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66uno<uno> we're just the insignificant sesame seeds on the primordial arby's bun of life, wont to be flicked off by the hand of fate, meaningless. eat at arby's.   GrumblesaurSep 20 2015
101dinosawer<talvieno> delete profile mib_wofsi3 <taiya> okay, it's taken care of now. <dinosawer> poor mib_wofsi3, we hardly knew you   TalvienoSep 27 2015
110cornflakes<cornflakes> depends on whom you ask   TalvienoSep 30 2015
792outlander<outlander> i'm not from the united states you sick shit   DWMagusNov 03 2016
965detviet<digitalduck> oh, i forgot about the clocks going forwards. <detviet> yes duck, time is a thing   DigitalDuckMar 25 2017
1077hyperion<hyperion> oh trust me, my mouth will make femnode's look weak ;)   HemaApr 27 2017
1119trigger<trigger> i remember vividly horribly fat chinese guys   DigitalDuckMay 18 2017
1131hyperion<hyperion> fuck, i was hoping you'd just quote me instead.   HyperionMay 21 2017
1137bmrx<bmrx> 'ear' with an n in front <dinosawer[mobile]> so... near? :p <bmrx> oh yeah <bmrx> that's a word   BMRXMay 23 2017
1258talvieno<talvieno> <silver> how do dwarves get wood? <talvieno> dwarf women?   SilverAug 01 2017
1372taiya<taiya> you really think someone would do that? just go on the internet and tell lies?   DetvietSep 13 2017
1498silver<silver> g spaceanus       <taiya> title: the great space anus - home | facebook -- url:       <silver> very good taiya. you did well... for once   TalvienoOct 23 2017
1544narwhalz0111<talvieno> i started watching a new anime series       <mr_frog> which animu       <talvieno> akame ga kill       <cuisinart8> yeah i have no idea what the title means lol       <narwhalz0111> something georgia kill   TalvienoNov 03 2017
1860taiya<narwhalz0111> i'll give you a slow loris. <taiya>*    has joined #limittheory   SilverApr 25 2018
1893talvieno<talvieno> we'll miss you lycu!    <talvieno> at first anyway   lycurgusMay 13 2018
1944talvieno<talvieno> and then there's bob.   narwhalz0111_May 30 2018
2045lycurgus<lycurgus> [gps:] magical time beams from space   SilverSep 09 2018
2236narwhalz0111<narwhalz0111> >tfw your browser can't find its newtab file   DetritusNov 17 2018
2438lycurgus<lycurgus> eats all the pets   SilverMar 19 2019
2493lycurgus<lycurgus> fart-relief but about an interaction with a social superior   narwhalz0111May 22 2019