more frequently used term for “Spiritus Habilitus”, meaning “spiritual
ability”. This word is both singular and plural, and may refer to one or multiple spiritual
Spirabilitan: A human that possesses one or multiple spirabilita.
Spirabilital: Of or related to spirabilita.
Spirabilitology: The study of spirabilita.
Spiritus Habilitus: In Latin, “spiritual abilities”
Spiritus: The Latin word for “spirit”.
Undocumentable: Frankly, I am surprised that this is not considered a word. This word
means, as could be assumed, “unable to be documented”.
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