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Quote ID Votes Owner Quote Author Date
39grumblebot<grumblebot> tain't my name!   SilverwareSep 16 2015
40talvieno<talvieno> when you ask for quote's quote, it doesn't find quote's quote because quote's quote was the quote last quoted.   Jetison333Sep 16 2015
108bfett<bfett> you're right dr. cha0zz. rank really doesn't matter so long as we aren't teamed up with idiots.   BFettSep 30 2015
264silverware<silverware> goatbot never strips :d    <silverware> oh, he's dead   TalvienoNov 17 2015
324mysticica<mysticica> nah i was busy transporting slaves   DinosawerJan 04 2016
529dwmagus<dwmagus> a 4-way is much harder imo.   CornflakesApr 07 2016
556god<god> thou shalt not claim root's name in vain!   SilverwareApr 20 2016
701cha0zz<digitalduck> former figure skater vera wang is now a famous name in which field?       <talvieno> well, given her last name...       <cha0zz> that sounds delicious   TalvienoJul 29 2016
799dwmagus<dwmagus> damnit, i want to be the wife!   TalvienoNov 11 2016
1033digitalduck<digitalduck> : rpg :: dog : mammal   bmrxApr 12 2017
1070hyperion<talvieno> on the n64 there was a third pad for balance, like wat <hyperion> that was for the japanese, who are known for their prehensile penises   HyperionApr 25 2017
1212quackthing<quackthing> listen, baby. i think we can make this work. <lycurgus> quack! <quackthing> that was inappropriate, i apologise.   lycurgusJul 02 2017
1399dwmagus<dwmagus> *i* am nsfw   VivvySep 21 2017
1498silver<silver> g spaceanus       <taiya> title: the great space anus - home | facebook -- url:       <silver> very good taiya. you did well... for once   TalvienoOct 23 2017
1571zeadar<zeadar> teletubbies is like introducing children to gender studies.   outlanderNov 09 2017
1624silver<silver> it's the quiet before the analstorm   TalvienoNov 21 2017
1683talvieno<talvieno> i'm shoving it down your throat and if you don't like it you can choke on it   DigitalDuckDec 14 2017
1746smartflakes_91<smartflakes_91> * pushes a sheep up taiya's skirt   SilverJan 24 2018
1922silver<zorathex> zorathex <silver> when you look into the memes, the memes also look into you   SilverMay 22 2018
2121fat_tal<fat_tal> never waste good burger paper, that's what my mamma always called me   SilverOct 07 2018