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0Slymodi<Slymodi> classic   TalvienoSep 13 2015
1Silverware<Silverware> :V   TalvienoSep 13 2015
2node<node> ._.   TalvienoSep 13 2015
3Cornflakes<Cornflakes> searches ear   DinosawerSep 13 2015
4Cha0zz<Cha0zz> BFett, be a gentleman. You pay for the girl, not the reverse   TalvienoSep 13 2015
5Dinosawer<Dinosawer> RAAARgh quantum mechanics blrbrlblr neutrino-emission aglraglr Fermi mechanism!   TalvienoSep 13 2015
6Slymodi<Slymodi> :A   SlymodiSep 13 2015
7Talvieno<Talvieno> hooray for one wrong number erasing everybody's profiles!!!   SilverwareSep 13 2015
8Cornflakes<Cornflakes> [eyebrows.gif]   TalvienoSep 13 2015
9Talvieno<Talvieno> i had one too many buffalo   DWMagusAug 20 2015
10Silverware<Silverware> All hail the banana genocide!   TalvienoSep 13 2015
11Dinosawer<Dinosawer> Sleep is for the weak   TalvienoSep 14 2015
12Cha0zz<Cha0zz> All hail Sly Mo Di!   Cha0zzSep 14 2015
13DWMagus<DWMagus> Taiya, bring me a cookie   DWMagusSep 14 2015
14cornflakes<cornflakes> now im afraid of dino    <Taiya> ^.^   Cha0zzSep 14 2015
15LordSexyUnderpants<LordSexyUnderpants> I'm too sexy for my shirt.   LordSexyUnderpantsSep 14 2015
16madjo<madjo> LordSexyUnderpants is not sexy enough for his underpants   madjoSep 14 2015
17cornflakes_91<cornflakes_91> kill it, kill it with igni   Cha0zzSep 14 2015
18LordSexyUnderpants<LordSexyUnderpants> i could go for some buffalo.   DinosawerSep 14 2015
19ghost_of_not_tal<ghost_of_not_tal> hoooooooooo <ghost noises>   DinosawerSep 14 2015
20dwmagus<dwmagus> i don't know about you, but my balls are pretty fast.   TalvienoSep 14 2015
21zeadar<zeadar> #forever alone   CornflakesSep 15 2015
22dr_cha0zz<dr_cha0zz> idiots. idiots everywhere.   Cha0zzSep 15 2015
23zeadar<zeadar> i can't spell   Cha0zzSep 15 2015
24cornflakes<cornflakes> phase 1, denial :v   SilverwareSep 15 2015
25cha0zz<cha0zz> >.>   HungrySep 15 2015
26lordsexyunderpants<lordsexyunderpants> you won't like me with my underpandas off.   LordSexyUnderpantsSep 15 2015
27silverware<silverware> coffee is my jesus!   SilverwareSep 15 2015
28flatfingers<flatfingers> get pointlessly arcane quote   CornflakesSep 15 2015
29flatfingers<flatfingers> the internet is a bad place   DWMagusSep 15 2015
30ayyy<ayyy> lmao   an alienSep 16 2015
31goatbot<goatbot> *bleats questioningly   UnknownSep 16 2015
32outlander<outlander> do you like talvieno?    <Taiya> dont be silly   Cornflakes_91Sep 16 2015
33zeadar<zeadar> [i] fail to spell, again   Cha0zzSep 16 2015
34cha0zz<cha0zz> in porn, everything is possible   SmartflakesOct 11 2015
35cornflakes<cornflakes> enjoy the beverage brought to you by our child-slave-irc-bot   TalvienoSep 16 2015
36grumblesaur<grumblesaur> god doesn't play with dice. he plays with grumblebot.   TalvienoSep 16 2015
37grumblebot<grumblebot> my name is not 'grumblebort'!   SilverwareSep 16 2015
38grumblebort<grumblebort> i am not a real person.   Jetison333Sep 16 2015
39grumblebot<grumblebot> tain't my name!   SilverwareSep 16 2015
40talvieno<talvieno> when you ask for quote's quote, it doesn't find quote's quote because quote's quote was the quote last quoted.   Jetison333Sep 16 2015
41grumblesaur<grumblesaur> ruby is like python for the illiterate.   GrumblesaurSep 17 2015
42poet1960<poet1960> theres a quote for ya   SilverwareSep 17 2015
43poet1960<poet1960> isnt perl more suited to databases?   SilverwareSep 17 2015
44poet1960<poet1960> "the welfare of the people in particular has always been the alibi of tyrants, and it provides the further advantage of giving the servants of tyranny a good conscience"   Poet1960Sep 17 2015
45silverware<silverware> exoskeletal level crispy sausages :v   SilverwareSep 17 2015
46cornflakes<cornflakes> you'd remember fluttershy being the nemesis of the male population of equestria   SilverwareSep 17 2015
47zeadar<zeadar> kinda inneffecient having your dick taped in duct tape imo   SilverwareSep 17 2015
48grumblebot<grumblebot> do not feed the bots.   GrumblesaurSep 17 2015
49scytale<scytale> i shot your dog   SilverwareSep 17 2015
50Taiya<Taiya> Ba dum tssh!   Jetison333Sep 17 2015
51grumblesaur<grumblesaur> goatbot what    fetch a grumblebot roll 1000   GrumblesaurSep 17 2015
52poet1960<poet1960> its all fun and games til someone loses an eye   poet1960Sep 17 2015
53fwip<fwip> should we rename this to #bottests?   TalvienoSep 17 2015
54talvieno<talvieno> ooh, link *impulsively clicks*   GrumblesaurSep 17 2015
55node<node> lt is coming out this year i promise.   GrumblesaurSep 17 2015
56grumblesaur<grumblesaur> all right, whatever you do; don't roll zero.   fwipSep 17 2015
57grumblebot<grumblebot> do not feed the bots.   GrumblesaurSep 18 2015
58silverware<silverware> i have ed   GrumblesaurSep 18 2015
59darnkids<darnkids> i started something terrible   Cha0zzSep 18 2015
60talvieno<talvieno> i call it coke.    unless it's not coke.    in which case i don't know what to call it.   DWMagusSep 18 2015
61talvieno<talvieno> tal is fail.   Cha0zzSep 18 2015
62cha0zz<cha0zz> that's not how gyroscopes work >.> <talvieno> <scytale> yup    that's a burn   TalvienoSep 18 2015
63cornflakes<cornflakes> huehue   Cha0zzSep 18 2015
64silverware<silverware> dropbears are real! <scytale> no silver, you're a kiwi you have no right to this!!!   TalvienoSep 18 2015
65fwip<fwip> fun is carefully rationed   fwipSep 18 2015
66lordsexyunderpants<lordsexyunderpants> am i still typing legintible.   fwipSep 19 2015
67talvieno<talvieno> pushing myself to move forwards is the only way i can escape my past becoming my future.   fwipSep 19 2015
68uno<uno> we're just the insignificant sesame seeds on the primordial arby's bun of life, wont to be flicked off by the hand of fate, meaningless. eat at arby's.   GrumblesaurSep 20 2015
69talvieno<talvieno> i think of cha0zz bot as big and tough. transformer-robotlike.   Cha0zzSep 20 2015
70grumblebot<grumblebot> read the faq!   GrumblesaurSep 20 2015
71dwmagus<dwmagus> oh come on, you guys have seen it.    remember when i did that epic thread derailment of like 15 pages? [...] about si units or something. <dinosawer> i didnt get why people cared that much so i only posted stuff about shoe sizes   TalvienoSep 21 2015
72talvieno<talvieno> :s why do i get booted and she doesn't? so not fair. <cha0zz> she's a girl   TalSep 21 2015
