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0Slymodi<Slymodi> classic   TalvienoSep 13 2015
1Silverware<Silverware> :V   TalvienoSep 13 2015
2node<node> ._.   TalvienoSep 13 2015
3Cornflakes<Cornflakes> searches ear   DinosawerSep 13 2015
4Cha0zz<Cha0zz> BFett, be a gentleman. You pay for the girl, not the reverse   TalvienoSep 13 2015
5Dinosawer<Dinosawer> RAAARgh quantum mechanics blrbrlblr neutrino-emission aglraglr Fermi mechanism!   TalvienoSep 13 2015
6Slymodi<Slymodi> :A   SlymodiSep 13 2015
7Talvieno<Talvieno> hooray for one wrong number erasing everybody's profiles!!!   SilverwareSep 13 2015
8Cornflakes<Cornflakes> [eyebrows.gif]   TalvienoSep 13 2015
9Talvieno<Talvieno> i had one too many buffalo   DWMagusAug 20 2015
10Silverware<Silverware> All hail the banana genocide!   TalvienoSep 13 2015
11Dinosawer<Dinosawer> Sleep is for the weak   TalvienoSep 14 2015
12Cha0zz<Cha0zz> All hail Sly Mo Di!   Cha0zzSep 14 2015
13DWMagus<DWMagus> Taiya, bring me a cookie   DWMagusSep 14 2015
14Taiya<cornflakes> now im afraid of dino    <Taiya> ^.^   Cha0zzSep 14 2015
15LordSexyUnderpants<LordSexyUnderpants> I'm too sexy for my shirt.   LordSexyUnderpantsSep 14 2015
16madjo<madjo> LordSexyUnderpants is not sexy enough for his underpants   madjoSep 14 2015
17cornflakes_91<cornflakes_91> kill it, kill it with igni   Cha0zzSep 14 2015
18LordSexyUnderpants<LordSexyUnderpants> i could go for some buffalo.   DinosawerSep 14 2015
19ghost_of_not_tal<ghost_of_not_tal> hoooooooooo <ghost noises>   DinosawerSep 14 2015
20dwmagus<dwmagus> i don't know about you, but my balls are pretty fast.   TalvienoSep 14 2015
21zeadar<zeadar> #forever alone   CornflakesSep 15 2015
22dr_cha0zz<dr_cha0zz> idiots. idiots everywhere.   Cha0zzSep 15 2015
23zeadar<zeadar> i can't spell   Cha0zzSep 15 2015
24cornflakes<cornflakes> phase 1, denial :v   SilverwareSep 15 2015
25cha0zz<cha0zz> >.>   HungrySep 15 2015
26lordsexyunderpants<lordsexyunderpants> you won't like me with my underpandas off.   LordSexyUnderpantsSep 15 2015
27silverware<silverware> coffee is my jesus!   SilverwareSep 15 2015
28flatfingers<flatfingers> get pointlessly arcane quote   CornflakesSep 15 2015
29flatfingers<flatfingers> the internet is a bad place   DWMagusSep 15 2015
30ayyy<ayyy> lmao   an alienSep 16 2015
31goatbot<goatbot> *bleats questioningly   UnknownSep 16 2015
32Taiya<outlander> do you like talvieno?    <Taiya> dont be silly   Cornflakes_91Sep 16 2015
33zeadar<zeadar> [i] fail to spell, again   Cha0zzSep 16 2015
34cha0zz<cha0zz> in porn, everything is possible   SmartflakesOct 11 2015
35cornflakes<cornflakes> enjoy the beverage brought to you by our child-slave-irc-bot   TalvienoSep 16 2015
36grumblesaur<grumblesaur> god doesn't play with dice. he plays with grumblebot.   TalvienoSep 16 2015
37grumblebot<grumblebot> my name is not 'grumblebort'!   SilverwareSep 16 2015
38grumblebort<grumblebort> i am not a real person.   Jetison333Sep 16 2015
39grumblebot<grumblebot> tain't my name!   SilverwareSep 16 2015
40talvieno<talvieno> when you ask for quote's quote, it doesn't find quote's quote because quote's quote was the quote last quoted.   Jetison333Sep 16 2015
41grumblesaur<grumblesaur> ruby is like python for the illiterate.   GrumblesaurSep 17 2015
42poet1960<poet1960> theres a quote for ya   SilverwareSep 17 2015
43poet1960<poet1960> isnt perl more suited to databases?   SilverwareSep 17 2015
44poet1960<poet1960> "the welfare of the people in particular has always been the alibi of tyrants, and it provides the further advantage of giving the servants of tyranny a good conscience"   Poet1960Sep 17 2015
45silverware<silverware> exoskeletal level crispy sausages :v   SilverwareSep 17 2015
46cornflakes<cornflakes> you'd remember fluttershy being the nemesis of the male population of equestria   SilverwareSep 17 2015
47zeadar<zeadar> kinda inneffecient having your dick taped in duct tape imo   SilverwareSep 17 2015
48grumblebot<grumblebot> do not feed the bots.   GrumblesaurSep 17 2015
49scytale<scytale> i shot your dog   SilverwareSep 17 2015
50Taiya<Taiya> Ba dum tssh!   Jetison333Sep 17 2015
51grumblesaur<grumblesaur> goatbot what    fetch a grumblebot roll 1000   GrumblesaurSep 17 2015
52poet1960<poet1960> its all fun and games til someone loses an eye   poet1960Sep 17 2015
53fwip<fwip> should we rename this to #bottests?   TalvienoSep 17 2015
54talvieno<talvieno> ooh, link *impulsively clicks*   GrumblesaurSep 17 2015
55grumblesaur<grumblesaur> all right, whatever you do; don't roll zero.   fwipSep 17 2015
56silverware<silverware> i have ed   GrumblesaurSep 18 2015
57darnkids<darnkids> i started something terrible   Cha0zzSep 18 2015
58talvieno<talvieno> i call it coke.    unless it's not coke.    in which case i don't know what to call it.   DWMagusSep 18 2015
59talvieno<talvieno> tal is fail.   Cha0zzSep 18 2015
60scytale<cha0zz> that's not how gyroscopes work >.> <talvieno> <scytale> yup    that's a burn   TalvienoSep 18 2015
61cornflakes<cornflakes> huehue   Cha0zzSep 18 2015
62scytale<silverware> dropbears are real! <scytale> no silver, you're a kiwi you have no right to this!!!   TalvienoSep 18 2015
63fwip<fwip> fun is carefully rationed   fwipSep 18 2015
64lordsexyunderpants<lordsexyunderpants> am i still typing legintible.   fwipSep 19 2015
65talvieno<talvieno> pushing myself to move forwards is the only way i can escape my past becoming my future.   fwipSep 19 2015
66uno<uno> we're just the insignificant sesame seeds on the primordial arby's bun of life, wont to be flicked off by the hand of fate, meaningless. eat at arby's.   GrumblesaurSep 20 2015
67talvieno<talvieno> i think of cha0zz bot as big and tough. transformer-robotlike.   Cha0zzSep 20 2015
68grumblebot<grumblebot> read the faq!   GrumblesaurSep 20 2015
69dinosawer<dwmagus> oh come on, you guys have seen it.    remember when i did that epic thread derailment of like 15 pages? [...] about si units or something. <dinosawer> i didnt get why people cared that much so i only posted stuff about shoe sizes   TalvienoSep 21 2015
70cha0zz<talvieno> :s why do i get booted and she doesn't? so not fair. <cha0zz> she's a girl   TalSep 21 2015
71jetison333<jetison333> you're an emote, apparently.   TalvienoSep 21 2015
72tayia<poet1960> tayia, what is the meaning of life? <tayia> that's none of my business.   TalvienoSep 21 2015
73scytale<scytale> "not enough greebles" - tal   TalvienoSep 22 2015
