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167cornflakes<cornflakes> don't use your fancy words on me!   TalvienoOct 08 2015
401haseley<haseley> i understand resurrection... being a medieval vampire and all that.   TalvienoFeb 16 2016
447taiya<taiya> aw, you're out of tries. the correct answer was "jewing".   SmartflakesMar 07 2016
538digitalduck<digitalduck> clearly your client is inferior. :d   DetritusApr 12 2016
623hyperion_mobile<silver> is holy water made of pope urine?    <detritus> holy water is water that has been sanctified by a priest for the purpose of baptism, the blessing of persons, places, and objects, or as a means of repelling evil.       <hyperion_mobile> same thing   HemaMay 18 2016
715black--snow<black--snow> "oh lamp, pound me"   SilverAug 10 2016
834dwmagus<dwmagus> if at first you don't succeed, maybe skydiving isn't for you.   DetvietJan 10 2017
872dwmagus<dwmagus> seriously, shaving your balls is very liberating.   DigitalDuckJan 23 2017
898talvieno<talvieno> hitler's an awesome guy   slymodiFeb 09 2017
1008black--snow<black--snow> i wish i had a whore   HyperionApr 09 2017
1021god<god> i am great.   GodApr 11 2017
1071talvieno<talvieno> rectal fungii can be easily fixed with a single application of talvieno brand anti-fungal cream!   HyperionApr 25 2017
1375hyperion<hyperion> napalm makes the best lube   TalvienoSep 13 2017
1551cuisinart8<cuisinart8> she's on the train to the bone zone, she just doesn't know it yet   TalvienoNov 04 2017
1689vivacia<dwmagus> *gives vivacia memes*       <vivacia> *bathes in them*   TalvienoDec 18 2017
1782digitalduck<digitalduck> confucius say: man who ejaculate into wad of money come into a fortune.   HemaFeb 21 2018
2181talvieno<talvieno> i saw nar :)       it was good, i'm enjoying it   DetritusOct 27 2018
2287taiya<taiya> talvieno has 0 modifier points against talvieno and dealt 2415 points of damage. talvieno has 0 modifier points against talvieno and dealt 2503 points of damage. talvieno died 12 times, while talvieno died 12 times. talvieno wins!   DetritusDec 17 2018
2575silver<silver> ima open up his motherfucing chair       and shit down it   narwhalz0111Aug 21 2019
2832sleepykit<sleepykit> one of these days you guys are going to have to tell me how you all met, because this is terrifying   TalvienoAug 29 2020