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Quote ID Votes Owner Quote Author Date
55grumblesaur<grumblesaur> all right, whatever you do; don't roll zero.   fwipSep 17 2015
113dwmagus<dv> <dwmagus> well cornflakes, it wasn't a tactical rpg about sex. <--- tactical insertion   TalvienoSep 30 2015
146silverwares_dad<silverwares_dad> heh... just thought of a mod ksp doesnt have that all other heavily modded games seem to... a nude mod!   TalvienoOct 07 2015
173scytale<scytale> i always thought a first year dynamics course should be about the trajectory of a dude's urine stream   Cha0zzOct 08 2015
183dinosawer_pc<dinosawer_pc> that means all my friends are on top of me   Cha0zzOct 11 2015
362skyfligher<skyfligher> she was out in the rain, after i drug her back in she started rubbing up against me and my computer   HemaJan 16 2016
644quack_bot<quack_bot> quaaack!!   DetritusJun 01 2016
1204silver<silver> multiplayer ... over the tubes   NopewareJun 22 2017
1251smartlander<smartlander> somebody add it as a quote   DigitalDuckJul 30 2017
1323talvieno<talvieno> we have a lot of quotes   DetvietAug 28 2017
1436vivacia<vivacia> pipipipipipipiipipipipipipipipipi   DetvietOct 04 2017
1476bele<bele> i have been ridiculously lax on you people :v   TalvienoOct 12 2017
1926zorathex<zorathex> * zorathex starts shaking back in forth hunched up in the darkest corn of the room   VivaciaMay 24 2018
2066talvieno<talvieno> not sure what we're disgusted about <talvieno> but i like being disgusted   lycurgusSep 12 2018
2132hyperion<hyperion> *farts in public and doesn't apologize or excuse himself for it.       <arethusa> *reprimands hyperion       <hyperion> *slaps arethusa   narwhalz0111_Oct 09 2018
2173cuisinart8<cuisinart8> teach me   DetritusOct 26 2018
2278naed<naed> stop leaving balls all over the place   SilverDec 10 2018
2542talvieno<talvieno> all's fair in memes and war or something   DetritusJul 18 2019
2574detritus<detritus> is be go you for am be   narwhalz0111Aug 21 2019
2632smartflakes_91<smartflakes_91> slimy, yet statisfying   lycurgusNov 06 2019