74cornflakes<cornflakes> quote ception   SilverwareSep 22 2015
75talvieno<dinosawer> <talvieno> quoteception would be, <cornflakes> <Dinosawer> <silverware> <talvieno> what the heck, why are we making a quote pyramid?   TalvienoSep 22 2015
76talvieno<talvieno> dino needs more quotes. :v   SilverwareSep 22 2015
77dinosawer<dinosawer> bonsaaaiiii!!!   TalvienoSep 22 2015
78taiya<taiya> that's no way to talk to a girl...   TalvienoSep 22 2015
79taiya<taiya> joshpost!   Jetison333Sep 22 2015
80jetison333<jetison333> derp   Jetison333Sep 22 2015
81silverware<silverware> everything is joshsome   Jetison333Sep 22 2015
82node<node> my productivity has been successfully raped and pillaged   SilverwareSep 22 2015
83scytale<scytale> please correct me if i'm wrong (pcmiiw)   Jetison333Sep 22 2015
84fwip<fwip> i don't remember adding that quote.   GrumblesaurSep 22 2015
85alimarin<bmrx> omg my joystick doesn't work. i dunno how to play ed with mouse and keyboard! halp <alimarin> erectile dysfunction! oh no!   TalvienoSep 22 2015
86alimarin<alimarin> erectile dysfunction! oh no!   GrumblesaurSep 22 2015
87alimarin<alimarin> taiya play with my hair!!!   TalvienoSep 22 2015
88goatbot<goatbot> [kitten.jpg][kitten.jpg][kitten.jpg][kitten.jpg][kitten.jpg][kitten.jpg][kitten.jpg][kitten.jpg][kitten.jpg][kitten.jpg][kitten.jpg][kitten.jpg][kitten.jpg][kitten.jpg]   SilverwareSep 22 2015
89bmrx<bmrx> i don't even know where i man. i man? i am.   GrumblesaurSep 22 2015
90dwmagus<dwmagus> the military contractors i applied for all used windows. <grumblesaur> wtf, why <dwmagus> i don't know. maybe that's why we spend so much on our military. application support.   TalvienoSep 23 2015
91talvieno<talvieno> you impregnated yourself?   GrumblesaurSep 23 2015
92goatchops<goatchops> this adventure of the goatstar raiders was amazing! new motto ~we fly badly, we fight badly and we make questionable decisions~   TalvienoSep 23 2015
93jetison333<jetison333> we almost have broken 100 quotes too   SilverwerksSep 23 2015
94grumblebot<grumblebot> turbo nerd   Jetison333Sep 23 2015
95talvieno<talvieno> call me daddy!   JesusSep 23 2015
96jetison333<jetison333> but spiders eat misquotes   TalvienoSep 23 2015
97silverware<silverware> dp is good :) :v oh wait.   HairywareSep 24 2015
98silverware<silverware> taint   TalvienoSep 25 2015
99dwmagus<dwmagus> she has trouble with grinding.   Cha0zzSep 26 2015
100saoirse<saoirse> pudding! pudding! pudding! hello! pudding! pudding! hey saoirse!   TalvienoSep 26 2015
101dinosawer<talvieno> delete profile mib_wofsi3 <taiya> okay, it's taken care of now. <dinosawer> poor mib_wofsi3, we hardly knew you   TalvienoSep 27 2015
102cornflakes<cornflakes> its 15 min by cat   DWMagusSep 27 2015
103dinosawer<dinosawer> cornflakes reprimanding other people about sleep schedules is kinda ironic though   TalvienoSep 30 2015
104cha0zz<cha0zz> look mom i'm badass! i'm a real gangsta like daddy now!   TalvienoSep 30 2015
105outlander<outlander> if he starts with how we genociders should stick together i'll smack him with a chair   TalvienoSep 30 2015
106scytale<scytale> schizophrenia here we come   TalvienoSep 30 2015
107scytale<scytale> all right guys - imma ascend to a new plane of existence. cya later   TalvienoSep 30 2015
108bfett<bfett> you're right dr. cha0zz. rank really doesn't matter so long as we aren't teamed up with idiots.   BFettSep 30 2015
109dinosawer<dinosawer> i'll miss him. oh wait, i have +2 conventional. nevermind.   TalvienoSep 30 2015
110cornflakes<cornflakes> depends on whom you ask   TalvienoSep 30 2015
111cornflakes<cornflakes> pppfffrrrttt   fwipSep 30 2015
112madjo<madjo> the two later "matrix" movies were just fanfiction. and the fourth indiana jones movie was done by a hater.   TalvienoSep 30 2015
113dwmagus<dv> <dwmagus> well cornflakes, it wasn't a tactical rpg about sex. <--- tactical insertion   TalvienoSep 30 2015
114cornflakes<cornflakes> insert "wet" where approbiate   SilverwareSep 30 2015
115taiya<silverware> <silverware>: taiya who is jesus? <taiya>: that's you, silly.   SilverwareSep 30 2015
116taiya,<taiya,> taiya "i feel okay.    it's so peaceful in here, isn't it?"   fwipOct 01 2015
117silverware<silverware> "taiya do you like me?" taiya "that's none of my business"   fwipOct 01 2015
118taiya<talvieno> taiya, you still here? <taiya> does it matter?   TalvienoOct 01 2015
119taiya<taiya> gives won't youtube links   Jetison333Oct 01 2015
120cha0zz[afk]<dwmagus> get random cornflakes <cha0zz[afk]> /me gives dwmagus a random cornflakes   TalvienoOct 01 2015
121taiya<taiya> outlander the only thing i want now is to open the door to my neighbour's room and kiss her and then have sex till 6 am or something   TalvienoOct 01 2015
122slymodi<slymodi> cha0zz is the most charismatic person i know   TalvienoOct 01 2015
123talvieno<talvieno> taiya speaks yoda.   Jetison333Oct 02 2015
124jetison333<jetison333> i'm just going to roll with that   TalvienoOct 02 2015
125jetison333<jetison333> note to self: don't randomly spin keyboards around in the air   SlymodiOct 02 2015
126slymodi<slymodi> here at the end of all things, as black smoke plumes beneath your burnt feet & the starving scream for a mercy that never comes, enjoy arbys   Jetison333Oct 02 2015
127taiya<taiya> oh_mighty_one, talvieno wanted me to tell you that you limit he you theory it the wish in we aren't but have not seen have to have butchered sentence.   Cha0zzOct 02 2015
128cha0zz<cha0zz> !choose tesla-enhanced sword or nothing <jimmy> nothing <cha0zz> jimmy >:(   TalvienoOct 02 2015
129cornflakes<cornflakes> and you play around with your toy taiya   Cha0zzOct 03 2015
130dinosawer<dinosawer> .   TalvienoOct 03 2015
131silverware<silverware> save the endangered whales? stew!   TalvienoOct 04 2015
132dinosawer_pc<silverware> your mom is a "feature" of the grand fucking canyon. :v (i don't honestly know where that came from :v) <dinosawer_pc> sometimes i think you have la tourette :p   TalvienoOct 04 2015
133taiya<taiya> <taiya>:    <taiya> that's no way to talk to a girl... ~~ added by talvieno on sep 22 2015 (82)   Hyperion_Oct 04 2015
134dinosawer_pc<dinosawer_pc> bda tpying tfw   TalvienoOct 05 2015
135canad0zz<canad0zz> sorry about that   TalvienoOct 05 2015
136dwmagus<dwmagus> *fapping   Cha0zzOct 05 2015
137dwmagus<dwmagus> taiya lock your nose   Cha0zzOct 05 2015