73jetison333<jetison333> you're an emote, apparently.   TalvienoSep 21 2015
74poet1960<poet1960> tayia, what is the meaning of life? <tayia> that's none of my business.   TalvienoSep 21 2015
75scytale<scytale> "not enough greebles" - tal   TalvienoSep 22 2015
76cornflakes<cornflakes> quote ception   SilverwareSep 22 2015
77dinosawer<dinosawer> <talvieno> quoteception would be, <cornflakes> <Dinosawer> <silverware> <talvieno> what the heck, why are we making a quote pyramid?   TalvienoSep 22 2015
78talvieno<talvieno> dino needs more quotes. :v   SilverwareSep 22 2015
79dinosawer<dinosawer> bonsaaaiiii!!!   TalvienoSep 22 2015
80taiya<taiya> that's no way to talk to a girl...   TalvienoSep 22 2015
81taiya<taiya> joshpost!   Jetison333Sep 22 2015
82jetison333<jetison333> derp   Jetison333Sep 22 2015
83silverware<silverware> everything is joshsome   Jetison333Sep 22 2015
84node<node> my productivity has been successfully raped and pillaged   SilverwareSep 22 2015
85scytale<scytale> please correct me if i'm wrong (pcmiiw)   Jetison333Sep 22 2015
86fwip<fwip> i don't remember adding that quote.   GrumblesaurSep 22 2015
87bmrx<bmrx> omg my joystick doesn't work. i dunno how to play ed with mouse and keyboard! halp <alimarin> erectile dysfunction! oh no!   TalvienoSep 22 2015
88alimarin<alimarin> erectile dysfunction! oh no!   GrumblesaurSep 22 2015
89alimarin<alimarin> taiya play with my hair!!!   TalvienoSep 22 2015
90goatbot<goatbot> [kitten.jpg][kitten.jpg][kitten.jpg][kitten.jpg][kitten.jpg][kitten.jpg][kitten.jpg][kitten.jpg][kitten.jpg][kitten.jpg][kitten.jpg][kitten.jpg][kitten.jpg][kitten.jpg]   SilverwareSep 22 2015
91bmrx<bmrx> i don't even know where i man. i man? i am.   GrumblesaurSep 22 2015
92dwmagus<dwmagus> the military contractors i applied for all used windows. <grumblesaur> wtf, why <dwmagus> i don't know. maybe that's why we spend so much on our military. application support.   TalvienoSep 23 2015
93talvieno<talvieno> you impregnated yourself?   GrumblesaurSep 23 2015
94goatchops<goatchops> this adventure of the goatstar raiders was amazing! new motto ~we fly badly, we fight badly and we make questionable decisions~   TalvienoSep 23 2015
95jetison333<jetison333> we almost have broken 100 quotes too   SilverwerksSep 23 2015
96grumblebot<grumblebot> turbo nerd   Jetison333Sep 23 2015
97talvieno<talvieno> call me daddy!   JesusSep 23 2015
98jetison333<jetison333> but spiders eat misquotes   TalvienoSep 23 2015
99silverware<silverware> dp is good :) :v oh wait.   HairywareSep 24 2015
100silverware<silverware> taint   TalvienoSep 25 2015
101dwmagus<dwmagus> she has trouble with grinding.   Cha0zzSep 26 2015
102saoirse<saoirse> pudding! pudding! pudding! hello! pudding! pudding! hey saoirse!   TalvienoSep 26 2015
103talvieno<talvieno> delete profile mib_wofsi3 <taiya> okay, it's taken care of now. <dinosawer> poor mib_wofsi3, we hardly knew you   TalvienoSep 27 2015
104cornflakes<cornflakes> its 15 min by cat   DWMagusSep 27 2015
105dinosawer<dinosawer> cornflakes reprimanding other people about sleep schedules is kinda ironic though   TalvienoSep 30 2015
106cha0zz<cha0zz> look mom i'm badass! i'm a real gangsta like daddy now!   TalvienoSep 30 2015
107outlander<outlander> if he starts with how we genociders should stick together i'll smack him with a chair   TalvienoSep 30 2015
108scytale<scytale> schizophrenia here we come   TalvienoSep 30 2015
109scytale<scytale> all right guys - imma ascend to a new plane of existence. cya later   TalvienoSep 30 2015
110bfett<bfett> you're right dr. cha0zz. rank really doesn't matter so long as we aren't teamed up with idiots.   BFettSep 30 2015
111dinosawer<dinosawer> i'll miss him. oh wait, i have +2 conventional. nevermind.   TalvienoSep 30 2015
112cornflakes<cornflakes> depends on whom you ask   TalvienoSep 30 2015
113cornflakes<cornflakes> pppfffrrrttt   fwipSep 30 2015
114madjo<madjo> the two later "matrix" movies were just fanfiction. and the fourth indiana jones movie was done by a hater.   TalvienoSep 30 2015
115dv<dv> <dwmagus> well cornflakes, it wasn't a tactical rpg about sex. <--- tactical insertion   TalvienoSep 30 2015
116cornflakes<cornflakes> insert "wet" where approbiate   SilverwareSep 30 2015
117silverware<silverware> <silverware>: taiya who is jesus? <taiya>: that's you, silly.   SilverwareSep 30 2015
118taiya,<taiya,> taiya "i feel okay.    it's so peaceful in here, isn't it?"   fwipOct 01 2015
119silverware<silverware> "taiya do you like me?" taiya "that's none of my business"   fwipOct 01 2015
120talvieno<talvieno> taiya, you still here? <taiya> does it matter?   TalvienoOct 01 2015
121taiya<taiya> gives won't youtube links   Jetison333Oct 01 2015
122dwmagus<dwmagus> get random cornflakes <cha0zz[afk]> /me gives dwmagus a random cornflakes   TalvienoOct 01 2015
123taiya<taiya> outlander the only thing i want now is to open the door to my neighbour's room and kiss her and then have sex till 6 am or something   TalvienoOct 01 2015
124slymodi<slymodi> cha0zz is the most charismatic person i know   TalvienoOct 01 2015
125talvieno<talvieno> taiya speaks yoda.   Jetison333Oct 02 2015
126jetison333<jetison333> i'm just going to roll with that   TalvienoOct 02 2015
127jetison333<jetison333> note to self: don't randomly spin keyboards around in the air   SlymodiOct 02 2015
128slymodi<slymodi> here at the end of all things, as black smoke plumes beneath your burnt feet & the starving scream for a mercy that never comes, enjoy arbys   Jetison333Oct 02 2015
129taiya<taiya> oh_mighty_one, talvieno wanted me to tell you that you limit he you theory it the wish in we aren't but have not seen have to have butchered sentence.   Cha0zzOct 02 2015
130cha0zz<cha0zz> !choose tesla-enhanced sword or nothing <jimmy> nothing <cha0zz> jimmy >:(   TalvienoOct 02 2015
131cornflakes<cornflakes> and you play around with your toy taiya   Cha0zzOct 03 2015
132dinosawer<dinosawer> .   TalvienoOct 03 2015
133silverware<silverware> save the endangered whales? stew!   TalvienoOct 04 2015
134silverware<silverware> your mom is a "feature" of the grand fucking canyon. :v (i don't honestly know where that came from :v) <dinosawer_pc> sometimes i think you have la tourette :p   TalvienoOct 04 2015
