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Quote ID Votes Owner Quote Author Date
28flatfingers<flatfingers> get pointlessly arcane quote   CornflakesSep 15 2015
57darnkids<darnkids> i started something terrible   Cha0zzSep 18 2015
237silverware<silverware> where do you put two ponies? <cornflakes> ohgod <silverware> in a shipping container :v   TalvienoNov 01 2015
304femnode<femnode> lol i'm not a gazelle   CornflakesDec 28 2015
527femnode<femnode> josh is probably writing an engine to put on his socks   TalvienoApr 06 2016
608hyperion<hyperion> masturbate furiously in the bathroom, lolz   DigitalDuckMay 13 2016
613haseley<haseley> no, i don't play games with zombies. it would be like killing relatives.   BadpunosawerMay 14 2016
1007talvieno<talvieno> i always love me a sexy carcass.   lycurgusApr 09 2017
1238naed<naed> there is no "i have learned it all" state of being. there is always more.   TalvienoJul 22 2017
1408silver<bele> i don't get tons of sex       <talvieno> it's okay, none of us do       <silver> i do       <lycurgus> silver: from humans       <silver> oh       then i don't   TalvienoSep 24 2017
1425tal<tal> i can eat unlimited cokies   GoddessSep 29 2017
1461duck<duck> my mission in life is to get as many people to thrust their pelvises as possible.   VivaciaOct 07 2017
1519talvieno<talvieno> everybody out in the desert is like       "wat is life" "wat is water" "moisture is a scam by the government" "dew is a myth"   cuisinart8Oct 29 2017
1526ironduke<ironduke> your grandfather smelled of eldrichberries   narwhalz0111Oct 30 2017
1722black--snow<totallynothuman> those tree-huggers will be coming soon. <black--snow> you called?   HemaJan 09 2018
1861bele<bele> i don't sure it   VivaciaApr 29 2018
2209vivacia<vivacia> * has joined <vivacia> ahahahahahahaha   DetritusNov 08 2018
2218ironduke<ironduke> the air here is made of pumpkin   SilverNov 12 2018
2335empresslexi<empresslexi> speaking of depression, where's cui?   narwhalz0111Jan 21 2019
2747narwhalz0111<narwhalz0111> we can discover the thrust power of dragon diarrhea   TalvienoMar 20 2020