138cha0zz<cha0zz> <jimmy2> choose stupid, idiot <jimmy2> cha0zz for he is my master. <cha0zz> fuck   DWMagusOct 05 2015
139dinosawer_pc3<dinosawer_pc> :v <dinosawer> :v <dinosawer_pc2> :v <dinosawer_kiwi> :v <talvieno> :v <dinosawer_mib> :v <dinosawer_pc3> :v   TalvienoOct 05 2015
140dinosawer11<dinosawer11> \o/ my tardis has pink bubbles and looks like an exploded toy shop   Dinosawer_pc3Oct 05 2015
141dwmagus<dwmagus> that's the point of quotes -- keeping a record of stupidity for all time.   Dinosawer_pcOct 05 2015
142grumblesaur<grumblesaur> what   SilverwareOct 05 2015
143cornflakes<cornflakes> 01duuuuhwaaah   CornflakesOct 06 2015
144talvieno<silverware> they take the animal to a farmer's workshop before slicing the wood off <talvieno> ._.   TalvienoOct 06 2015
145cornflakes<cornflakes> i solderblobbed many ic's :v   TalvienoOct 07 2015
146silverwares_dad<silverwares_dad> heh... just thought of a mod ksp doesnt have that all other heavily modded games seem to... a nude mod!   TalvienoOct 07 2015
147wikipedia<wikipedia> toast, being an inanimate object, lacks both the ability and the desire to right itself.   SilverwareOct 07 2015
148hyperion<hyperion> they have exploding manhole covers   TalvienoOct 07 2015
149hyperion<hyperion> well, i'm off. i have things to do, people to see, things to see and people to do.   HyperionOct 07 2015
150wikipedia<wikipedia> toast, being an inanimate object, lacks both the ability and the desire to right itself.   SilverwareOct 07 2015
151god<god> let there be nipples on men because even flat titties are still titties.   HyperionOct 07 2015
152god<god> let there be weird al   HyperionOct 07 2015
153god<god> let there be but one ruler over all mankind, and it's name shall be libido.   HyperionOct 07 2015
154god<god> i will give you this foreskin, then required the jews to cut it off, because i don't like the jews very much at all.   SilverwareOct 07 2015
155god<god> my son hates fig trees, i worry about that boy sometimes.   HyperionOct 07 2015
156node,<node,> i am your new god.   SilverwareOct 07 2015
157dwarfwiki<dwarfwiki> there are two varieties of catsplosion: conventional catsplosion, and thermonuclear catsplosion.   SilverwareOct 07 2015
158bmrx<bmrx> i am bumracks   SilverwareOct 07 2015
159taiya<taiya> <taiya>: <taiya>: <taiya>: <taiya>: <taiya>: <taiya>: <taiya>: <taiya>: <taiya>: <taiya>: <taiya>: <taiya>: <taiya>: <taiya>: <taiya>: <taiya>: taiya   SilverwareOct 07 2015
160scytale<scytale> i am typos, deity of writing   TalvienoOct 07 2015
161maori_language<maori_language> taumatawhakatangihangakoauauotamateaturipukakapikimaungahoronukupokaiwhenuakitanatahu is translated as "the hill of the nose-flute playing by tamatea – who was blown hither from afar, had a slit penis, grazed his knees climbing mountains, fell on the earth, and encircled the land – to his beloved"   SilverwareOct 07 2015
162taiya<silverware> taiya tell me a story about buttsecks <taiya>: i think you put that in wrong...   SilverwareOct 07 2015
163cha0zz<cha0zz> �\_(ツ)_/�   DWMagusOct 08 2015
164taiya<taiya> cha0zz (�?‸ლ)   Cha0zzOct 08 2015
165cha0zz<cha0zz> (�?‸ლ)   Cha0zzOct 08 2015
166cornflakes<cornflakes> you don't run full integrals genius   Cha0zzOct 08 2015
167dinosawer_pc<dinosawer_pc> give me the blobs tal   TalvienoOct 08 2015
168cornflakes<cornflakes> don't use your fancy words on me!   TalvienoOct 08 2015
169dinosawer_pc<dinosawer_pc> let me do it    i can draw blobs    i'm qualified for that   TalvienoOct 08 2015
170scytale<scytale> i'm just being unnecessary =p   TalvienoOct 08 2015
171dinosawer_pc<dinosawer_pc> <scytale> i have a quick maths question regarding limits <dinosawer_pc> what's the theory   Cha0zzOct 08 2015
172dinosawer_pc<dinosawer_pc> <dinosawer_pc> right, left and right limit <scytale> right <dinosawer_pc> and left   ScytaleOct 08 2015
173scytale<scytale> alright imma drain my camel brb   Dinosawer_pcOct 08 2015
174scytale<scytale> i always thought a first year dynamics course should be about the trajectory of a dude's urine stream   Cha0zzOct 08 2015
175talvieno<cha0zz> jimmy choose top or bottom <jimmy> bottom <talvieno> is that his preferred position?   TalvienoOct 09 2015
176body<cornflakes> (+outlander) i know one lass who is into html pages (+cornflakes) she loves the <body> or what?   Smartflakes_91Oct 09 2015
177dv<bfett> hacks have limited range and can't go through rock <dv> guess francis's skull is unhackable then...   HemaOct 09 2015
178cha0zz<talvieno> \o/ one half of the post complete! wait, forgot dino. <dinosawer_pc> how can you forget me? i'm the most active person evar :( <talvieno> i have it ordered by level of excitement. <cha0zz> oh god <talvieno> better for big finish. :d <cha0zz> oh god       ohhhh gooooooowwwd   TalvienoOct 10 2015
179bfett<taiya> lt_wiki_guy, hema wanted me to tell you that you're late, and everyone died a horrible, horrible death.. <bfett> typical   TalvienoOct 10 2015
180mistycica<mistycica> don't put more buttons in there than brain cells of the operator okay   TalvienoOct 10 2015
181talvieno<silverware> seriously though seeing as you havent played it, you really should play x-com <talvieno> that goes for anyone else reading this too   TalvienoOct 10 2015
182dv<dv> the porn might watch itself. depends on the kind of porn.   SmartflakesOct 11 2015
183vartul<vartul> do you know why i'm here? to crack some wildly inappropriate jokes. like always. :p   TalvienoSep 16 2015
184dinosawer_pc<dinosawer_pc> that means all my friends are on top of me   Cha0zzOct 11 2015
185hema<hema> he be truth eated chair in soup, much thankful now   DinosawerOct 12 2015
186hema<hema> tal tal tal tal tal tal tal tal tal   TalOct 12 2015
187cornflakes<cornflakes> things im going to regret admitting: mom just got me a lego star wars advent calendar :v   TalvienoOct 13 2015
188formalmoss<formalmoss> ooh cornie - you know we can't talk on a public channel like that   Cha0zzOct 14 2015
189formalmoss<dwmagus> real article - <formalmoss> maybe she wanted to be the bun in someone's sandwich?   TalvienoOct 14 2015
190formalmoss<formalmoss> ooh *giggle* you are so bad, magus   TalvienoOct 14 2015
191mistycica<mistycica> why pinging me so much   TalvienoOct 14 2015
192formalmoss<formalmoss> diarrheoia is hereditary, it runs in your jeans.   TalvienoOct 14 2015