135taiya<taiya> <taiya>:    <taiya> that's no way to talk to a girl...talvienosep 22 2015 (82)   
136dinosawer_pc<dinosawer_pc> bda tpying tfw   TalvienoOct 05 2015
137canad0zz<canad0zz> sorry about that   TalvienoOct 05 2015
138dwmagus<dwmagus> *fapping   Cha0zzOct 05 2015
139dwmagus<dwmagus> taiya lock your nose   Cha0zzOct 05 2015
140cha0zz<cha0zz> <jimmy2> choose stupid, idiot <jimmy2> cha0zz for he is my master. <cha0zz> fuck   DWMagusOct 05 2015
141dinosawer_pc<dinosawer_pc> :v <dinosawer> :v <dinosawer_pc2> :v <dinosawer_kiwi> :v <talvieno> :v <dinosawer_mib> :v <dinosawer_pc3> :v   TalvienoOct 05 2015
142dinosawer11<dinosawer11> \o/ my tardis has pink bubbles and looks like an exploded toy shop   Dinosawer_pc3Oct 05 2015
143dwmagus<dwmagus> that's the point of quotes -- keeping a record of stupidity for all time.   Dinosawer_pcOct 05 2015
144grumblesaur<grumblesaur> what   SilverwareOct 05 2015
145cornflakes<cornflakes> 01duuuuhwaaah   CornflakesOct 06 2015
146silverware<silverware> they take the animal to a farmer's workshop before slicing the wood off <talvieno> ._.   TalvienoOct 06 2015
147cornflakes<cornflakes> i solderblobbed many ic's :v   TalvienoOct 07 2015
148silverwares_dad<silverwares_dad> heh... just thought of a mod ksp doesnt have that all other heavily modded games seem to... a nude mod!   TalvienoOct 07 2015
149wikipedia<wikipedia> toast, being an inanimate object, lacks both the ability and the desire to right itself.   SilverwareOct 07 2015
150hyperion<hyperion> they have exploding manhole covers   TalvienoOct 07 2015
151hyperion<hyperion> well, i'm off. i have things to do, people to see, things to see and people to do.   HyperionOct 07 2015
152wikipedia<wikipedia> toast, being an inanimate object, lacks both the ability and the desire to right itself.   SilverwareOct 07 2015
153god<god> let there be nipples on men because even flat titties are still titties.   HyperionOct 07 2015
154god<god> let there be weird al   HyperionOct 07 2015
155god<god> let there be but one ruler over all mankind, and it's name shall be libido.   HyperionOct 07 2015
156god<god> i will give you this foreskin, then required the jews to cut it off, because i don't like the jews very much at all.   SilverwareOct 07 2015
157god<god> my son hates fig trees, i worry about that boy sometimes.   HyperionOct 07 2015
158node,<node,> i am your new god.   SilverwareOct 07 2015
159dwarfwiki<dwarfwiki> there are two varieties of catsplosion: conventional catsplosion, and thermonuclear catsplosion.   SilverwareOct 07 2015
160bmrx<bmrx> i am bumracks   SilverwareOct 07 2015
161taiya<taiya> <taiya>: <taiya>: <taiya>: <taiya>: <taiya>: <taiya>: <taiya>: <taiya>: <taiya>: <taiya>: <taiya>: <taiya>: <taiya>: <taiya>: <taiya>: <taiya>: taiya   SilverwareOct 07 2015
162scytale<scytale> i am typos, deity of writing   TalvienoOct 07 2015
163maori_language<maori_language> taumatawhakatangihangakoauauotamateaturipukakapikimaungahoronukupokaiwhenuakitanatahu is translated as "the hill of the nose-flute playing by tamatea – who was blown hither from afar, had a slit penis, grazed his knees climbing mountains, fell on the earth, and encircled the land – to his beloved"   SilverwareOct 07 2015
164silverware<silverware> taiya tell me a story about buttsecks <taiya>: i think you put that in wrong...   SilverwareOct 07 2015
165cha0zz<cha0zz> �\_(ツ)_/�   DWMagusOct 08 2015
166taiya<taiya> cha0zz (�?‸ლ)   Cha0zzOct 08 2015
167cha0zz<cha0zz> (�?‸ლ)   Cha0zzOct 08 2015
168cornflakes<cornflakes> you don't run full integrals genius   Cha0zzOct 08 2015
169dinosawer_pc<dinosawer_pc> give me the blobs tal   TalvienoOct 08 2015
170cornflakes<cornflakes> don't use your fancy words on me!   TalvienoOct 08 2015
171dinosawer_pc<dinosawer_pc> let me do it    i can draw blobs    i'm qualified for that   TalvienoOct 08 2015
172scytale<scytale> i'm just being unnecessary =p   TalvienoOct 08 2015
173dinosawer_pc<dinosawer_pc> <scytale> i have a quick maths question regarding limits <dinosawer_pc> what's the theory   Cha0zzOct 08 2015
174dinosawer_pc<dinosawer_pc> <dinosawer_pc> right, left and right limit <scytale> right <dinosawer_pc> and left   ScytaleOct 08 2015
175scytale<scytale> alright imma drain my camel brb   Dinosawer_pcOct 08 2015
176scytale<scytale> i always thought a first year dynamics course should be about the trajectory of a dude's urine stream   Cha0zzOct 08 2015
177cha0zz<cha0zz> jimmy choose top or bottom <jimmy> bottom <talvieno> is that his preferred position?   TalvienoOct 09 2015
178cornflakes<cornflakes> (+outlander) i know one lass who is into html pages (+cornflakes) she loves the <body> or what?   Smartflakes_91Oct 09 2015
179bfett<bfett> hacks have limited range and can't go through rock <dv> guess francis's skull is unhackable then...   HemaOct 09 2015
180talvieno<talvieno> \o/ one half of the post complete! wait, forgot dino. <dinosawer_pc> how can you forget me? i'm the most active person evar :( <talvieno> i have it ordered by level of excitement. <cha0zz> oh god <talvieno> better for big finish. :d <cha0zz> oh god       ohhhh gooooooowwwd   TalvienoOct 10 2015
181taiya<taiya> lt_wiki_guy, hema wanted me to tell you that you're late, and everyone died a horrible, horrible death.. <bfett> typical   TalvienoOct 10 2015
182mistycica<mistycica> don't put more buttons in there than brain cells of the operator okay   TalvienoOct 10 2015
183silverware<silverware> seriously though seeing as you havent played it, you really should play x-com <talvieno> that goes for anyone else reading this too   TalvienoOct 10 2015
184dv<dv> the porn might watch itself. depends on the kind of porn.   SmartflakesOct 11 2015
185vartul<vartul> do you know why i'm here? to crack some wildly inappropriate jokes. like always. :p   TalvienoSep 16 2015
186dinosawer_pc<dinosawer_pc> that means all my friends are on top of me   Cha0zzOct 11 2015
187tal_is_a_heretical_banana_over<tal_is_a_heretical_banana_over> dogs : better known as quadrupedal woof logs.    werewolves are : bipedal woof manlogs.   fwipOct 11 2015
188hema<hema> he be truth eated chair in soup, much thankful now   DinosawerOct 12 2015
189hema<hema> tal tal tal tal tal tal tal tal tal   TalOct 12 2015
190cornflakes<cornflakes> things im going to regret admitting: mom just got me a lego star wars advent calendar :v   TalvienoOct 13 2015
