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Hangman scoring:
Katorone has the all-time high with 832, made on 02/09/2016. The high scores for this month are 397 by Vivacia, 353 by Talvieno, 310 by outlander, 143 by Hema, and 113 by narwhalz0111.

The highest scoring hangman players are DigitalDuck with an average of 387 over 113 wins, Talvieno with an average of 298 over 82 wins, Hema with an average of 226 over 64 wins, BMRX with an average of 410 over 16 wins, and Scytale with an average of 331 over 21 wins.

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User ID Name Call Nicks Fondness Last said Last seen Random quote
0Talvienodad❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤taiya, quit and restart6 hours ago
1Cha0zzsatan❤❤❤❤❤!logs 10014 hours ago
2Cornflakessir❤❤❤what could go wrong9 hours ago
3Dinosawerdino❤❤❤❤❤❤ah, phantomJS was the one I had in mind12 hours ago
4NaedNaedyou pervert lycurgus67 minutes ago
5SilverwareSilverware❤❤so all the thumbnails were the options bar :V2 hours ago
6DWMagusdwmagus❤❤❤❤❤Later Tal39 hours ago
7Hyperiona dirty boy❤❤❤ ha!6 weeks ago
8GoatBotGoatBot😐It is 23:38 on Dayday the 22nd of Chamois, 616 A​nno Capra2 hours ago
9BFettfett❤❤❤hey tal33 hours ago
10fwipbruh❤❤❤❤❤❤If no one's around I guess I'll have to talk to Taiya4 weeks ago
11Slymodiinside mewith that im out, night yall6 weeks ago
12ZeadarZeadar4k laptop. Must be cheap.12 days ago
13outlanderhoney❤❤❤Taiya tell Cornflakes, another battle priest hours ago
14ScytaleScytalecheerio everyone7 days ago
15TaiyaTaiya❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤The fortune cookie says: If someone wounds you once, give a second chance. If someone wounds you twice, they will do so again.88 minutes ago
16nodejosh❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤xD5 months ago
17TGSTGSLol @ threadmill.10 days ago
18poet1960poet❤❤❤❤❤❤❤<Dinosawer[mobile]>: tal, that's why i say hi after he left13 months ago
19belebelebut why, tho?2 hours ago
20FormalMossyourhotbod❤❤❤❤closes his eyes, hugs Talvieno until he slips away into the ether4 weeks ago
21DVdv-licious❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤Oops. That totally got split.4 days ago
22MistycicaMistycicathe loosest connections are the very best, when someone posts it without explanation, and you're like "motherf"16 hours ago
23SaoirseSaoriseWanna go to space.2 hours ago
24BMRXBMRX❤❤Thanks taiya4 weeks ago
25Hemauncle❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤leaves to hibernate3 hours ago
26SkyfligherSkyfligher😠vegetables are nice3 days ago
27DigitalDuck(・)(・)❤❤Smartflakes_91, Femduck says I have three little girls on the way so I should buy a Monopoly set.4 weeks ago
28Black--Snowallah gold😐I'm gonna send that to my mates3 hours ago
29QuackbotQuackbot😠And shit!?2 months ago
30CharlzaCharlzaI was just looking over the pretty, pretty DevBlog screen caps :)5 months ago
31ChanServChanServ\u0002DWMagus\u0002: Pong!13 days ago
32Fawkesnargh❤❤❤❤❤❤O/13 hours ago
33TriggerhappyTriggerhappy❤❤❤❤also I can't believe you did not get that reference 4 hours ago
34Zorathexzorathex❤❤❤❤❤❤❤I'm going to bed now, goodnight everyone. o/4 hours ago
35Detritusdet❤❤❤❤❤anyways ta-ta everyone3 months ago
36JoklerJoklersuper ok, updated my znc cert - i still do that manually :p7 days ago
37cuisinart8blender❤❤❤❤❤❤❤sure4 days ago
38Charleysweetie❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤Herro5 months ago
39IronDukeace❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤night all o787 minutes ago
40victorvictor❤❤Right, I need a bath so I'll speak to you all at a later date. I'm never sure when. As always, it's been a pleasure to converse with you intelligent souls. Have fun! :D13 hours ago
41AihaAihao/7 weeks ago
42Nikkycute girlcertainly hope so7 weeks ago
43Saphiresapphire❤❤Rer3 weeks ago
44Aron0621Aron0621Maybe*5 months ago
45EmpressLexiauntie❤❤❤❤Naed, what are you talking about?7 weeks ago
46HurracaneHurracanety6 hours ago