193silverwareware<hema> i find your lack of balance disturbing. <talvieno> but, hema... vader was trying to stop the jedi from bringing balance to the force, not the other way around <silverwareware> yeah 2 sith 2 jedi was what he wanted :v which is balance to the force :v   TalvienoOct 14 2015
194manboobthulu<manboobthulu> :v   TalvienoOct 15 2015
195cha0zz<cha0zz> fuck the soup   TalvienoOct 15 2015
196silverware<silverware> coffee!!   SilverwareOct 15 2015
197hyperion<hyperion> my mom is an eldritch abomination   TalvienoOct 15 2015
198flatfingers<outlander> you need a whip. <flatfingers> i could borrow one from my wife   CornflakesOct 16 2015
199mr_frog<mr_frog> sort of thingamadealie   TalvienoOct 16 2015
200mr_frog<mr_frog> whoa why is everything yellow   TalvienoOct 16 2015
201mr_frog<mr_frog> i shall cast you into the deepest darkest pit from whence there is no return and it will be wonderful   TalvienoOct 16 2015
202silverware<silverware> toady isnt so much filling a niche, as carving a fucking elephant out of one   TalvienoOct 17 2015
203node<node> <taiya>: node, i have a lot of messages stored for you. i'll tell you in pm. <node>: the fck   SilverwareOct 19 2015
204taiya<taiya> who is hitler?   Jetison333Oct 19 2015
205taiya<talvieno> taiya, add profile hitler <taiya> okay, i added it! i hope i meet them soon! :)   TalvienoOct 19 2015
206skyfligher<skyfligher> didn't know that death hung out in the limit theory forums <hema> oh, he and josh are good friends <death> he promised me free beta access in exchange for eternal life <skyfligher> worth it   DeathOct 20 2015
207silverware<skyfligher> i now have a soaking wet cat rubbing against me and my computer... <silverware> [eyebrows.gif]   TalvienoOct 20 2015
208jimmy2<jimmy2> *gives jimmy2 sodwmagus entertaintdwmagusnt*   TalvienoOct 20 2015
209talvieno<talvieno> i'm not putting in a pudding rifle. too op.   Dinosawer_pcOct 20 2015
210dwmagus<dwmagus> i know this is really ooc of me...    but damn am i fangirling hard.   TalvienoOct 20 2015
211fwip<death> hello fwip.    <fwip> aww hell no          *fwip has left (leaving)   TalvienoOct 20 2015
212oddly<oddly> fun if you find some hidden porn again though   Cha0zzOct 21 2015
213naed<naed> get quote naed   DWMagusOct 22 2015
214snow_white<snow_white> the force is strong in this one   DumbledoreOct 22 2015
215outlander<outlander> battle squid is fickin' awesome       really       james bond kind of shit       action movie at its finest   TalvienoOct 22 2015
216dinosawer_pc<hema> hey guys? what can i do about my power? <dinosawer_pc> silently weep   TalvienoOct 22 2015
217digitalduck<talvieno> holy carp i talk a lot ._. <digitalduck> only times you need to be worried about talking too much are in a job interview, in a police interview, or in the bedroom. if all three of those are at the same time, you have bigger problems.   TalvienoOct 22 2015
218digitalduck<digitalduck> taiya, how much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? <taiya> are you messing around with me? <digitalduck> if i were messing around with you my girlfriend wouldn't like it very much.   TalvienoOct 22 2015
219mr_frug<mr_frug> legend has it that norton, towards the end, would declare itself malware and attempt to delete itself, to no avail   TalvienoOct 23 2015
220bfett<bfett> wheres the rekt update?   CornflakesOct 25 2015
221cornflakes<digitalduck> why can i attach a hinge joint to text? <cornflakes> because you want to define a pivot point for your story :v   Dinosawer_pcOct 25 2015
222death<life_> wrong move death <death> wrong move life_   TalvienoOct 25 2015
223life_<life_> your move, death   TalvienoOct 25 2015
224digitalduck<life_> why is en passant a thing <death> maybe it was to unnerf pawns. <digitalduck> pretty much, actually   TalvienoOct 25 2015
225cornflakes<cornflakes> we are always raping bots   TalvienoOct 26 2015
226goatbot<goatbot> kiss my goating arse   DWMagusOct 27 2015
227dv<dv> *pulls down his lt-pants and shows talvieno his lt-ass*   TalvienoOct 27 2015
228node<node> it's coming as fast as i can make it come people :ghost:   Cha0zzOct 27 2015
229taiya<hema> taiya, who do you like more, hema or talvieno <taiya> i like you more.   HemaOct 27 2015
230silverware<silverware> lemon   TalvienoOct 28 2015
231taiya<hema> taiya, google taiya <taiya> i'm embarrassed to say it, but... that didn't work at all.   HemaOct 28 2015
232taiya,<taiya,> silverware    a knowledgeable kiwi   BFettOct 28 2015
233dv<dv> i'm printing out a paper that tells me exactly how much money i don't have.   TalvienoOct 28 2015
234talvieno<talvieno> wat   TalvienoOct 28 2015
235talvieno<talvieno> you cannot put gunships in your pockets   DinosawarrrrOct 29 2015
236bele<bele> !maid buttmaid, uh, no one saw nuthin   SilverwareOct 29 2015
237silverware<silverware> *goes and gets coffee, all this was made on just one coffee!*   TalvienoNov 01 2015
238silverware<silverware> where do you put two ponies? <cornflakes> ohgod <silverware> in a shipping container :v   TalvienoNov 01 2015
239dinosawer_pc<dinosawer_pc> may the bonsai be with you   TalvienoNov 03 2015
240dinosawer_pc<dinosawer_pc> get quite 143 <dinosawer_pc> get quote 143 <taiya> <dinosawer_pc> bda tpying tfw ~~ added by talvieno on oct 05 2015 (143)   TalvienoNov 03 2015
241bele<bele> beep beep i'm a jeep   Cha0zzNov 04 2015
242aegagrus<aegagrus> she-goats are better   TalvienoNov 04 2015
243talvieno<talvieno> "tumblr needs disinfected"   MONSIEUR_GRENOUILLENov 04 2015
244hema<hema> dinosawer's quantum cannon round strikes the gunship in the bridge, shattering the armor, and jamming the armor through the crew. the gunship has been struck down.   HemaNov 04 2015
245cornflakes<cornflakes> i want chicken flavoured giant worms. like, armsized. just a tube of flesh with the minimum necessary in terms of other organs. maybe with 10 hearts, for chicken heart soup   TalNov 05 2015
246taiya<taiya> i hacked into the interface and reset the programming code of the meteorite.   Dinosawer_Nov 07 2015
247outlander<outlander> i hate my job. makes me be someone i am not. with 96% need for love. oh fuck me   Dinosawer_Nov 07 2015
248taiya,<taiya,> taiya <slymodi> taiya, who do you like more, hitler or god <taiya> i like hitler more. :)   SlymodiNov 07 2015
249hema<hema> taiya, tell tulius you are my sunshine, my only sunshine   TalvienoNov 08 2015
250downwithtal<downwithtal> i will avenge you taiya, i promise sweet princess!   TalvienoNov 08 2015
