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Quote ID Votes Owner Quote Author Date
93jetison333<jetison333> we almost have broken 100 quotes too   SilverwerksSep 23 2015
98silverware<silverware> taint   TalvienoSep 25 2015
100saoirse<saoirse> pudding! pudding! pudding! hello! pudding! pudding! hey saoirse!   TalvienoSep 26 2015
310bmrx<bmrx> i would read realistic porn. "it was over before it started"   DWMagusDec 28 2015
584slymodi<cornflakes> for your own safety       <slymodi> lol safety   TalvienoApr 27 2016
648digitalduck<digitalduck> netherlands confirmed for kitten killers   SilverJun 02 2016
710my_left_testicle<my_left_testicle> wednesday   SilverAug 08 2016
1195scytale<scytale> i'm pretty sure you're an idiot   HyperionJun 20 2017
1437vivacia<vivacia> periods   DetvietOct 04 2017
1648talvieno<talvieno> "harder daddy"   Mr_MomDec 01 2017
1716taiya<corn> uss emen <taiya> :)   DWMagusJan 08 2018
1902vivacia<vivacia> hellloooooo satan   lycurgusMay 16 2018
2008cornflakes<hema> break a fortune cookie for trigger       <taiya> the fortune cookie says: your ability to pick a winner will bring you success.       <trigger> bullet!!!       some people think they can outsmart me. maybe. *shuffle* i have yet to meet one that can outsmart bullet.       <cornflakes> *moves one step to the left*   TalvienoAug 02 2018
2221tal<tal> you all got a chicken-duck-woman-thing waiting for you   DetritusNov 12 2018
2299narwhalz0111_<narwhalz0111> <sky> rrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <narwhalz0111_> sometimes i wish you didn't occaisionally make constructive comments so that i could just ignore you, sky   Hyperion_WorkDec 31 2018
2304cornflakes<talvieno> i'm not touching your tongue lyc    <talvieno> so i don't know what you expect me to do to help    <cornflakes> you could touch me   CornflakesJan 09 2019
2440lycurgus<silver> sharts in lycurgus's face <lycurgus> silver: don't threaten me with a good time   SilverMar 20 2019
2557smartflakes_91<dinosawer> i'm actually proud of silver <dinosawer> what an odd situation <naed> so am i, but mostly because he is housebroken <smartflakes_91> yeah, he hasnt accidentally drowned his toddler yet   SilverJul 25 2019
2661narwhalz0111<narwhalz0111> my arm has a wound that degrades its manipulation   outlanderJan 08 2020
2708cuisinart8<cuisinart8> toto, i don't think we're in paypal anymore!   SilverMar 04 2020