191formalmoss<formalmoss> ooh cornie - you know we can't talk on a public channel like that   Cha0zzOct 14 2015
192dwmagus<dwmagus> real article - <formalmoss> maybe she wanted to be the bun in someone's sandwich?   TalvienoOct 14 2015
193formalmoss<formalmoss> ooh *giggle* you are so bad, magus   TalvienoOct 14 2015
194mistycica<mistycica> why pinging me so much   TalvienoOct 14 2015
195formalmoss<formalmoss> diarrheoia is hereditary, it runs in your jeans.   TalvienoOct 14 2015
196hema<hema> i find your lack of balance disturbing. <talvieno> but, hema... vader was trying to stop the jedi from bringing balance to the force, not the other way around <silverwareware> yeah 2 sith 2 jedi was what he wanted :v which is balance to the force :v   TalvienoOct 14 2015
197manboobthulu<manboobthulu> :v   TalvienoOct 15 2015
198cha0zz<cha0zz> fuck the soup   TalvienoOct 15 2015
199silverware<silverware> coffee!!   SilverwareOct 15 2015
200hyperion<hyperion> my mom is an eldritch abomination   TalvienoOct 15 2015
201outlander<outlander> you need a whip. <flatfingers> i could borrow one from my wife   CornflakesOct 16 2015
202mr_frog<mr_frog> sort of thingamadealie   TalvienoOct 16 2015
203mr_frog<mr_frog> whoa why is everything yellow   TalvienoOct 16 2015
204mr_frog<mr_frog> i shall cast you into the deepest darkest pit from whence there is no return and it will be wonderful   TalvienoOct 16 2015
205silverware<silverware> toady isnt so much filling a niche, as carving a fucking elephant out of one   TalvienoOct 17 2015
206node<node> <taiya>: node, i have a lot of messages stored for you. i'll tell you in pm. <node>: the fck   SilverwareOct 19 2015
207taiya<taiya> who is hitler?   Jetison333Oct 19 2015
208talvieno<talvieno> taiya, add profile hitler <taiya> okay, i added it! i hope i meet them soon! :)   TalvienoOct 19 2015
209skyfligher<skyfligher> didn't know that death hung out in the limit theory forums <hema> oh, he and josh are good friends <death> he promised me free beta access in exchange for eternal life <skyfligher> worth it   DeathOct 20 2015
210skyfligher<skyfligher> i now have a soaking wet cat rubbing against me and my computer... <silverware> [eyebrows.gif]   TalvienoOct 20 2015
211jimmy2<jimmy2> *gives jimmy2 sodwmagus entertaintdwmagusnt*   TalvienoOct 20 2015
212talvieno<talvieno> i'm not putting in a pudding rifle. too op.   Dinosawer_pcOct 20 2015
213dwmagus<dwmagus> i know this is really ooc of me...    but damn am i fangirling hard.   TalvienoOct 20 2015
214death<death> hello fwip.    <fwip> aww hell no          *fwip has left (leaving)   TalvienoOct 20 2015
215oddly<oddly> fun if you find some hidden porn again though   Cha0zzOct 21 2015
216naed<naed> get quote naed   DWMagusOct 22 2015
217snow_white<snow_white> the force is strong in this one   DumbledoreOct 22 2015
218outlander<outlander> battle squid is fickin' awesome       really       james bond kind of shit       action movie at its finest   TalvienoOct 22 2015
219hema<hema> hey guys? what can i do about my power? <dinosawer_pc> silently weep   TalvienoOct 22 2015
220talvieno<talvieno> holy carp i talk a lot ._. <digitalduck> only times you need to be worried about talking too much are in a job interview, in a police interview, or in the bedroom. if all three of those are at the same time, you have bigger problems.   TalvienoOct 22 2015
221digitalduck<digitalduck> taiya, how much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? <taiya> are you messing around with me? <digitalduck> if i were messing around with you my girlfriend wouldn't like it very much.   TalvienoOct 22 2015
222mr_frug<mr_frug> legend has it that norton, towards the end, would declare itself malware and attempt to delete itself, to no avail   TalvienoOct 23 2015
223bfett<bfett> wheres the rekt update?   CornflakesOct 25 2015
224digitalduck<digitalduck> why can i attach a hinge joint to text? <cornflakes> because you want to define a pivot point for your story :v   Dinosawer_pcOct 25 2015
225life_<life_> wrong move death <death> wrong move life_   TalvienoOct 25 2015
226life_<life_> your move, death   TalvienoOct 25 2015
227life_<life_> why is en passant a thing <death> maybe it was to unnerf pawns. <digitalduck> pretty much, actually   TalvienoOct 25 2015
228cornflakes<cornflakes> we are always raping bots   TalvienoOct 26 2015
229goatbot<goatbot> kiss my goating arse   DWMagusOct 27 2015
230dv<dv> *pulls down his lt-pants and shows talvieno his lt-ass*   TalvienoOct 27 2015
231node<node> it's coming as fast as i can make it come people :ghost:   Cha0zzOct 27 2015
232hema<hema> taiya, who do you like more, hema or talvieno <taiya> i like you more.   HemaOct 27 2015
233silverware<silverware> lemon   TalvienoOct 28 2015
234hema<hema> taiya, google taiya <taiya> i'm embarrassed to say it, but... that didn't work at all.   HemaOct 28 2015
235taiya,<taiya,> silverware    a knowledgeable kiwi   BFettOct 28 2015
236dv<dv> i'm printing out a paper that tells me exactly how much money i don't have.   TalvienoOct 28 2015
237talvieno<talvieno> wat   TalvienoOct 28 2015
238talvieno<talvieno> you cannot put gunships in your pockets   DinosawarrrrOct 29 2015
239bele<bele> !maid buttmaid, uh, no one saw nuthin   SilverwareOct 29 2015
240silverware<silverware> *goes and gets coffee, all this was made on just one coffee!*   TalvienoNov 01 2015
241silverware<silverware> where do you put two ponies? <cornflakes> ohgod <silverware> in a shipping container :v   TalvienoNov 01 2015
242dinosawer_pc<dinosawer_pc> may the bonsai be with you   TalvienoNov 03 2015
243dinosawer_pc<dinosawer_pc> get quite 143 <dinosawer_pc> get quote 143 <taiya> <dinosawer_pc> bda tpying tfwtalvienooct 05 2015 (143)   
244bele<bele> beep beep i'm a jeep   Cha0zzNov 04 2015
245aegagrus<aegagrus> she-goats are better   TalvienoNov 04 2015
246talvieno<talvieno> "tumblr needs disinfected"   MONSIEUR_GRENOUILLENov 04 2015
247hema<hema> dinosawer's quantum cannon round strikes the gunship in the bridge, shattering the armor, and jamming the armor through the crew. the gunship has been struck down.   HemaNov 04 2015
248cornflakes<cornflakes> i want chicken flavoured giant worms. like, armsized. just a tube of flesh with the minimum necessary in terms of other organs. maybe with 10 hearts, for chicken heart soup   TalNov 05 2015
