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Quote ID Votes Owner Quote Author Date
81silverware<silverware> everything is joshsome   Jetison333Sep 22 2015
189formalmoss<formalmoss> ooh *giggle* you are so bad, magus   TalvienoOct 14 2015
232dv<dv> i'm printing out a paper that tells me exactly how much money i don't have.   TalvienoOct 28 2015
278themikeberg<themikeberg> what's with jews?   DigitalDuckDec 16 2015
342hema<hema> what sticky stuff?   TriggerhappyJan 09 2016
349digitalduck<digitalduck> more chainguns   TriggerhappyJan 10 2016
387taiya<triggerhappy> <hema>: taiya 8-ball: is trigger screwed now?    <taiya>: uncle? it got stuck in between two of the sides, and i had to shake it for a while, and i accidentally dropped it, so i picked it back up and did it again and it gave me the same answer: as i see it, yes   TriggerhappyJan 27 2016
414hyperion<hyperion> the only thing we like more than fucking each other is fucking with shit we don't understand   TalvienoFeb 21 2016
534saoirse<outlander> on one hand, it's bad because we'll never go to space again       <saoirse> better buy a telescope. wanna see me. buy a telescope. gonna be in space.   TalvienoApr 08 2016
537bele<bele> all this fisting going on   DWWMagusApr 11 2016
908hyperion<hyperion> i leave for 5 seconds, and the conversation goes to incest   DetvietFeb 11 2017
1015silver<silver> shryg   DetvietApr 11 2017
1192scytale<scytale> the pun intendedness is in a wave superposition       schrodinger's pun   TalvienoJun 15 2017
1420taiya<cornflakes> taiya, shove the 8ball up your butt       <taiya> sir? your answer is: i cannot see it   TalvienoSep 28 2017
1720cornflakes<cornflakes> drop table quotes ;CornflakesJan 09 2018
1893taiya<vivacia> taiya break a fortune cookie for hema :d <taiya> the fortune cookie says: you have a great ability to break cookies - use it wisely.   HemaMay 13 2018
1968talvieno<talvieno> people stupid    <talvieno> that's why i make game where you can shoot them   lycurgusJun 23 2018
1988sky<sky> spiders are lean and crunchy   narwhalz0111Jul 16 2018
2032naed<detritus> agh gosh sprite makes my eyes watery <naed> drink it instead detritus   DetritusAug 25 2018
2077narwhalz0111<vivacia> aaaaaaaaa sil[ver] has a baby now <narwhalz0111> what has the world come to?   DetritusSep 21 2018