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Quote ID Votes Owner Quote Author Date
24cornflakes<cornflakes> phase 1, denial :v   SilverwareSep 15 2015
93jetison333<jetison333> we almost have broken 100 quotes too   SilverwerksSep 23 2015
120cha0zz[afk]<dwmagus> get random cornflakes <cha0zz[afk]> /me gives dwmagus a random cornflakes   TalvienoOct 01 2015
303node<node> smartmodi suck my cylon   limittheoryDec 27 2015
529dwmagus<dwmagus> a 4-way is much harder imo.   CornflakesApr 07 2016
534saoirse<outlander> on one hand, it's bad because we'll never go to space again       <saoirse> better buy a telescope. wanna see me. buy a telescope. gonna be in space.   TalvienoApr 08 2016
551pantsless:<pantsless:> o.o   Cha0zzApr 18 2016
774lycurgus<lycurgus> wow only twenty bucks to get my hands on tal's parts   TalvienoOct 13 2016
858josh<josh> class josh { /* todo */ } ;TalvienoJan 17 2017
1483narwhalz0111<narwhalz0111> i'll help you out with your physics if i can. and obviously if you also ask (i only practice consensual tutoring)   HyperionOct 16 2017
1636mr_frog<mr_frog> i think you can judge how much of tng someone's watched by how much they want to see wesley get smashed by a golf cart   TalvienoNov 27 2017
1637duke<duke> mmorpg: many men online role playing girls.   VivvyNov 28 2017
1656hyperion<hyperion> your shit-to-text translator is working   narwhalz0111_Dec 05 2017
1750trigger<trigger> fuck their cover   NopeVienoJan 25 2018
1999talvieno<talvieno> quote last narwhalz0111   SilverJul 26 2018
2198detritus<detritus> *snorts the cookie   narwhalz0111_Nov 02 2018
2209vivacia<vivacia> * has joined <vivacia> ahahahahahahaha   DetritusNov 08 2018
2429god<god> fuck off, gay, that's too long   cuisinart8Mar 08 2019
2539aiha<aiha> I'm surprised I've sent that many messages total   DetritusJul 18 2019
2692narwhalz0111<narwhalz0111> IT'S MULTIMODAL   SilverFeb 24 2020