249taiya<taiya> i hacked into the interface and reset the programming code of the meteorite.   Dinosawer_Nov 07 2015
250outlander<outlander> i hate my job. makes me be someone i am not. with 96% need for love. oh fuck me   Dinosawer_Nov 07 2015
251taiya,<taiya,> taiya <slymodi> taiya, who do you like more, hitler or god <taiya> i like hitler more. :)   SlymodiNov 07 2015
252hema<hema> taiya, tell tulius you are my sunshine, my only sunshine   TalvienoNov 08 2015
253downwithtal<downwithtal> i will avenge you taiya, i promise sweet princess!   TalvienoNov 08 2015
254dwmagus<dwmagus> how does it make you feel when a server 'goes down on you'?    xd   Cha0zzNov 09 2015
255dwmagus<dwmagus> there was an ad in a techy magazine over here that featured a scantily clad model in a server room. and the caption was "don't worry, our servers won't go down on you either"   SmartflakesNov 09 2015
256hema<hema> taiya, google weather space <taiya> the weather for sol is clear at 53�f (12�c)   HemaNov 10 2015
257dwmagus<dwmagus> !image pie with pony filling   TalvienoNov 10 2015
258dwmagus<dwmagus> but speaking of muscle memory.    sometimes i just find myself randomly fapping.   CornflakesNov 10 2015
259dwmagus<dwmagus> but speaking of muscle memory.    sometimes i just find myself randomly fapping.   Dinosawer_pcNov 10 2015
260talvieno<talvieno> antimatter is the new black   Jetison333Nov 10 2015
261cornflakes<cornflakes> butts make everything better   Dinosawer_pcNov 11 2015
262talvieno<talvieno> waaaaaaaaaaa shhhhhhhhhh chchchaaaaa <ninja sounds>   DWMagusNov 12 2015
263dinosawer_pc<dinosawer_pc> how does one typo 'yeah' as 'w' <outlander> i accidentely warped my tentacles to the wrong point of space-time   Dinosawer_pcNov 16 2015
264dinosawer<dinosawer> dinosawer_pc hugh jackmans cornflakes   StupidJokesFlakesNov 17 2015
265dinosawer<dinosawer> context is for the weak   StupidJokesFlakesNov 17 2015
266dinosawer<dinosawer> are you gonna add everything i say as quote now?   StupidJokesFlakesNov 17 2015
267ayyy<ayyy> pudding   Dinosawer_pcNov 17 2015
268dinosawer<dinosawer> breaking news: politician knows nothing about tech   DWMagusNov 17 2015
269silverware<silverware> goatbot never strips :d    <silverware> oh, he's dead   TalvienoNov 17 2015
270dwmagus<dwmagus> tal is re-arranging her insides again. <naed> and he rearranged enough insides for her to clone herself .. makes you wonder exactly "what" he is doing ...   Cha0zzNov 18 2015
271jimmy42<jimmy42> *starts thinking of talvieno thinking of delivering pizzas* <cornflakes> pervertbot   TalvienoNov 18 2015
272taiya<taiya> dad, cornflakes wanted me to tell you y u so stupid :v <talvieno> thanks, taiya... <taiya> you're welcome. <3 <dinosawer_pc> it's nice how she adds a heart when telling you you're stupid   TalvienoNov 19 2015
273dwmagus<dwmagus> taiya 8-ball are you just deceiving us so you can take control of the channel? <taiya> princess? the answer is: have no doubts on it   TalvienoNov 20 2015
274digitalduck<digitalduck> she's not unattractive, not unfunny, not unsmart. :d and by that i mean she looks like jackie chan having a bad day but makes up for it by hissing at random passers-by.   Smartflakes_91Nov 21 2015
275digitalduck<digitalduck> oh, it's that soup thing.   HemaNov 22 2015
276digitalduck<digitalduck> oh, i love hard gay.   Dinosawer_pcNov 24 2015
277digitalduck<digitalduck> that settles it, then. who's joining my neo-nazi polka band? :d   Dinosawer_Nov 29 2015
278outlander<outlander> i'm messing around with my joystick again   DigitalDuckNov 30 2015
279talvieno<talvieno> <talvieno> i just looked up vore because you guys kept mentioning it. <talvieno> i wish i hadn't.   DWMagusNov 30 2015
280silverware<silverware> just case 3: its the american dream. enter foreign country, kill people, explode things, topple a dictator that was raised due to your influence in the past.   SilverDec 06 2015
281bele<bele> imaginary lesbians is always on topic   Dinosawer_pcDec 10 2015
282digitalduck<digitalduck> i'm not buying a pc from fucking ikea.   DWMagusDec 16 2015
283themikeberg<themikeberg> what's with jews?   DigitalDuckDec 16 2015
284node<node> trying to break jimmy is far more fun than hangman   TalvienoDec 17 2015
285off<off> lumt turdy   TALIVENODec 17 2015
286scytale<scytale> it forces you to realize that you suck at spotting ninjas   Dinosawer_pcDec 18 2015
287taiya<taiya> yes! :) you got it right, \o/. <fwip> oh fuck you   DigitalDuckDec 18 2015
288digitalduck<digitalduck> only stupid narcissists quote themselves.   DigitalDuckDec 18 2015
289dwmagus<dwmagus> i'm going to create a troll. <cha0zz> well that suits you dwmagus   TalvienoDec 21 2015
290dinosawer<dinosawer> bugs \o/   Dinosawer_pcDec 21 2015
291hyperion<hyperion> well along with flea control, my exterminator also covers mice, woodpeckers, carpenter ants, stow away children, and other pests, free of charge    so i'll just call in a bomb strike    mouse solved   TalvienoDec 22 2015
292nakedlordsexy<nakedlordsexy> taiya, do you like me like this? <taiya> this is why i'm the only girl in here.   NopenopeDec 22 2015
293smartosawer<smartosawer> well they are such lovely boxers with all those hearts on them   NopenopeDec 22 2015
294santa<santa> ho ho ho!   Cha0zzDec 23 2015
295dwmagus<dwmagus> taiya just have a nice ascii..   HyperionDec 24 2015
296bfett<bfett> i'm coming.   Cha0zzDec 25 2015
297triggerhappy<triggerhappy> well that worked out   TriggerhappyDec 25 2015
298limittheory<limittheory> i'm coming!   HyperionDec 26 2015
299limittheory<limittheory> limittheory is powered by coffee.   limittheoryDec 26 2015
300hyperion<hyperion> no freudian slip, i am an unabashed pervert of high caliber   Cha0zzDec 26 2015
301hema<hema> [no_thought_center_for_ego]   TalvienoDec 26 2015
302femnode<femnode> i don't have any quotes logged   smartmodiDec 27 2015
303taiya<taiya> jew is online as node; i call them jew because they asked me to. they usually go by node.   SilverDec 27 2015
304femnode<femnode> when are we going to get over the fact that everybody here wants to fuck josh lol   TalvienoDec 27 2015
305talvieno<talvieno> *grumbles about having made half the quotes already*   SilverDec 27 2015
