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Quote ID Votes Owner Quote Author Date
234talvieno<talvieno> you cannot put gunships in your pockets   DinosawarrrrOct 29 2015
411hyperion<hyperion> *hyperion has a list of hot men   Silver_Feb 20 2016
503outlander<outlander> * nikky pours her milk over cornflakes <tal> what is it with girls wanting to give you their milk? <outlander> i came at a very strange moment   CornflakesMar 29 2016
681bele<bele> don't forget to end your while loops guys. no one wants and infinite loop. it will crash tal.exe   TalvienoJun 18 2016
1105silver<silver> that's no moon, it's a hamsterball!   HemaMay 12 2017
1293black--snow<black--snow> what do for my birthday <hema> play with your nipples <black--snow> hema, i do that normally it's not gonna be special   Silver_MibAug 14 2017
1523bele<bele> having handcuffs for sex doesn't make you a police officer   cuisinart8Oct 30 2017
1586fat_tal<fat_tal> who is got my burger and fries   DetvietNov 15 2017
1637duke<duke> mmorpg: many men online role playing girls.   VivvyNov 28 2017
1665jang_harne<jang_harne> i have an acronym for detviet: don't ever talk or verbally interact ever, thanks.   IronDukeDec 06 2017
1722black--snow<totallynothuman> those tree-huggers will be coming soon. <black--snow> you called?   HemaJan 09 2018
2049silver<silver> i did make a semi start on it   HemaSep 10 2018
2090hema<hema> now i will sleep. for real this time.   narwhalz0111Sep 28 2018
2331empresslexi<empresslexi> outlander is now dating saoirse   cuisinart8Jan 20 2019
2339ag<dwmagus> it was 3 girls and like 8 guys not counting me. <ag> thats a bad ratio for an orgy mate   AgJan 22 2019
2555outlander<outlander> *in conversation about cats*       why am i thinking lewd stuff   cuisinart8Jul 24 2019
2603outlander<outlander> i love good erectile dysfunction   narwhalz0111Sep 23 2019
2635fawkes-mobile<detritus> i am unescapable <fawkes-mobile> lose weight, det   DetritusNov 15 2019
2796black--snow<bmrx> rip in peace       <black--snow> bmrx my rectal xylophone   narwhalz0111Jul 15 2020
2830ag<ag> sodomizes a penguin   DetritusAug 27 2020