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Quote ID Votes Owner Quote Author Date
25cha0zz<cha0zz> >.>   HungrySep 15 2015
54talvieno<talvieno> ooh, link *impulsively clicks*   GrumblesaurSep 17 2015
89bmrx<bmrx> i don't even know where i man. i man? i am.   GrumblesaurSep 22 2015
260dinosawer<dinosawer> context is for the weak   StupidJokesFlakesNov 17 2015
373xyz<cornflakes> *xyz logged on       <cornflakes> hey josh       <xyz> goddammit   TalvienoJan 24 2016
590bfett<black--snow> jimmy, you fucking faggot          <bfett> language, my dear friend       <black--snow> thanks captain america :3          <bfett> any time, tony.   TalvienoMay 02 2016
773talvieno<talvieno> silver, i said food period, not period food :v   BMRXOct 09 2016
792outlander<outlander> i'm not from the united states you sick shit   DWMagusNov 03 2016
824black--snow<dwmagus> snow knocked out my 'net for a few hours <hyperion> snow ruined my commute home this morning <black--snow> sorry dwmagus and hyperion   HemaDec 18 2016
859silver<silver> it's like breeding retarded children together to get a functional adult   TalvienoJan 17 2017
978lol<lol> wut? .____.   HyperionMar 29 2017
1559detviet<detviet> black--snow, you always struck me as the "orphan who is getting along by himself" type of guy.   Black--SnowNov 06 2017
1561mr_jew<mr_jew> itt: taiya leaves the server and chaos and despair immediately take hold       fun april fools prank: taiya breaks for the day. limit theory hq burns down. nobody survives   JewvienoNov 06 2017
1694dinosawer<dinosawer> the advantage of unique babies is that there can be at most one silver among them   SilverDec 19 2017
1902vivacia<vivacia> hellloooooo satan   lycurgusMay 16 2018
1909saoirse<sophia> eww, linux! ;-;    <saoirse> yay linux! \o/       <sophia> \o/ yay!       <saoirse> \o/   narwhalz0111May 20 2018
2003talvieno<talvieno> is swim potato   Hyperion_WorkJul 29 2018
2136smartflakes<smartflakes> dear old fuckface mc hypocrite   IronDukeOct 12 2018
2336lycurgus<lycurgus> yours is a language without labia[...] right?   AgJan 22 2019
2430talvieno<talvieno> yay fail   DetritusMar 09 2019