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Quote ID Votes Owner Quote Author Date
11Dinosawer<Dinosawer> Sleep is for the weak   TalvienoSep 14 2015
93jetison333<jetison333> we almost have broken 100 quotes too   SilverwerksSep 23 2015
148hyperion<hyperion> they have exploding manhole covers   TalvienoOct 07 2015
190mistycica<mistycica> why pinging me so much   TalvienoOct 14 2015
259dinosawer<dinosawer> dinosawer_pc hugh jackmans cornflakes   StupidJokesFlakesNov 17 2015
277digitalduck<digitalduck> i'm not buying a pc from fucking ikea.   DWMagusDec 16 2015
373xyz<cornflakes> *xyz logged on       <cornflakes> hey josh       <xyz> goddammit   TalvienoJan 24 2016
544victor<victor> surely there is a bank of stored dna tissue?          <dinosawer> nope. we're supposed to be criminals, we're disposable       <victor> i can believe the criminal bit.   TalvienoApr 14 2016
762silver<silver> line 273: // todo: do it properly   silverSep 15 2016
786taiya<detritus> taiya, 8-ball is hyperion in the right when he calls me a child? <taiya>: det? it answers with: don't ask such foolish things   HyperionOct 25 2016
1108snugglebunny<snugglebunny> snugglebunny sleepily nibbles the vibrating carrot   Cha0zzMay 15 2017
1116detviet<detviet> a little terror is good for the soul   ZorathexMay 18 2017
1554talvieno<talvieno> let's see if you can die from a charisma roll   narwhalz0111Nov 05 2017
1853talvieno<talvieno> you just activated my LASER VANG   lycurgusApr 19 2018
1933hyperion_mobile<hyperion_mobile> I'm sort of worried that if students on this university campus find out I'm into guys of all races, they'll claim my sexual attraction is appropriating dark skinned people and I'm just virtue signaling   TalvienoMay 25 2018
2054goatbot<goatbot> detritus, you are a wallet   DetritusSep 10 2018
2214taiya<taiya> who is god?   DetritusNov 10 2018
2375talvieno<talvieno> my foots operate on supersonic wavelengths   DetritusFeb 02 2019
2421cuisinart8<cuisinart8> the dread captain pedro   narwhalz0111Mar 01 2019
2431narwhalz<narwhalz> nah can't be bothered   TotallyNotHumanMar 11 2019