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Quote ID Votes Owner Quote Author Date
96jetison333<jetison333> but spiders eat misquotes   TalvienoSep 23 2015
285digitalduck<digitalduck> only stupid narcissists quote themselves.   DigitalDuckDec 18 2015
318dv<dv> all the great things i say, and taiya just forgets them. :(   DWMagusDec 31 2015
345hema<hema> what sticky stuff?   TriggerhappyJan 09 2016
352digitalduck<digitalduck> more chainguns   TriggerhappyJan 10 2016
538taiya<hema> taiya, how much do you like me? <taiya> enough to give you a kiss, uncle. :)   HemaApr 07 2016
545hyperion<fwipzorz> wow, lewd <hyperion> you called?   HemaApr 13 2016
860lycurgus<lycurgus> i'm in the glorious people's republic of australiastan   TalvienoJan 16 2017
971digitalduck<digitalduck> i prefer 13.   TalvienoMar 24 2017
1041digitalduck<digitalduck> : rpg :: dog : mammal   bmrxApr 12 2017
1046lycurgus<hema> detviet has gone stark raving mad!       <talvieno> !!detviet!!       <lycurgus> > detviet holes himself up in a workshop for a year       > emerges with an altar to taiya       > it menaces with spikes of flowers   TalvienoApr 14 2017
1080outlander<outlander> i've just proposed to a girl by accident   DetvietApr 26 2017
1112bele<bele> >not having a 4k sig       pls   TalvienoMay 11 2017
1164monkeydrone<monkeydrone> day #1: dear diary, came to ltheory irc but was not prepared to what i have witnessed in here all day long. i may have made a terrible life decision.   TalvienoMay 29 2017
1193silver<silver> righto   TalvienoJun 11 2017
1478digitalduck<digitalduck> can u get pregnant   TalvienoOct 09 2017
1538plasticbag<plasticbag> enter me!       <groceries> *enters plasticbag*       <plasticbag> unf       <groceries> unh       <plasticbag> unf   TalvienoNov 01 2017
1553detviet<cuisinart8> i'll blend for you all day long, det ;) <detviet> oh blender, your buttons just need touching   VivaciaNov 02 2017
1564talvieno<talvieno> let's see if you can die from a charisma roll   narwhalz0111Nov 05 2017
1710quackthing<quackthing> wow, son! you're growing up so fast! <quackthing> if ya know what i mean. <quackthing> you mean like in a sexy way? <quackthing> i have an eleven-inch penis.   LadITugDickDec 19 2017