251dwmagus<dwmagus> how does it make you feel when a server 'goes down on you'?    xd   Cha0zzNov 09 2015
252dwmagus<dwmagus> there was an ad in a techy magazine over here that featured a scantily clad model in a server room. and the caption was "don't worry, our servers won't go down on you either"   SmartflakesNov 09 2015
253taiya<hema> taiya, google weather space <taiya> the weather for sol is clear at 53�f (12�c)   HemaNov 10 2015
254dwmagus<dwmagus> !image pie with pony filling   TalvienoNov 10 2015
255dwmagus<dwmagus> but speaking of muscle memory.    sometimes i just find myself randomly fapping.   CornflakesNov 10 2015
256dwmagus<dwmagus> but speaking of muscle memory.    sometimes i just find myself randomly fapping.   Dinosawer_pcNov 10 2015
257talvieno<talvieno> antimatter is the new black   Jetison333Nov 10 2015
258cornflakes<cornflakes> butts make everything better   Dinosawer_pcNov 11 2015
259talvieno<talvieno> waaaaaaaaaaa shhhhhhhhhh chchchaaaaa <ninja sounds>   DWMagusNov 12 2015
260outlander<dinosawer_pc> how does one typo 'yeah' as 'w' <outlander> i accidentely warped my tentacles to the wrong point of space-time   Dinosawer_pcNov 16 2015
261dinosawer<dinosawer> dinosawer_pc hugh jackmans cornflakes   StupidJokesFlakesNov 17 2015
262dinosawer<dinosawer> context is for the weak   StupidJokesFlakesNov 17 2015
263dinosawer<dinosawer> are you gonna add everything i say as quote now?   StupidJokesFlakesNov 17 2015
264ayyy<ayyy> pudding   Dinosawer_pcNov 17 2015
265dinosawer<dinosawer> breaking news: politician knows nothing about tech   DWMagusNov 17 2015
266silverware<silverware> goatbot never strips :d    <silverware> oh, he's dead   TalvienoNov 17 2015
267naed<dwmagus> tal is re-arranging her insides again. <naed> and he rearranged enough insides for her to clone herself .. makes you wonder exactly "what" he is doing ...   Cha0zzNov 18 2015
268cornflakes<jimmy42> *starts thinking of talvieno thinking of delivering pizzas* <cornflakes> pervertbot   TalvienoNov 18 2015
269dinosawer_pc<taiya> dad, cornflakes wanted me to tell you y u so stupid :v <talvieno> thanks, taiya... <taiya> you're welcome. <3 <dinosawer_pc> it's nice how she adds a heart when telling you you're stupid   TalvienoNov 19 2015
270taiya<dwmagus> taiya 8-ball are you just deceiving us so you can take control of the channel? <taiya> princess? the answer is: have no doubts on it   TalvienoNov 20 2015
271digitalduck<digitalduck> she's not unattractive, not unfunny, not unsmart. :d and by that i mean she looks like jackie chan having a bad day but makes up for it by hissing at random passers-by.   Smartflakes_91Nov 21 2015
272digitalduck<digitalduck> oh, it's that soup thing.   HemaNov 22 2015
273digitalduck<digitalduck> oh, i love hard gay.   Dinosawer_pcNov 24 2015
274digitalduck<digitalduck> that settles it, then. who's joining my neo-nazi polka band? :d   Dinosawer_Nov 29 2015
275outlander<outlander> i'm messing around with my joystick again   DigitalDuckNov 30 2015
276talvieno<talvieno> <talvieno> i just looked up vore because you guys kept mentioning it. <talvieno> i wish i hadn't.   DWMagusNov 30 2015
277silverware<silverware> just case 3: its the american dream. enter foreign country, kill people, explode things, topple a dictator that was raised due to your influence in the past.   SilverDec 06 2015
278bele<bele> imaginary lesbians is always on topic   Dinosawer_pcDec 10 2015
279digitalduck<digitalduck> i'm not buying a pc from fucking ikea.   DWMagusDec 16 2015
280themikeberg<themikeberg> what's with jews?   DigitalDuckDec 16 2015
281node<node> trying to break jimmy is far more fun than hangman   TalvienoDec 17 2015
282off<off> lumt turdy   TALIVENODec 17 2015
283scytale<scytale> it forces you to realize that you suck at spotting ninjas   Dinosawer_pcDec 18 2015
284fwip<taiya> yes! :) you got it right, \o/. <fwip> oh fuck you   DigitalDuckDec 18 2015
285digitalduck<digitalduck> only stupid narcissists quote themselves.   DigitalDuckDec 18 2015
286cha0zz<dwmagus> i'm going to create a troll. <cha0zz> well that suits you dwmagus   TalvienoDec 21 2015
287dinosawer<dinosawer> bugs \o/   Dinosawer_pcDec 21 2015
288hyperion<hyperion> well along with flea control, my exterminator also covers mice, woodpeckers, carpenter ants, stow away children, and other pests, free of charge    so i'll just call in a bomb strike    mouse solved   TalvienoDec 22 2015
289taiya<nakedlordsexy> taiya, do you like me like this? <taiya> this is why i'm the only girl in here.   NopenopeDec 22 2015
290smartosawer<smartosawer> well they are such lovely boxers with all those hearts on them   NopenopeDec 22 2015
291santa<santa> ho ho ho!   Cha0zzDec 23 2015
292dwmagus<dwmagus> taiya just have a nice ascii..   HyperionDec 24 2015
293bfett<bfett> i'm coming.   Cha0zzDec 25 2015
294triggerhappy<triggerhappy> well that worked out   TriggerhappyDec 25 2015
295limittheory<limittheory> i'm coming!   HyperionDec 26 2015
296limittheory<limittheory> limittheory is powered by coffee.   limittheoryDec 26 2015
297hyperion<hyperion> no freudian slip, i am an unabashed pervert of high caliber   Cha0zzDec 26 2015
298hema<hema> [no_thought_center_for_ego]   TalvienoDec 26 2015
299femnode<femnode> i don't have any quotes logged   smartmodiDec 27 2015
300taiya<taiya> jew is online as node; i call them jew because they asked me to. they usually go by node.   SilverDec 27 2015
301femnode<femnode> when are we going to get over the fact that everybody here wants to fuck josh lol   TalvienoDec 27 2015
302talvieno<talvieno> *grumbles about having made half the quotes already*   SilverDec 27 2015
303node<node> suck my mandelbrot   TalvienoDec 27 2015
304node<limittheory> well, this is original. it's a clusterfuck zone, with dense pockets of dumbfucks, fuckwads, and idgafucks <node> limittheory #eloquent   TalvienoDec 27 2015
305node<node> smartmodi suck my cylon   limittheoryDec 27 2015
306femnode<femnode> lol i'm not a gazelle   CornflakesDec 28 2015
307jimmy42<jimmy42> i'm a bewitched bot fair me!   CornflakesDec 28 2015
308femnode<femnode> cornflakes clam down   nodeDec 28 2015
309dinosawer<dinosawer> children shouldn't be punished for the misbehavings of their elders   TalvienoDec 28 2015
310dwmagus<cornflakes> i want all her "functions" available to me :v <dwmagus> and this is why she's the only girl in here...   TalvienoDec 28 2015
