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Quote ID Votes Owner Quote Author Date
149hyperion<hyperion> well, i'm off. i have things to do, people to see, things to see and people to do.   HyperionOct 07 2015
362skyfligher<skyfligher> she was out in the rain, after i drug her back in she started rubbing up against me and my computer   HemaJan 16 2016
376digitalduck<digitalduck> if i lost a leg and someone wanted to buy it off me to eat, i'd probably just go, "yeah, sure".   DWMagusJan 25 2016
418slymodi<slymodi> omg space sex! that'd be great   TalFeb 23 2016
461ironduke<ironduke> just tell me what the d means   BMRXMar 15 2016
549bfett<bfett> stupid people aren't smart   TalvienoApr 17 2016
993dwmagus<dwmagus> seriously, go get your body. :3   DetvietApr 04 2017
1112silver<silver> married my niece, my son had her killed while she was pregnant!   lycurgusMay 17 2017
1263goatbot<talvieno> weird that alice is such a good fighter       maybe we could break her streak?       gb kill gnome       <goatbot> alice swings her excellent staff at bob hitting his upper torso, viciously breaking the skin, awfully breaking the muscle, cruelly breaking the ribs, lightly brusing the upper spine, and killing bob   TalvienoAug 03 2017
1458ironduke<trigger> is anyone here good at eve online? <ironduke> yes, what you do, is click exit. fast   DWMagusOct 06 2017
1707fawkes<fawkes> i'd be serious if i were serious   Hyperion_WorkDec 28 2017
1726mr_frog<mr_frog> taiya's y!a mode is too authentic and it makes me feel like i'm having a stroke   TalvienoJan 11 2018
2047silver<silver> g how many midgets can I fit in a garbage can, I am asking for a friend   lycurgusSep 09 2018
2079talvieno<talvieno> hema's name means bloody boobs   DetritusSep 21 2018
2151silver<silver> any time you interact with people is a time for a drink   lycurgusOct 18 2018
2232narwhalz0111_<narwhalz0111_> okay the screaming has started   lycurgusNov 16 2018
2400cuisinart8<cuisinart8> blorn--snakes   SnowwareFeb 13 2019
2401sky<sky> silver just ate someones arm   cuisinart8Feb 14 2019
2791talvieno<talvieno> math is strange and exciting. i should do it more often   DinosawerJul 10 2020
2827lycurgus<lycurgus> "what is my purpose?" you roll dice and regurgitate quotes "oh my god"   cuisinart8Aug 24 2020