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Quote ID Votes Owner Quote Author Date
8Cornflakes<Cornflakes> [eyebrows.gif]   TalvienoSep 13 2015
14Taiya<cornflakes> now im afraid of dino    <Taiya> ^.^   Cha0zzSep 14 2015
155node,<node,> i am your new god.   SilverwareOct 07 2015
401haseley<haseley> i understand resurrection... being a medieval vampire and all that.   TalvienoFeb 16 2016
475silver<silver> do you not want to come to node?   DigitalDuckMar 20 2016
503outlander<outlander> * nikky pours her milk over cornflakes <tal> what is it with girls wanting to give you their milk? <outlander> i came at a very strange moment   CornflakesMar 29 2016
642black--snow<black--snow> it's adorable... like a vacuum bag with a beak!   Black--SnowMay 31 2016
756idiot<idiot> "a lot of people are still paper people"   BERGSep 07 2016
1049trigger<trigger> a man can change his face but not his ass   forumguyApr 20 2017
1084black--snow<black--snow> everytime i love someone they ignore me so i'll just love hyperion instead    *hyperion skullfucks black--snow   HyperionApr 28 2017
1135jesus<jesus> stfu nigga   TalvienoMay 22 2017
1206taiya<saoirse> i'm going to space.    <taiya> okay! i'll remember to tell dinosawer.   lycurgusJun 23 2017
1236saoirse<saoirse> pudding! ψ(`∇´)ψ   DetvietJul 20 2017
1306quack<quack> quack   TalvienoAug 23 2017
1447taiya<taiya> vuvvy online as v​ivaccua.   VivaciaOct 05 2017
1540taiya<taiya> mmm!...blender!   cuisinart8Nov 02 2017
1648talvieno<talvieno> "harder daddy"   Mr_MomDec 01 2017
1811talvieno<talvieno> oooh, huge meat    my favorite   narwhalz0111Mar 12 2018
1967talvieno<talvieno> people stupid    <talvieno> that's why i make game where you can shoot them   lycurgusJun 23 2018
2237lycurgus<lycurgus> delightful *** vivacia has joined #limittheory   SilverNov 18 2018