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Quote ID Votes Owner Quote Author Date
97silverware<silverware> dp is good :) :v oh wait.   HairywareSep 24 2015
110cornflakes<cornflakes> depends on whom you ask   TalvienoSep 30 2015
126slymodi<slymodi> here at the end of all things, as black smoke plumes beneath your burnt feet & the starving scream for a mercy that never comes, enjoy arbys   Jetison333Oct 02 2015
268taiya<dwmagus> taiya 8-ball are you just deceiving us so you can take control of the channel? <taiya> princess? the answer is: have no doubts on it   TalvienoNov 20 2015
339taiya<taiya> taiya gives adirtyboy some loving   HyperionJan 09 2016
490hyperion<hyperion> i'm trying to imagine the mechanics of centaur orgies and all i get is swastikas...   CornflakesMar 26 2016
578idunno<chanserv> * gives voice to idunno          <saoirse> b l o o d       <idunno> well that was an interesting way to say hi.   TalvienoApr 26 2016
777digitalduck<digitalduck> i want my girlfriend to roleplay as someone attractive.   TalvienoOct 18 2016
857silver<silver> i got laid a few times then was suddenly poor and married   nodeJan 16 2017
887dwmagus<dwmagus> i was just trying to say that taiya doesn't like anal.   TalvienoFeb 02 2017
940scytale<scytale> observe my buttcrack in all its creasy glory   TalvienoMar 14 2017
1018outlander<outlander> idots   DigitalDuckApr 11 2017
1043taiya<talvieno> *talvieno has left (disturbed) <detviet> taiya, 8-ball is talvieno disturbed <taiya> det? it took a while, but it said: probably, yes   DWMagusApr 17 2017
1051snugglebunny<snugglebunny> * snugglebunny eats herself whole   DetvietApr 20 2017
1179silver<silver> *rages with a tiny hammer made of lemon rind!   HyperionJun 06 2017
1203talvieno<talvieno> i just tabbed back and what the hell   DWMagusJun 22 2017
1324talvieno<talvieno> we have a lot of quotes   DetvietAug 28 2017
1447taiya<taiya> givss vvivvvy smexy hug znnuggle             <taiya> come on, bigvy, ni want al itgle more?   VivaciaOct 05 2017
1511cuisinart8<cuisinart8> do you really want to have the sexual prowess of a fucking kitchen appliance?!   TriggerOct 26 2017
1685vivacia<vivacia> [boobs], they're like front butts... stupid boobs   Hyperion_WorkDec 15 2017