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44poet1960<poet1960> "the welfare of the people in particular has always been the alibi of tyrants, and it provides the further advantage of giving the servants of tyranny a good conscience"   Poet1960Sep 17 2015
276bele<bele> imaginary lesbians is always on topic   Dinosawer_pcDec 10 2015
417dv<dv> talvieno had a messy first experience with crotches   TalvienoFeb 22 2016
422victor<naed> <victor> i do my best to help you, nathan, but you're so bloody proud. <- eh, is this not the kettle calling the pot black?   TalvienoFeb 25 2016
429dinosawer_pc<victor> of course i don't know what you consider to be thrill seeking.       <dinosawer_pc> i sometimes unplug usb sticks without safely removing them   TalvienoFeb 26 2016
499saoirse<saoirse> b l o o d   Dinosawer_pcMar 29 2016
589dwmagus<dwmagus> <dwmagus> that dress is very becoming on her.   CharleyMay 01 2016
905naziduck<naziduck> i'm a nazi   lycurgusFeb 11 2017
1019god<god> you have failed me, poet1960   DigitalDuckApr 11 2017
1084black--snow<black--snow> everytime i love someone they ignore me so i'll just love hyperion instead    *hyperion skullfucks black--snow   HyperionApr 28 2017
1190talvieno<talvieno> i busted the forums   HyperionJun 14 2017
1358outlander<outlander> tumblr is like taking the internet and distilling it   TalvienoSep 11 2017
1378silver<scytale> i'm not a jew <silver> nice   SilverSep 13 2017
1526ironduke<ironduke> your grandfather smelled of eldrichberries   narwhalz0111Oct 30 2017
1611bmrx-cb<bmrx-cb> okay i think my roomate might be a little bit too addicted    we've been at it for 7 hours   DigitalDuckNov 18 2017
1758taiya<taiya> <narwhalz0111>: what's wrong, taiya? <taiya>: people keep saying words like "porn". :(   Hyperion_WorkJan 30 2018
1893talvieno<talvieno> we'll miss you lycu!    <talvieno> at first anyway   lycurgusMay 13 2018
1912narwhalz0111<taiya> the fortune cookie says: integrity is doing the right thing, even if nobody is watching.       <hema> what is hull integrity?       <narwhalz0111> holding air even when your crew is already dead   TalvienoMay 20 2018
2046silver<silver> im a whitebread arsehole   TalvienoSep 09 2018
2149talvieno<talvieno> * is wine now apparently   DetritusOct 17 2018