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Quote ID Votes Owner Quote Author Date
94grumblebot<grumblebot> turbo nerd   Jetison333Sep 23 2015
96jetison333<jetison333> but spiders eat misquotes   TalvienoSep 23 2015
139dinosawer_pc3<dinosawer_pc> :v <dinosawer> :v <dinosawer_pc2> :v <dinosawer_kiwi> :v <talvieno> :v <dinosawer_mib> :v <dinosawer_pc3> :v   TalvienoOct 05 2015
239dinosawer_pc<dinosawer_pc> get quite 143 <dinosawer_pc> get quote 143 <taiya> <dinosawer_pc> bda tpying tfwtalvienooct 05 2015 (143)   
301node<node> suck my mandelbrot   TalvienoDec 27 2015
395dwmagus<dwmagus> a good april fool's joke doesn't give itself away immediately.   TalvienoFeb 01 2016
578idunno<chanserv> * gives voice to idunno          <saoirse> b l o o d       <idunno> well that was an interesting way to say hi.   TalvienoApr 26 2016
816black--snow<black--snow> well maybe then i would happen to like the texture of horse shit   DWMagusDec 05 2016
964saoirse<smartflakes_91> dino, rekt: saoirse and my character are going to have a lot of /fun/ together       <saoirse> *hides behind a pile of pudding*   TalvienoMar 25 2017
1074cornflakes<cornflakes> hitlarious   SilverApr 26 2017
1241bmrx<bmrx> i *am* the irc!   SilverJul 24 2017
1259taiya<snugglebunny> taiya, last seen lycurgus <taiya> i last saw l​ycurgus less than two minutes ago: (and i liked what i saw, too)   lycurgusAug 01 2017
1329trigger<trigger> <detviet> russia declare war on mongolia? <trigger> indeed   DetvietAug 30 2017
1379arethusa<silver> "v       <talvieno> silver, i said arethusa is gb and saoirse's daughter, because arethusa has parts of both, and that annoyed det, i think       <detviet> arethusa, break a jewish cookie       <arethusa> help me, space cops. space cops, help   TalvienoSep 14 2017
1696talvieno<talvieno> the babies can have floating unattached parts! and it's okay if they're not aerodynamic   lindseyreidDec 19 2017
2326talvieno<talvieno> well it started out with necrophilia          i guess russians were the next logical step   communart8Jan 17 2019
2328cornflakes<cornflakes> now would be a good time to say something cheesy dino       <dinosawer> erm       erm       camembert       <femsawer> nailed it       <cornflakes> *facepalm*   TalvienoJan 19 2019
2402cuisinart8<cuisinart8> oh god i think i channeled brom there for a second <cuisinart8> i feel like i need a shower   DetritusFeb 14 2019
2413naed<naed> narwhalz0111 / yes, and you are new to it too, (both thinking and solidworks)   narwhalz0111Feb 23 2019
2862black--snow<black--snow> straight line to target, if going to hit something... don't       and keep don'ting until you get to the destination   TalvienoNov 13 2020