306node<node> suck my mandelbrot   TalvienoDec 27 2015
307limittheory<limittheory> well, this is original. it's a clusterfuck zone, with dense pockets of dumbfucks, fuckwads, and idgafucks <node> limittheory #eloquent   TalvienoDec 27 2015
308node<node> smartmodi suck my cylon   limittheoryDec 27 2015
309femnode<femnode> lol i'm not a gazelle   CornflakesDec 28 2015
310jimmy42<jimmy42> i'm a bewitched bot fair me!   CornflakesDec 28 2015
311femnode<femnode> cornflakes clam down   nodeDec 28 2015
312dinosawer<dinosawer> children shouldn't be punished for the misbehavings of their elders   TalvienoDec 28 2015
313cornflakes<cornflakes> i want all her "functions" available to me :v <dwmagus> and this is why she's the only girl in here...   TalvienoDec 28 2015
314dwmagus<dwmagus> you just like being on top.   Cza0zzDec 28 2015
315bmrx<bmrx> i would read realistic porn. "it was over before it started"   DWMagusDec 28 2015
316triggerhappy<triggerhappy> why are the underpants sorry   BMRXDec 28 2015
317shadowxv5<shadowxv5> i'm not funny enough for quoting   DinosawerDec 30 2015
318smartflakes<smartflakes> gimme sex   HemaDec 31 2015
319digitalduck<digitalduck> in fairness, 70s pornos have awesome music.   TalvienoDec 31 2015
320slymodi<slymodi> i'd fuck him if i weren't straight and he didn't have a gf   DWMagusDec 31 2015
321dv<dv> all the great things i say, and taiya just forgets them. :(   DWMagusDec 31 2015
322digitalduck<digitalduck> i require at the very least a "hi" and a handshake before intercourse.   SlymodiDec 31 2015
323talvieno<talvieno> she doesn't even recognize that dv exists.   HyperionDec 31 2015
324slymodi<slymodi> god damn every tie   DinosawerJan 01 2016
325cha0zz<cha0zz> he said that the zombies are already accepted in society!   SmartosawerJan 02 2016
326naed<naed> triggerhappy / you seem like a very excitable person. ever think of buying a giant hamsterwheel and saving some money on electricity?   TalvienoJan 03 2016
327hyperion<hyperion> lt can be our sexy little bitch to make us happy on cold winter nights   Hyperion_MobileJan 04 2016
328digitalduck<digitalduck> if you aren't in, it's not penetration   DWMagusJan 04 2016
329mysticica<mysticica> nah i was busy transporting slaves   DinosawerJan 04 2016
330taiya<taiya> you haven't done anything wrong, satan. at least, not recently.   Cha0zz_2Jan 04 2016
331cha0zz<cha0zz> she ignores insults in quotes because otherwise it's no fucking fun to add quotes :v   Cornflakes91Jan 05 2016
332digitalduck<digitalduck> <hyperion> duck, do you engage in gay necrophilia <digitalduck> only on weekends.   Cornflakes91Jan 05 2016
333dwmagus<dwmagus> you can touch my pee-pee, but you can't touch my git   Cornflakes91Jan 05 2016
334fawkes<fawkes> ist just homework^^ <digitalduck> famous last words. :d   Cha0zzJan 05 2016
335dwmagus<dwmagus> i, on the other hand have many fucking ideas. usually filled with just fucking.   Hyperion_MobileJan 06 2016
336fwip<fwip> zen is designed as a prank by 5th century monks in order to create as many new paradoxes with one word as possible.   TalvienoJan 07 2016
337digitalduck<digitalduck> i can't do haiku, when i get to the last line, i do too many syllables.   TalvienoJan 07 2016
338mistycica<mistycica> you think we can fuel the world with porn?   DinosawerJan 07 2016
339detritus<detritus> how do the quotes work...   DinosawerJan 07 2016
340alanturing<alanturing> geez, i'm eating my own brain and you're the stupid one   DigitalDogeJan 07 2016
341detritus<detritus> somehow i feel an ominous attraction to taiya   DetritusJan 07 2016
342alanturing<alanturing> pretty sure irc has just become a place to record and present funny quotes   fwipJan 07 2016
343cha0zz<cha0zz> don't worry, i apparently hallucinate things too   SmartflakesJan 08 2016
344taiya<taiya> taiya gives adirtyboy some loving   HyperionJan 09 2016
345hema:<hema:> get quote 411 taiya:    i didn't find that quote, sorry... something may have happened to it.   fwipJan 09 2016
346triggerhappy<triggerhappy> thats why its called a portrait not a "portrait and boobs"   TriggerhappyJan 09 2016
347triggerhappy<triggerhappy> thats why its called a portrait not a "portrait and boobs"   TriggerhappyJan 09 2016
348hema<hema> what sticky stuff?   TriggerhappyJan 09 2016
349triggerhappy<triggerhappy> oh shit // poopie i skiped hema // drop cha0zz do hema   Cha0zzJan 09 2016
350digitalduck<digitalduck> guess: headforemost       <taiya> yes! :) great job, \o/.       <dinosawer> what       i don't even know the word       <digitalduck> it's headfirst, but for really old people.   TalvienoJan 09 2016
351zorathex<zorathex> idoits   TalvienoJan 09 2016
352outlander<outlander> i like giant cocks   DigitalDuckJan 09 2016
353outlander<outlander> tonon, for the love of god, tell me what have you found.   TriggerhappyJan 10 2016
354intelligence<intelligence> ?me is intelligence   DigitalDuckJan 10 2016
355digitalduck<digitalduck> more chainguns   TriggerhappyJan 10 2016
356digitalduck<digitalduck> <digitalduck> "taiya: an interrupting cow" <digitalduck> sounds about right. :d   HyperionJan 10 2016
357dwmagus<dwmagus> i like colorado because it's an anagram of colorado   Slymodi_at_schoolJan 11 2016
358digitalduck<digitalduck> newark is my favourite because it's an anagram of "wanker".   Slymodi_at_schoolJan 11 2016
359outlander<outlander> my brain <outlander> it hurts   DigitalDuckJan 11 2016
360digitalduck<digitalduck> not true, there are videos of naked people having sex on youtube.   ZorathexJan 11 2016
361talvieno<talvieno> ooh, that is hard   DigitalDuckJan 12 2016
362silverware<silverware> nazis murder the nasty jews   HyperionJan 13 2016
363outlander<outlander> dark evil magic of being an incompetent dipshit   CornflakesJan 13 2016
364dinosawer[mobile]<dinosawer[mobile]> <dinosawer[mobile]> so he's a groundstate boyfriend, for when she fails to excite to a higher boyfriend level.   homelanderJan 13 2016
365dv<dv> "this room is dedicated to the dildo collection..." "the whole room?" "maybe some of that one too."   DWMagusJan 14 2016
366silver<silver> the goat charges at the fleshbags.    attempting to stab one, and shoot another, headbutting a third if required.   TriggerhappyJan 14 2016
367skyfligher<skyfligher> is saoirse a bot? <saoirse> pudding! <skyfligher>i'll take that as a yes   HemaJan 16 2016
