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200mr_frog<mr_frog> i shall cast you into the deepest darkest pit from whence there is no return and it will be wonderful   TalvienoOct 16 2015
577taiya<taiya> allah, empresslexi wanted me to tell you i smell.   SilverApr 25 2016
733digitalduck<digitalduck> i'm currently trying to turn hitler into the world's biggest wrestling star.   HyperionAug 24 2016
800dwmagus<dwmagus> it was a kitten bukkake   SilverNov 14 2016
804dwmagus<dwmagus> oh crap, i said a line without mentioning vagina   TalvienoNov 17 2016
1020god<god> i once loved you all, then you shit in the garden.   godApr 11 2017
1102cha0zz<cha0zz> the nurses say everything is ok, grandpa just had a bit of diarrhoea but they say he's better now. he scared the shit out of me   CornflakesMay 11 2017
1159digitalduck<digitalduck> he made david braben sound honest.   DetvietMay 30 2017
1227empresslexi<empresslexi> i am training my potatos to grow   SilverJul 10 2017
1587dwmagus<dwmagus> ich benutze einfach google translate, um die wörter zu masturbieren, die ich nicht kenne.   Fat_TalNov 15 2017
1895naed<naed> bike bike bike bike bike bike bike   TalvienoMay 13 2018
1907naed<taiya> <hema>: break a fortune cookie for hyperion <taiya>: the fortune cookie says: don't play leapfrog with a unicorn. <hyperion_work>: >.> <naed>: of all the people to get that cookie..... hyperion_work is being cockblocked by a fucking cookie   Hyperion_WorkMay 19 2018
1990taiya<taiya> gay guys: you're douching wrong   SilverJul 19 2018
2000talvieno<talvieno> quote 2077 had better be about cyberpunk   lycurgusJul 26 2018
2193detritus<detritus> *rubs taiya   pregnart8Oct 30 2018
2263trigger<trigger> o7 what's up you god damn trashcan fucker   SilverNov 30 2018
2351taiya<sky> fuck you taiya <taiya> :)   EmpressLexiJan 23 2019
2415silver<silver> fuck typing    <silver> it's capitalist propaganda   lycurgusFeb 25 2019
2467talvieno<talvieno> <cornflakes> theres no mechanical switches that dont bounce :v <talvieno> make sure you get a girl with big mechanical switches   Smartflakes_91Apr 30 2019
2531empresslexi<empresslexi> fuck I love to use blender   norwholz0111Jul 03 2019