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Quote ID Votes Owner Quote Author Date
188formalmoss<formalmoss> ooh cornie - you know we can't talk on a public channel like that   Cha0zzOct 14 2015
259talvieno<talvieno> waaaaaaaaaaa shhhhhhhhhh chchchaaaaa <ninja sounds>   DWMagusNov 12 2015
382banana<banana> bananana   SilverPCJan 26 2016
410hyperion<hyperion> technology goes from magic -> science fiction -> basic science -> applied science & engineering -> exists -> outdated -> quaint -> primative   TalvienoFeb 20 2016
569aiha<aiha> i can't leave now. it's too late. d:   TalvienoApr 22 2016
573snowphone<snowphone> the long leg is connected to the positive of the batteries -- wait no it's not -- wait no i think it was the right way around -- what is wrong with me   Cha0zzApr 23 2016
581zorathex<zorathex> i'm planing on planing my own turns from now on. :)   DinosawerApr 24 2016
584idunno<chanserv> * gives voice to idunno          <saoirse> b l o o d       <idunno> well that was an interesting way to say hi.   TalvienoApr 26 2016
671talvieno<talvieno> gf will just lie back and enjoy it.   DigitalDuckJun 04 2016
916silver<silver> mexicans indave   SilverFeb 11 2017
955cuisinart8<cuisinart8> geologists everywhere recoil in horror   TalvienoMar 15 2017
965ecoriax<lycurgus> and then you wake up and get on irc and you're a girl and you don't remember what the hell happened       <ecoriax> well we've all been there :p   TalvienoMar 22 2017
982black--snow<black--snow> oh hey <black--snow> the dag process thread was bumped    <black--snow> i'm gonna have a cold shower   BMRXMar 25 2017
1037silver<bmrx> so suck my nuts silver <silver> no thanks <silver> my wife does that for me   bmrxApr 11 2017
1167talvieno<talvieno> i really, really like spreadsheets.   DigitalDuckMay 29 2017
1319j4nb1<silver> *throws a moist dick at j4nb1*       <j4nb1> thx.   TalvienoAug 23 2017
1699lycurgus<lycurgus> if you die in canada you die in real life   BaconbishopDec 17 2017
1714fawkes<fawkes> victor is the local paragon of virtue and good manners. one does not think about him in a bad way.   TalvienoDec 20 2017
1718cuisinart8<cuisinart8> mmmm penis butter   VivaciaDec 28 2017
1751taiya<taiya> you're thrusting too hard if you keep this up i won't be able to feel me legs tomorrow. ^.^   AyiatJan 19 2018