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22dr_cha0zz<dr_cha0zz> idiots. idiots everywhere.   Cha0zzSep 15 2015
72tayia<poet1960> tayia, what is the meaning of life? <tayia> that's none of my business.   TalvienoSep 21 2015
86alimarin<alimarin> erectile dysfunction! oh no!   GrumblesaurSep 22 2015
88goatbot<goatbot> [kitten.jpg][kitten.jpg][kitten.jpg][kitten.jpg][kitten.jpg][kitten.jpg][kitten.jpg][kitten.jpg][kitten.jpg][kitten.jpg][kitten.jpg][kitten.jpg][kitten.jpg][kitten.jpg]   SilverwareSep 22 2015
188formalmoss<dwmagus> real article - <formalmoss> maybe she wanted to be the bun in someone's sandwich?   TalvienoOct 14 2015
266cornflakes<jimmy42> *starts thinking of talvieno thinking of delivering pizzas* <cornflakes> pervertbot   TalvienoNov 18 2015
343triggerhappy<triggerhappy> oh shit // poopie i skiped hema // drop cha0zz do hema   Cha0zzJan 09 2016
358dinosawer[mobile]<dinosawer[mobile]> <dinosawer[mobile]> so he's a groundstate boyfriend, for when she fails to excite to a higher boyfriend level.   homelanderJan 13 2016
409slymodi<slymodi> i need to make a list of hot women, i know my hot men for reasons of inspiration   HyperionFeb 20 2016
473talvieno<talvieno> taiya likes giving you head hyperion   HyperionMar 19 2016
500bele<bele> satan did nothing wrong!!!   TalvienoMar 29 2016
831lycurgus<lycurgus> there's just a bunch of conflicting information and the bot just learns that it's funny to make jokes about poop   TalvienoJan 09 2017
936scytale<scytale> i can feel my duodenum harden up and my gall bladder begin to pulsate in a kind of primal oscillation, and i think i'm in.   SilverMar 09 2017
1147hyperion<talvieno> i'm 30% cornflakes <hyperion> ohh myy!   HyperionMay 25 2017
1183taiya<taiya> fuck   HyperionJun 07 2017
1304cornflakes<talvicreep> anyway, think it's pretty obvious why dino's sis has never been on irc. [lists reasons]       <dwcreep> tal; and you then forget the biggest reason.       me.       tal; to be fair, not me.    the biggest reason is in my pants.       <cornflakes> thats a very small reason magus   TalvicreepAug 22 2017
1444cornflakes<cornflakes> "orion's belt is a gigantic waste of space" "bad joke, only 3 stars"   VivaciaOct 05 2017
1527ironduke<ironduke> your grandfather smelled of eldrichberries   narwhalz0111Oct 30 2017
1694talvieno<talvieno> hickory dickory dock, the mouse ran up the clock <talvieno> the clock chimes cthulhu <talvieno> the mouse sprouts tentacles and devours the world <talvieno> hickory dickory dock   TotallyNotBaconDec 18 2017
1720cornflakes<cornflakes> drop table quotes ;CornflakesJan 09 2018