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Quote ID Votes Owner Quote Author Date
61cornflakes<cornflakes> huehue   Cha0zzSep 18 2015
199mr_frog<mr_frog> whoa why is everything yellow   TalvienoOct 16 2015
238dinosawer_pc<dinosawer_pc> may the bonsai be with you   TalvienoNov 03 2015
303node<node> smartmodi suck my cylon   limittheoryDec 27 2015
343triggerhappy<triggerhappy> oh shit // poopie i skiped hema // drop cha0zz do hema   Cha0zzJan 09 2016
388pedoflakes<cornflakes> * cornflakes is now known as pedoflakes    <pedoflakes> hold on, thats wrong :v   DigitalDuckJan 28 2016
551pantsless:<pantsless:> o.o   Cha0zzApr 18 2016
739goatbot<silverware> tell a fortune for the feminazi <goatbot>breathmints, you need them.   outlanderAug 29 2016
840dwmagus<dwmagus> maybe i should just be pooping with portals.   SilverJan 11 2017
1124talvieno<talvieno> right up my alley   DetvietMay 19 2017
1279empresslexi<empresslexi> i need your butt for a short period of time   HyperionAug 10 2017
1528plasticbag<plasticbag> enter me!       <groceries> *enters plasticbag*       <plasticbag> unf       <groceries> unh       <plasticbag> unf   TalvienoNov 01 2017
1861bele<bele> i don't sure it   VivaciaApr 29 2018
1907naed<taiya> <hema>: break a fortune cookie for hyperion <taiya>: the fortune cookie says: don't play leapfrog with a unicorn. <hyperion_work>: >.> <naed>: of all the people to get that cookie..... hyperion_work is being cockblocked by a fucking cookie   Hyperion_WorkMay 19 2018
2067talvieno<talvieno> actually worse than dino by a fair margin   DetritusSep 14 2018
2088naed<smartflakes_91> was that a jab at me?       <naed> only if you take it as such       <smartflakes_91> then i dont       <naed> then it was       and i got away with it   TalvienoSep 27 2018
2194lycurgus<narwhalz0111_> if your poop has a 7.22cm beak in it you should see a doctor :v <lycurgus> it's only every 6 months and we can probably automate the pickup   SilverOct 31 2018
2355vivacia<vivacia> damn det   DetritusJan 25 2019
2476yuuji<yuuji> sentient murder sex doll   TalvienoMay 07 2019
2745sky<sky> if she lost weight she would walk like a crab   narwhalz0111Mar 18 2020