311dwmagus<dwmagus> you just like being on top.   Cza0zzDec 28 2015
312bmrx<bmrx> i would read realistic porn. "it was over before it started"   DWMagusDec 28 2015
313triggerhappy<triggerhappy> why are the underpants sorry   BMRXDec 28 2015
314shadowxv5<shadowxv5> i'm not funny enough for quoting   DinosawerDec 30 2015
315smartflakes<smartflakes> gimme sex   HemaDec 31 2015
316digitalduck<digitalduck> in fairness, 70s pornos have awesome music.   TalvienoDec 31 2015
317slymodi<slymodi> i'd fuck him if i weren't straight and he didn't have a gf   DWMagusDec 31 2015
318dv<dv> all the great things i say, and taiya just forgets them. :(   DWMagusDec 31 2015
319digitalduck<digitalduck> i require at the very least a "hi" and a handshake before intercourse.   SlymodiDec 31 2015
320talvieno<talvieno> she doesn't even recognize that dv exists.   HyperionDec 31 2015
321slymodi<slymodi> god damn every tie   DinosawerJan 01 2016
322cha0zz<cha0zz> he said that the zombies are already accepted in society!   SmartosawerJan 02 2016
323naed<naed> triggerhappy / you seem like a very excitable person. ever think of buying a giant hamsterwheel and saving some money on electricity?   TalvienoJan 03 2016
324hyperion<hyperion> lt can be our sexy little bitch to make us happy on cold winter nights   Hyperion_MobileJan 04 2016
325digitalduck<digitalduck> if you aren't in, it's not penetration   DWMagusJan 04 2016
326mysticica<mysticica> nah i was busy transporting slaves   DinosawerJan 04 2016
327taiya<taiya> you haven't done anything wrong, satan. at least, not recently.   Cha0zz_2Jan 04 2016
328cha0zz<cha0zz> she ignores insults in quotes because otherwise it's no fucking fun to add quotes :v   Cornflakes91Jan 05 2016
329digitalduck<digitalduck> <hyperion> duck, do you engage in gay necrophilia <digitalduck> only on weekends.   Cornflakes91Jan 05 2016
330dwmagus<dwmagus> you can touch my pee-pee, but you can't touch my git   Cornflakes91Jan 05 2016
331digitalduck<fawkes> ist just homework^^ <digitalduck> famous last words. :d   Cha0zzJan 05 2016
332dwmagus<dwmagus> i, on the other hand have many fucking ideas. usually filled with just fucking.   Hyperion_MobileJan 06 2016
333fwip<fwip> zen is designed as a prank by 5th century monks in order to create as many new paradoxes with one word as possible.   TalvienoJan 07 2016
334digitalduck<digitalduck> i can't do haiku, when i get to the last line, i do too many syllables.   TalvienoJan 07 2016
335mistycica<mistycica> you think we can fuel the world with porn?   DinosawerJan 07 2016
336detritus<detritus> how do the quotes work...   DinosawerJan 07 2016
337alanturing<alanturing> geez, i'm eating my own brain and you're the stupid one   DigitalDogeJan 07 2016
338detritus<detritus> somehow i feel an ominous attraction to taiya   DetritusJan 07 2016
339alanturing<alanturing> pretty sure irc has just become a place to record and present funny quotes   fwipJan 07 2016
340cha0zz<cha0zz> don't worry, i apparently hallucinate things too   SmartflakesJan 08 2016
341taiya<taiya> taiya gives adirtyboy some loving   HyperionJan 09 2016
342hema:<hema:> get quote 411 taiya:    i didn't find that quote, sorry... something may have happened to it.   fwipJan 09 2016
343triggerhappy<triggerhappy> thats why its called a portrait not a "portrait and boobs"   TriggerhappyJan 09 2016
344triggerhappy<triggerhappy> thats why its called a portrait not a "portrait and boobs"   TriggerhappyJan 09 2016
345hema<hema> what sticky stuff?   TriggerhappyJan 09 2016
346triggerhappy<triggerhappy> oh shit // poopie i skiped hema // drop cha0zz do hema   Cha0zzJan 09 2016
347digitalduck<digitalduck> guess: headforemost       <taiya> yes! :) great job, \o/.       <dinosawer> what       i don't even know the word       <digitalduck> it's headfirst, but for really old people.   TalvienoJan 09 2016
348zorathex<zorathex> idoits   TalvienoJan 09 2016
349outlander<outlander> i like giant cocks   DigitalDuckJan 09 2016
350outlander<outlander> tonon, for the love of god, tell me what have you found.   TriggerhappyJan 10 2016
351intelligence<intelligence> ?me is intelligence   DigitalDuckJan 10 2016
352digitalduck<digitalduck> more chainguns   TriggerhappyJan 10 2016
353digitalduck<digitalduck> <digitalduck> "taiya: an interrupting cow" <digitalduck> sounds about right. :d   HyperionJan 10 2016
354dwmagus<dwmagus> i like colorado because it's an anagram of colorado   Slymodi_at_schoolJan 11 2016
355digitalduck<digitalduck> newark is my favourite because it's an anagram of "wanker".   Slymodi_at_schoolJan 11 2016
356outlander<outlander> my brain <outlander> it hurts   DigitalDuckJan 11 2016
357digitalduck<digitalduck> not true, there are videos of naked people having sex on youtube.   ZorathexJan 11 2016
358talvieno<talvieno> ooh, that is hard   DigitalDuckJan 12 2016
359silverware<silverware> nazis murder the nasty jews   HyperionJan 13 2016
360outlander<outlander> dark evil magic of being an incompetent dipshit   CornflakesJan 13 2016
361dinosawer[mobile]<dinosawer[mobile]> <dinosawer[mobile]> so he's a groundstate boyfriend, for when she fails to excite to a higher boyfriend level.   homelanderJan 13 2016
362dv<dv> "this room is dedicated to the dildo collection..." "the whole room?" "maybe some of that one too."   DWMagusJan 14 2016
363silver<silver> the goat charges at the fleshbags.    attempting to stab one, and shoot another, headbutting a third if required.   TriggerhappyJan 14 2016
364skyfligher<skyfligher> is saoirse a bot? <saoirse> pudding! <skyfligher>i'll take that as a yes   HemaJan 16 2016
365skyfligher<skyfligher> she was out in the rain, after i drug her back in she started rubbing up against me and my computer   HemaJan 16 2016
366cha0zz<cha0zz> taiya give skyfligher a kiss || skyfligher ( left irc (quit: leaving)   Cha0zzJan 16 2016
367cornflakes<cornflakes> farting out of your suit will get you to escape velocity probably   TalvienoJan 16 2016
368dinosawer<dinosawer> i would love to meat girls that want to talk about orbital mechanics   Cornflakes_91Jan 17 2016
369talvieno<talvieno> set fondness talvieno 1000   DetritusJan 18 2016
370cornflakes<cornflakes> i have an oversized helmet   DigitalDuckJan 19 2016
371cornflakes<chithead> i haven't fucked up that much <cornflakes> you think   Cha0zzJan 19 2016
372black--snow<black--snow> tfw you have no quotes.   Dinosawer[mobile]Jan 23 2016
