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Quote ID Votes Owner Quote Author Date
9Talvieno<Talvieno> i had one too many buffalo   DWMagusAug 20 2015
30ayyy<ayyy> lmao   an alienSep 16 2015
140dinosawer11<dinosawer11> \o/ my tardis has pink bubbles and looks like an exploded toy shop   Dinosawer_pc3Oct 05 2015
375dinosawer<dinosawer> behold my slightly smaller ping   TalvienoJan 24 2016
476dwmagus<dwmagus> i don't think i could live without sausage.   DigitalDuckMar 21 2016
1014trigger<trigger> out of context much? :d   DetvietApr 10 2017
1146bmrx<bmrx> detviet, almost famous.   HyperionMay 25 2017
1385taiya<limeexpress> taiya, 8ball my butt       <taiya> amazing? the answer is: not a chance   TalvienoSep 16 2017
1471talvieno<talvieno> and she doesn't look like a burrito, so i don't find her particularly attractive atm   cuisinart8Oct 10 2017
1482cornflakes<cornflakes> assume a spherical banana in a vacuum   narwhalz0111Oct 15 2017
1484ironduke<ironduke> it is called "stupid" and i have it in abundance   TalvienoOct 18 2017
1610mr_frog<trigger> and, talvieno, is it still gaming the system if the equipment that is required to do it costs 1 cred, and probably takes a limit of one target that it can improve accuracy to? <talvieno> "is it still gaming the system if i use my broadsword as helicopter blades and fly above the trees to rescue the princess in the tower" <mr_frog> bad example talvi, that sounds pretty epic   HemaNov 18 2017
1792snugglebunny<snugglebunny> more like dope ass-party, right?   lycurgusFeb 27 2018
1801digitalduck<digitalduck> <talvieno>: det added a lot of very mundane quotes <digitalduck>: it suits him.   Hyperion_WorkFeb 28 2018
1859lycurgus<silver> press x to wank on coffin < lycurgus> xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx   SilverApr 23 2018
1861bele<bele> i don't sure it   VivaciaApr 29 2018
1875taiya<taiya> everything's a dildo if you're brave enough   Hyperion_WorkMay 06 2018
2356talvieno<talvieno> it's always foot o'clock baby   lycurgusJan 26 2019
2405cuisinart<cuisinart> life is always more flaccid at the bottom.   HemaFeb 16 2019
2508internet<internet> suck it up and make those waffles!   SilverJun 12 2019