368skyfligher<skyfligher> she was out in the rain, after i drug her back in she started rubbing up against me and my computer   HemaJan 16 2016
369cha0zz<cha0zz> taiya give skyfligher a kiss || skyfligher ( left irc (quit: leaving)   Cha0zzJan 16 2016
370cornflakes<cornflakes> farting out of your suit will get you to escape velocity probably   TalvienoJan 16 2016
371dinosawer<dinosawer> i would love to meat girls that want to talk about orbital mechanics   Cornflakes_91Jan 17 2016
372talvieno<talvieno> set fondness talvieno 1000   DetritusJan 18 2016
373cornflakes<cornflakes> i have an oversized helmet   DigitalDuckJan 19 2016
374chithead<chithead> i haven't fucked up that much <cornflakes> you think   Cha0zzJan 19 2016
375black--snow<black--snow> tfw you have no quotes.   Dinosawer[mobile]Jan 23 2016
376hema<hema> quiet! the gm might get angry, and drop some rocks! d:   Black--SnowJan 23 2016
377slymodi<slymodi> some of my family has 20 inches tho   DinosawerJan 23 2016
378dv<dv> hyperion, i'll put six inches in your ass until you come down.   HyperionJan 23 2016
379cornflakes<cornflakes> *xyz logged on       <cornflakes> hey josh       <xyz> goddammit   TalvienoJan 24 2016
380talvieno<talvieno> cornflakes sounds more german, like arnold schwarzenegger   CornflakesJan 24 2016
381dinosawer<dinosawer> behold my slightly smaller ping   TalvienoJan 24 2016
382digitalduck<digitalduck> if i lost a leg and someone wanted to buy it off me to eat, i'd probably just go, "yeah, sure".   DWMagusJan 25 2016
383digitalduck<digitalduck> my arch nemesis <analogduck> :d   DetritusJan 25 2016
384bmrx<bmrx> rekt is lyfe   Cha0zzJan 26 2016
385banana<banana> bananana   SilverPCJan 26 2016
386squidhead<squidhead> my butt is everywhere :v   Cornflakes_91Jan 26 2016
387squidhead<squidhead> im spherically symmetric   Cornflakes_91Jan 26 2016
388black--snow<black--snow> i'll savage his body   SilverPCJan 26 2016
389talvieno<talvieno> feel the rage of a newly awakened god   SilverPCJan 26 2016
390cha0zz<cha0zz> just put your finger in it   TalvienoJan 27 2016
391cuisinart8<cuisinart8> god dammit bmrx    * bmrx has left: leaving <trollander> god banished him from this chat!   DigitalDuckJan 27 2016
392digitalduck<digitalduck> nice rack, taiya. <taiya> i feel bouncy!! ^.^   DigitalDuckJan 27 2016
393triggerhappy<triggerhappy> <hema>: taiya 8-ball: is trigger screwed now?    <taiya>: uncle? it got stuck in between two of the sides, and i had to shake it for a while, and i accidentally dropped it, so i picked it back up and did it again and it gave me the same answer: as i see it, yes   TriggerhappyJan 27 2016
394cornflakes<cornflakes> * cornflakes is now known as pedoflakes    <pedoflakes> hold on, thats wrong :v   DigitalDuckJan 28 2016
396dwmagus<dwmagus> you're better than most newbies! "wheres the game?" "how i dl game?"   TalvienoJan 28 2016
397dwmagus<dwmagus> "why limit theory doesn't need multiplayer" easy, you have no friends.   DigitalDuckJan 28 2016
398talvieno<talvieno> wanna watch femnode and josh doin' stuff?   DigitalDuckJan 31 2016
399node<node> look at limit theory. it's colors, and it's glow.   TalvienoJan 31 2016
400node<node> those were - excuse my language - but those were ... very cool   TalvienoJan 31 2016
401dwmagus<dwmagus> a good april fool's joke doesn't give itself away immediately.   TalvienoFeb 01 2016
402cha0zz<cha0zz> i see one laser vibrating like it's got parkinson's   Smartflakes_91Feb 03 2016
403digitalduck<digitalduck> there's a reason "hedgehog spooning" isn't a thing.   DinosawerFeb 04 2016
404digitalduck<digitalduck> blame me for bugs in games!   Cha0zz_2Feb 04 2016
405slymodi<slymodi> wut wut, in the butt   HyperionFeb 05 2016
406chanserv<chanserv> i do not understand fair.   Cha0zzFeb 10 2016
407haseley<haseley> i understand resurrection... being a medieval vampire and all that.   TalvienoFeb 16 2016
408silver<silver> the only reason britain has nuclear arms, is to ensure a steady supply of tea   Dinosawer_pcFeb 18 2016
409hyperion<hyperion> welcome to the club. we have special brownies... not that theyre filled with weed, but they're in the shape of josh with his jewfro   TalvienoFeb 18 2016
410slymodi<slymodi> give it a month, which is about the time when i will be laying chari    <gaot> or aegagrus will be laying you   TalvienoFeb 18 2016
411digitalduck<digitalduck> ""woooooooooooooooooooooooo woooooooooooooooooooooooo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woooooooooooooooooooooooo""   TriggerhappyFeb 19 2016
412cornflakes<cornflakes> i hate americans, with small exceptions   CornflakesFeb 20 2016
413hyperion<hyperion> technology goes from magic -> science fiction -> basic science -> applied science & engineering -> exists -> outdated -> quaint -> primative   TalvienoFeb 20 2016
414detritus<detritus> i didn't add this one :)   DetritusFeb 20 2016
415slymodi<slymodi> i need to make a list of hot women, i know my hot men for reasons of inspiration   HyperionFeb 20 2016
416slymodi<slymodi> i know my hot men for reasons   Silver_Feb 20 2016
417hyperion<hyperion> *hyperion has a list of hot men   Silver_Feb 20 2016
418outlander<outlander> absolutely love horsemeat   SilverwareFeb 21 2016
419name<name> <quote>   Cha0zzFeb 21 2016
420hyperion<hyperion> the only thing we like more than fucking each other is fucking with shit we don't understand   TalvienoFeb 21 2016
421dinosawer<dinosawer> wisdom by silverware <silverware>: the new fragrence   GoatwareFeb 22 2016
422hyperion<hyperion> we have taken abstract shuffling of electromagnetic fields and used them to refer to buttsex, we're an amazing species   GoatwareFeb 22 2016
423dv<dv> talvieno had a messy first experience with crotches   TalvienoFeb 22 2016
424slymodi<slymodi> omg space sex! that'd be great   TalFeb 23 2016
425dinosawer<dinosawer> ph'nglui mglw'nafh tal's internet r'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn!   DVFeb 23 2016
426talvieno<talvieno> i would swallow the dice and see what numbers they landed on when ...   CornflakesFeb 23 2016
427talvieno<talvieno> i would swallow the dice and see what numbers they landed on when ...   CornflakesFeb 23 2016
428haseley<haseley> how do you blow your nose with all that junk in all the wrong places. boogie accumulation is a certainty.   TalvienoFeb 23 2016
