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711silverware<silverware> *farts loudly, murdering an entire village of innocent cheese-people*   TalvienoAug 09 2016
782taiya<taiya> <taiya> dorthne coliis awgs: aizzardd arrdivea lrwdixely when himd meand tp,   DogittallDjckOct 19 2016
837cornflakes<cornflakes> i just dont think stuffing black holes up your ass is a good solution   SilverJan 11 2017
942oyyy<oyyy> lumo   DigitalDuckMar 14 2017
1242collector<collector> :d :d   DetvietJul 25 2017
1282lordsexyunderpants<lordsexyunderpants> you know.       i have to admit.       i think [the nier: automata] soundtrack is better than sex.       no, it is definitely better than sex.   TalvienoAug 11 2017
1570taiya<taiya> *snart*   SnartNov 08 2017
1627trigger<trigger> <trigger> thats my recruit <dv> you're my recruit <trigger> he is my recruit <trigger> chain of command   TriggerNov 23 2017
1706cuisinart8<cuisinart8> mmmm penis butter   VivaciaDec 28 2017
1708ironduke<ironduke> i was uncomfortable a while ago but that's lt irc for you :v   Hyperion_WorkDec 28 2017
1857narwhalz0111<narwhalz0111> things to think of while writing a bot: "how can i get it drunk?"   talvienOApr 23 2018
1881skyfligher<skyfligher> finally the taco bell is kicking in, i'm about fall into deaths sweet embrace!!   lycurgusMay 08 2018
1883naed<naed> i have one word, and one word only       bike bike bike bike bike bike       <bele> naed theres a new danish show on the flix       <naed> bike   TalvienoMay 08 2018
1905totallynothuman<totallynothuman> we're in a massive orgy.   narwhalz0111_May 18 2018
2030silver<silver> when i am one of the most adult people in the room, thats fucking sad.   Hyperion_WorkAug 23 2018
2187detritus<detritus> console.tal('you rolled a 6, so you mounted her, but unfortunately she's a cactus') ;rubbishOct 29 2018
2294talvieno<talvieno> oh! he's trying to figure out the pony!   SilverDec 21 2018
2648naed<naed> i stink like 10 dead turks if i eat garlic   SilverDec 12 2019
2677narwhalz0111<narwhalz0111> all that pulsates is not brain   SilverFeb 16 2020
2745sky<sky> if she lost weight she would walk like a crab   narwhalz0111Mar 18 2020