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17cornflakes_91<cornflakes_91> kill it, kill it with igni   Cha0zzSep 14 2015
43poet1960<poet1960> isnt perl more suited to databases?   SilverwareSep 17 2015
175talvieno<cha0zz> jimmy choose top or bottom <jimmy> bottom <talvieno> is that his preferred position?   TalvienoOct 09 2015
249hema<hema> taiya, tell tulius you are my sunshine, my only sunshine   TalvienoNov 08 2015
255dwmagus<dwmagus> but speaking of muscle memory.    sometimes i just find myself randomly fapping.   CornflakesNov 10 2015
276talvieno<talvieno> <talvieno> i just looked up vore because you guys kept mentioning it. <talvieno> i wish i hadn't.   DWMagusNov 30 2015
330dwmagus<dwmagus> you can touch my pee-pee, but you can't touch my git   Cornflakes91Jan 05 2016
336detritus<detritus> how do the quotes work...   DinosawerJan 07 2016
380analogduck<digitalduck> my arch nemesis <analogduck> :d   DetritusJan 25 2016
653outlander<outlander> "i identify as an attack submarine, i like to be deep, wet, and i'm full of seamen" :v   Cha0zzJun 02 2016
736haseley<haseley> tentacles everywhere. like the japanese hard core stuff.   TalvienoAug 22 2016
788dwmagus<outlander> anyonce can recommend a decent laptop cooling pad? <dwmagus> your ex's cold heart?   DigitalDuckOct 19 2016
822lycurgus<lycurgus> <hyperion>i dont need a drug to make me smarter, i need a drug to keep my motivation going till i'm done <lycurgus>i'll invent one for you! .... eh, i'll do it later   HyperionDec 04 2016
1021fawkes<fawkes> i'm thinking claustrophobia, willfull destruction and escapism :3   Cha0zzApr 10 2017
1030god<god> i am great.   GodApr 11 2017
1216ironduke<ironduke> make sure to count this one, eh?   IronDukeJun 22 2017
1341trigger<trigger> <detviet> russia declare war on mongolia? <trigger> indeed   DetvietAug 30 2017
1401zorathex<zorathex> i can't remember, did you say you like firearms?   TalvienoSep 17 2017
1469bele<bele> was anyone lewding his dolls?   cuisinart8Oct 06 2017
1621empresslexi<empresslexi> big brother you need to display me proudly on your sig more.   EmpressLexiNov 18 2017