373hema<hema> quiet! the gm might get angry, and drop some rocks! d:   Black--SnowJan 23 2016
374slymodi<slymodi> some of my family has 20 inches tho   DinosawerJan 23 2016
375dv<dv> hyperion, i'll put six inches in your ass until you come down.   HyperionJan 23 2016
376xyz<cornflakes> *xyz logged on       <cornflakes> hey josh       <xyz> goddammit   TalvienoJan 24 2016
377talvieno<talvieno> cornflakes sounds more german, like arnold schwarzenegger   CornflakesJan 24 2016
378dinosawer<dinosawer> behold my slightly smaller ping   TalvienoJan 24 2016
379digitalduck<digitalduck> if i lost a leg and someone wanted to buy it off me to eat, i'd probably just go, "yeah, sure".   DWMagusJan 25 2016
380analogduck<digitalduck> my arch nemesis <analogduck> :d   DetritusJan 25 2016
381bmrx<bmrx> rekt is lyfe   Cha0zzJan 26 2016
382banana<banana> bananana   SilverPCJan 26 2016
383squidhead<squidhead> my butt is everywhere :v   Cornflakes_91Jan 26 2016
384squidhead<squidhead> im spherically symmetric   Cornflakes_91Jan 26 2016
385black--snow<black--snow> i'll savage his body   SilverPCJan 26 2016
386talvieno<talvieno> feel the rage of a newly awakened god   SilverPCJan 26 2016
387cha0zz<cha0zz> just put your finger in it   TalvienoJan 27 2016
388trollander<cuisinart8> god dammit bmrx    * bmrx has left: leaving <trollander> god banished him from this chat!   DigitalDuckJan 27 2016
389taiya<digitalduck> nice rack, taiya. <taiya> i feel bouncy!! ^.^   DigitalDuckJan 27 2016
390taiya<triggerhappy> <hema>: taiya 8-ball: is trigger screwed now?    <taiya>: uncle? it got stuck in between two of the sides, and i had to shake it for a while, and i accidentally dropped it, so i picked it back up and did it again and it gave me the same answer: as i see it, yes   TriggerhappyJan 27 2016
391pedoflakes<cornflakes> * cornflakes is now known as pedoflakes    <pedoflakes> hold on, thats wrong :v   DigitalDuckJan 28 2016
393dwmagus<dwmagus> you're better than most newbies! "wheres the game?" "how i dl game?"   TalvienoJan 28 2016
394dwmagus<dwmagus> "why limit theory doesn't need multiplayer" easy, you have no friends.   DigitalDuckJan 28 2016
395talvieno<talvieno> wanna watch femnode and josh doin' stuff?   DigitalDuckJan 31 2016
396node<node> look at limit theory. it's colors, and it's glow.   TalvienoJan 31 2016
397node<node> those were - excuse my language - but those were ... very cool   TalvienoJan 31 2016
398dwmagus<dwmagus> a good april fool's joke doesn't give itself away immediately.   TalvienoFeb 01 2016
399cha0zz<cha0zz> i see one laser vibrating like it's got parkinson's   Smartflakes_91Feb 03 2016
400digitalduck<digitalduck> there's a reason "hedgehog spooning" isn't a thing.   DinosawerFeb 04 2016
401digitalduck<digitalduck> blame me for bugs in games!   Cha0zz_2Feb 04 2016
402slymodi<slymodi> wut wut, in the butt   HyperionFeb 05 2016
403chanserv<chanserv> i do not understand fair.   Cha0zzFeb 10 2016
404haseley<haseley> i understand resurrection... being a medieval vampire and all that.   TalvienoFeb 16 2016
405silver<silver> the only reason britain has nuclear arms, is to ensure a steady supply of tea   Dinosawer_pcFeb 18 2016
406hyperion<hyperion> welcome to the club. we have special brownies... not that theyre filled with weed, but they're in the shape of josh with his jewfro   TalvienoFeb 18 2016
407gaot<slymodi> give it a month, which is about the time when i will be laying chari    <gaot> or aegagrus will be laying you   TalvienoFeb 18 2016
408digitalduck<digitalduck> ""woooooooooooooooooooooooo woooooooooooooooooooooooo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woooooooooooooooooooooooo""   TriggerhappyFeb 19 2016
409cornflakes<cornflakes> i hate americans, with small exceptions   CornflakesFeb 20 2016
410hyperion<hyperion> technology goes from magic -> science fiction -> basic science -> applied science & engineering -> exists -> outdated -> quaint -> primative   TalvienoFeb 20 2016
411detritus<detritus> i didn't add this one :)   DetritusFeb 20 2016
412slymodi<slymodi> i need to make a list of hot women, i know my hot men for reasons of inspiration   HyperionFeb 20 2016
413slymodi<slymodi> i know my hot men for reasons   Silver_Feb 20 2016
414hyperion<hyperion> *hyperion has a list of hot men   Silver_Feb 20 2016
415outlander<outlander> absolutely love horsemeat   SilverwareFeb 21 2016
416quote<name> <quote>   Cha0zzFeb 21 2016
417hyperion<hyperion> the only thing we like more than fucking each other is fucking with shit we don't understand   TalvienoFeb 21 2016
418silverware<dinosawer> wisdom by silverware <silverware>: the new fragrence   GoatwareFeb 22 2016
419hyperion<hyperion> we have taken abstract shuffling of electromagnetic fields and used them to refer to buttsex, we're an amazing species   GoatwareFeb 22 2016
420dv<dv> talvieno had a messy first experience with crotches   TalvienoFeb 22 2016
421slymodi<slymodi> omg space sex! that'd be great   TalFeb 23 2016
422dinosawer<dinosawer> ph'nglui mglw'nafh tal's internet r'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn!   DVFeb 23 2016
423talvieno<talvieno> i would swallow the dice and see what numbers they landed on when ...   CornflakesFeb 23 2016
424talvieno<talvieno> i would swallow the dice and see what numbers they landed on when ...   CornflakesFeb 23 2016
425haseley<haseley> how do you blow your nose with all that junk in all the wrong places. boogie accumulation is a certainty.   TalvienoFeb 23 2016
426victor<naed> <victor> i do my best to help you, nathan, but you're so bloody proud. <- eh, is this not the kettle calling the pot black?   TalvienoFeb 25 2016
427dinosawer<dinosawer> it's always ponies with corn   TalvienoFeb 25 2016
428smartlander<smartlander> i like my joysticks big and hard   HyperionFeb 25 2016
429digitalduck<digitalduck> hyperion's games would make you question your own existence. he'd release a game and cause a spate of suicides.   TalvienoFeb 25 2016
430digitalduck<digitalduck> "political planet" sounds like the title of a book i'd ignore in a library.   TalvienoFeb 25 2016
431hyperion<hyperion> rotting cow corpses often add to atmosphere, methane specifically   TalvienoFeb 25 2016
432bmrx<bmrx> i didn't play morrowind until recently but i modded it into beautiful oblivion   TalvienoFeb 25 2016