47Katoronehughmongous❤❤not much going on here Cornflakes, housesitting for my mom who's on vacation10 months ago
48lycurguslyc❤❤❤❤❤correct67 minutes ago
49GMpow2GMpow2😠2018 :)3 months ago
50Nice_SaveNice_SaveI went to a class on Saturday that was an hour and a half away and actually on sunday, but that was my mistake...6 months ago
51ToreadorVampireToreadorVampireOoh, this reminds me. I have a live recording from a number of sets last Friday night, including one of my own.9 days ago
52lobosanlobosano/6 weeks ago
53mcsvenmcsvenalways picks the place up a bit with Teh J walks the halls a bit3 weeks ago
54SnuggleBunnysnuggleso787 minutes ago
55EcoriaXEcoriaX(sorry!)6 months ago
56JanB1JanB1❤❤Well, cya guys around. ^^8 months ago
57firedude1218firedude1218❤❤❤I spin a lot10 months ago
58narwhalz0111narwhalz0111Powered by five small fission reactors! :D3 hours ago
59mr_frogfroggo❤❤hi8 days ago
60tnhdawg❤❤❤❤❤❤'night all o/5 hours ago
61oddlyoddlyhas it been bigger maybe?4 months ago
62Vivaciavivvy❤❤❤❤❤good cookie54 minutes ago
63arethusaarethusaHello Vivvy! :D o/4 months ago
64eXpl0it3reXpl0it3rEveryone seems like a bot in here whenever I take a peek4 months ago
65mib_amqmivmib_amqmivqt .. such a cutee7 months ago
66MiklosMiklos months ago
67mib_46caafmib_46caaftest7 months ago
68pipio/4 weeks ago
69FaeryBrimstoneFaeryBrimstone:)7 months ago
70AlimarinAlimarinaw heck6 months ago
71newbienewbieHi6 months ago
72lindseyreidlindseyreid❤❤❤❤aight thanks!7 weeks ago
73BigBoyBigBoyno5 months ago
74Tal^ienoTal^ieno6 months ago
75KungCheopsKungCheopsWrong kind of kung6 months ago
76shenanigansshenanigansare awesome6 months ago
77HoratioHoratioxD6 months ago
78ComradeComradenice ;)6 months ago
79SnartflakesSnartflakesg urbandictionary snart6 months ago
80stardustfirst mom❤❤❤❤❤Taiya call me first mom5 months ago
81toeflaciatoeflaciadiiino5 months ago
82nitroxisnitroxisheh, well, I don't say all that much ;P4 months ago
83ACAC\o5 months ago
84femduckfemduckHi9 hours ago
85wotwotpeace ooooooooooouutttt5 months ago
86mib_c9wbswmib_c9wbswscrew you guys, I'm going home5 months ago
87mib_ka4igqmib_ka4igqwhirrs5 months ago
88gernotgernotafk5 months ago
89jimmyjimmy\o/2 weeks ago
90tkctkcteapot. get a teapot4 months ago
91TotallyNotEngagedTotallyNotEngaged:V4 months ago
92RensRensHey smart, yea you can say that. Keep up to date with the logs tho but not much else4 months ago
93FFSFFSI suspect you have4 months ago
94xan2622xan2622 months ago
95TNH|webchatTNH|webchato/4 months ago
96tibbittibbitor imaginary3 months ago
97TestIsBackTestIsBackHis IRC link now works3 months ago
98TycowTycow:D3 months ago
99WocytWocytthrows a keyboard at Tycow3 months ago
100nsnonsnoI was just reading over some old suggestions threads - I can't wait until they become relevant again, when Teh Josh and co. are adding stuff to the game3 months ago
101TotallyNotSilverTotallyNotSilver... I forgot that you were around actually when I switched to this nick :V3 months ago
102BrassBrasshrmm3 months ago
103HapchazzardHapchazzardmaybe like that?2 months ago
104mib_bv1kknmib_bv1kkn2 months ago
105shrimpshrimp:|8 weeks ago
106Willhelm_von_SchnurrWillhelm_von_SchnurrDidn't make him seem tasty thougj8 weeks ago
107\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\potato8 weeks ago
108lindseyreidddlindseyreiddd:V8 weeks ago
109CenkTosunCenkTosunand concrete progress7 weeks ago
110FlatfingersFlatfingersAlways a hoot, gang. See y'all!5 weeks ago
111MaddixMaddixThanks Taiya6 days ago
112farkfarkI have no idea4 weeks ago
113sharksharkI have no idea4 weeks ago
114barkbarkI have no idea4 weeks ago
115TotallyNotJoshTotallyNotJoshThat was nar :V3 weeks ago
116TotallyNotWerewolfTotallyNotWerewolfalright okay I'm going to stay out of this madness3 weeks ago
117Miststalker_RosarotMiststalker_Rosarotheaddesk3 weeks ago
118SquaredCubedSquaredCubedguess I am installing CK2 now3 weeks ago
119FetmobileFetmobileI'll just skip repairs3 weeks ago
120SophiaSophia*softly snores*2 weeks ago
121EarEaro710 days ago
122drunklanderdrunklanderand I'll go watch some animes :)39 hours ago