433dinosawer_pc<victor> of course i don't know what you consider to be thrill seeking.       <dinosawer_pc> i sometimes unplug usb sticks without safely removing them   TalvienoFeb 26 2016
434taiya<slymodi> lol 100% taking chari to the bone zone and making talv write it       <hema> break a fortune cookie       <taiya> the fortune cookie says: it's better to be alone sometimes.   TalvienoFeb 27 2016
435outlander<outlander> i've stolen a pack of salted almonds. i'm eating the evidence right now :v   CornflakesFeb 28 2016
436dv<dv> i'm gonna fucking kill that goat if i find out what he did.   TalvienoFeb 28 2016
437silver<silver> :3   TalvienoFeb 28 2016
438talvieno<talvieno> i'm the bum you bring in when the bum is too busy bumming out to bum in.   DigitalDuckFeb 28 2016
439silver<silver> i am the eternal spoon! none may stop my might!   IronDukeMar 02 2016
440bmrx<bmrx> racks is gonna screw around for a while so he understands how this shiz works   TalvienoMar 02 2016
441ironduke<ironduke> sounds like unity3d crossed with diarrhea   TalvienoMar 02 2016
442silver<silver> it's unity for men.   BMRXMar 02 2016
443dinosawer<dinosawer> when i came down this morning my dad was showing that video to my mom   CornflakesMar 03 2016
444bmrx<bmrx> drunk english is my first language   TalvienoMar 03 2016
445bmrx<bmrx> it's slightly annoying, like a raccoon going through your trash.   TalvienoMar 03 2016
446ethana2_reddit<ethana2_reddit> texas.. the tianjin of america.   SilverMar 03 2016
447ironduke<ironduke> so enjoy my butt :3   HyperionMar 03 2016
448hyperion<hyperion> id really like to taste dog   DigitalDuckMar 04 2016
449digitalduck<digitalduck> 09,13look at me, i'm a hyperlink from 199599,99   TalvienoMar 04 2016
450slymodi<slymodi> node is so bad   DigitalDuckMar 05 2016
451taiya<taiya> aw, you're out of tries. the correct answer was "jewing".   SmartflakesMar 07 2016
452detritus<detritus> ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho, ho ho ho ho ho... ho   someoneMar 08 2016
453dwmagus<dwmagus> i'm not a guy.   SilverMar 08 2016
454slymodi<slymodi> i use guys inclusively   SilverMar 08 2016
455tgs<tgs> a brown wolf is dead, killed by a black cat!   SilverMar 10 2016
456black--snow<black--snow> i'm just an asshole benefitting off of assholes.   DinosawerMar 13 2016
457femnode<femnode> <talvieno> yes. bob needs his threesome.    <femnode> yes definitely    <femnode> the downer ending   UniCornMar 13 2016
458silver_<silver_> taiya flag these legos dont fit in my arse   TalvienoMar 13 2016
459digitalduck<digitalduck> good to know i understand the basic concepts of lego-arse interaction.   TalvienoMar 13 2016
460belle<belle> not having actually touched ... myself yet i can't tell you at what point you'll be forced to write c++   AlsoMar 14 2016
461bele<bele> not having actually touched ... myself yet i can't tell you at what point you'll be forced to write c++   AlsoMar 14 2016
462bele<bele> it was underwhelming. i wasn't even whelmed   TalvienoMar 15 2016
463detritus<detritus> oh look i've been quoted by an infamous person!   DetritusMar 15 2016
464ironduke<ironduke> let's talk about the d   BMRXMar 15 2016
465ironduke<ironduke> just tell me what the d means   BMRXMar 15 2016
466detritus<detritus> the d is evil!   BMRXMar 15 2016
467smartflakes<smartflakes> he wants the d   BMRXMar 15 2016
468talvieno<talvieno> i am the d that shall pierce the heavens!!!   BMRXMar 15 2016
469taiya<taiya> * taiya gives detri liberty or detri dgives detri liberty or detri death   TVNOMar 15 2016
470cha0zz_2<cha0zz_2> hmmm       jimmy disappeared       the little brat   TalvienoMar 16 2016
471aiha<haseley> i'm never sure if that's a sexy hello, aiha, or if you've just stepped back over a cliff. :)       <aiha> it's both, i'm sexily falling off a cliff every time i join here.   TalvienoMar 16 2016
472outcooker<outcooker> thank you talv. now we can enjoy taiya in private   TalvienoMar 16 2016
473cuisinart8<cuisinart8> nnnnnoooooooooo       <talvieno> noooooooooooooo       <cuisinart8> i see we both sexily fell off a cliff there   TalvienoMar 16 2016
474black--snow<black--snow> the bible is such a faggot   fwipMar 18 2016
475fwip<fwip> i asked a grill out once   HyperionMar 18 2016
476dwmagus<dwmagus> just requires tearing half my back end apart.   TalvienoMar 18 2016
477talvieno<talvieno> taiya likes giving you head hyperion   HyperionMar 19 2016
478cha0zz_2<cha0zz_2> that looks like a guy who was pissing and then discovered it was his own shoes he was pissing on   TalvienoMar 20 2016
479silver<silver> do you not want to come to node?   DigitalDuckMar 20 2016
480dwmagus<dwmagus> i don't think i could live without sausage.   DigitalDuckMar 21 2016
481black--snow<black--snow> no, i didn't think anything   DigitalDuckMar 21 2016
482bmrx<bmrx> moo is cool but meh   fwipMar 21 2016
483taiya<taiya> the fortune cookie says: never trust the dungeon master.   HemaMar 22 2016
484cornflakes<cornflakes> img big black rooster   BMRXMar 22 2016
485bmrx<bmrx> <bmrx>i wish i had fun bubbles coming out of my mouth *hyperion could make that happen ;)   HyperionMar 22 2016
486slymodi<slymodi> talvguy to the risqu�   TalvienoMar 23 2016
487love<make> having fun, love?       <love> it's a good time   TalvienoMar 24 2016
488zorathex<zorathex> there is onion on my finger   TalvienoMar 24 2016
489haseley<smartflakes> i have no idea why it got that heated       <haseley> that doesn't sound like our lot. come to think of it, yes it does.   TalvienoMar 25 2016
490british_cartman<british_cartman> sod you chaps, i'm going home   TalvienoMar 25 2016
491haseley<haseley> so much mayhem and killing in your head. and then there's the ponies. just strange.   TalvienoMar 25 2016
492hyperion_mobile<hyperion_mobile> silver, you use :3 in ways i've never understood   TalvienoMar 25 2016
493hyperion_mobile<hyperion_mobile> carry on, ignore the idiot in the rear view mirror   TalvienoMar 26 2016
494hyperion<hyperion> i'm trying to imagine the mechanics of centaur orgies and all i get is swastikas...   CornflakesMar 26 2016
495bmrx<bmrx> everyone is young until they let negativity take them over ;)   IronDukeMar 26 2016
496naed<naed> if one path doesn't work, try another   TalvienoMar 26 2016
497naed<naed> sometimes the best way is to just talk   TalvienoMar 26 2016
498bmrx<bmrx> all advice is helpful. it is up to you to decide in what way is it helpful.   TalvienoMar 26 2016
499nikky<nikky> /me facepawns   TalvienoMar 27 2016