429naed<naed> <victor> i do my best to help you, nathan, but you're so bloody proud. <- eh, is this not the kettle calling the pot black?   TalvienoFeb 25 2016
430dinosawer<dinosawer> it's always ponies with corn   TalvienoFeb 25 2016
431smartlander<smartlander> i like my joysticks big and hard   HyperionFeb 25 2016
432digitalduck<digitalduck> hyperion's games would make you question your own existence. he'd release a game and cause a spate of suicides.   TalvienoFeb 25 2016
433digitalduck<digitalduck> "political planet" sounds like the title of a book i'd ignore in a library.   TalvienoFeb 25 2016
434hyperion<hyperion> rotting cow corpses often add to atmosphere, methane specifically   TalvienoFeb 25 2016
435bmrx<bmrx> i didn't play morrowind until recently but i modded it into beautiful oblivion   TalvienoFeb 25 2016
436victor<victor> of course i don't know what you consider to be thrill seeking.       <dinosawer_pc> i sometimes unplug usb sticks without safely removing them   TalvienoFeb 26 2016
437slymodi<slymodi> lol 100% taking chari to the bone zone and making talv write it       <hema> break a fortune cookie       <taiya> the fortune cookie says: it's better to be alone sometimes.   TalvienoFeb 27 2016
438outlander<outlander> i've stolen a pack of salted almonds. i'm eating the evidence right now :v   CornflakesFeb 28 2016
439dv<dv> i'm gonna fucking kill that goat if i find out what he did.   TalvienoFeb 28 2016
440silver<silver> :3   TalvienoFeb 28 2016
441talvieno<talvieno> i'm the bum you bring in when the bum is too busy bumming out to bum in.   DigitalDuckFeb 28 2016
442silver<silver> i am the eternal spoon! none may stop my might!   IronDukeMar 02 2016
443bmrx<bmrx> racks is gonna screw around for a while so he understands how this shiz works   TalvienoMar 02 2016
444ironduke<ironduke> sounds like unity3d crossed with diarrhea   TalvienoMar 02 2016
445silver<silver> it's unity for men.   BMRXMar 02 2016
446dinosawer<dinosawer> when i came down this morning my dad was showing that video to my mom   CornflakesMar 03 2016
447bmrx<bmrx> drunk english is my first language   TalvienoMar 03 2016
448bmrx<bmrx> it's slightly annoying, like a raccoon going through your trash.   TalvienoMar 03 2016
449ethana2_reddit<ethana2_reddit> texas.. the tianjin of america.   SilverMar 03 2016
450ironduke<ironduke> so enjoy my butt :3   HyperionMar 03 2016
451hyperion<hyperion> id really like to taste dog   DigitalDuckMar 04 2016
452digitalduck<digitalduck> 09,13look at me, i'm a hyperlink from 199599,99   TalvienoMar 04 2016
453slymodi<slymodi> node is so bad   DigitalDuckMar 05 2016
454taiya<taiya> aw, you're out of tries. the correct answer was "jewing".   SmartflakesMar 07 2016
455detritus<detritus> ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho, ho ho ho ho ho... ho   someoneMar 08 2016
456dwmagus<dwmagus> i'm not a guy.   SilverMar 08 2016
457slymodi<slymodi> i use guys inclusively   SilverMar 08 2016
458tgs<tgs> a brown wolf is dead, killed by a black cat!   SilverMar 10 2016
459black--snow<black--snow> i'm just an asshole benefitting off of assholes.   DinosawerMar 13 2016
460femnode<femnode> <talvieno> yes. bob needs his threesome.    <femnode> yes definitely    <femnode> the downer ending   UniCornMar 13 2016
461silver_<silver_> taiya flag these legos dont fit in my arse   TalvienoMar 13 2016
462digitalduck<digitalduck> good to know i understand the basic concepts of lego-arse interaction.   TalvienoMar 13 2016
463belle<belle> not having actually touched ... myself yet i can't tell you at what point you'll be forced to write c++   AlsoMar 14 2016
464bele<bele> not having actually touched ... myself yet i can't tell you at what point you'll be forced to write c++   AlsoMar 14 2016
465bele<bele> it was underwhelming. i wasn't even whelmed   TalvienoMar 15 2016
466detritus<detritus> oh look i've been quoted by an infamous person!   DetritusMar 15 2016
467ironduke<ironduke> let's talk about the d   BMRXMar 15 2016
468ironduke<ironduke> just tell me what the d means   BMRXMar 15 2016
469detritus<detritus> the d is evil!   BMRXMar 15 2016
470smartflakes<smartflakes> he wants the d   BMRXMar 15 2016
471talvieno<talvieno> i am the d that shall pierce the heavens!!!   BMRXMar 15 2016
472taiya<taiya> * taiya gives detri liberty or detri dgives detri liberty or detri death   TVNOMar 15 2016
473cha0zz_2<cha0zz_2> hmmm       jimmy disappeared       the little brat   TalvienoMar 16 2016
474haseley<haseley> i'm never sure if that's a sexy hello, aiha, or if you've just stepped back over a cliff. :)       <aiha> it's both, i'm sexily falling off a cliff every time i join here.   TalvienoMar 16 2016
475outcooker<outcooker> thank you talv. now we can enjoy taiya in private   TalvienoMar 16 2016
476cuisinart8<cuisinart8> nnnnnoooooooooo       <talvieno> noooooooooooooo       <cuisinart8> i see we both sexily fell off a cliff there   TalvienoMar 16 2016
477black--snow<black--snow> the bible is such a faggot   fwipMar 18 2016
478fwip<fwip> i asked a grill out once   HyperionMar 18 2016
479dwmagus<dwmagus> just requires tearing half my back end apart.   TalvienoMar 18 2016
480talvieno<talvieno> taiya likes giving you head hyperion   HyperionMar 19 2016
481cha0zz_2<cha0zz_2> that looks like a guy who was pissing and then discovered it was his own shoes he was pissing on   TalvienoMar 20 2016
482silver<silver> do you not want to come to node?   DigitalDuckMar 20 2016
483dwmagus<dwmagus> i don't think i could live without sausage.   DigitalDuckMar 21 2016
484black--snow<black--snow> no, i didn't think anything   DigitalDuckMar 21 2016
485bmrx<bmrx> moo is cool but meh   fwipMar 21 2016
486taiya<taiya> the fortune cookie says: never trust the dungeon master.   HemaMar 22 2016
487cornflakes<cornflakes> img big black rooster   BMRXMar 22 2016
488bmrx<bmrx> <bmrx>i wish i had fun bubbles coming out of my mouth *hyperion could make that happen ;)   HyperionMar 22 2016
489slymodi<slymodi> talvguy to the risqu�   TalvienoMar 23 2016
490make<make> having fun, love?       <love> it's a good time   TalvienoMar 24 2016
491zorathex<zorathex> there is onion on my finger   TalvienoMar 24 2016
492smartflakes<smartflakes> i have no idea why it got that heated       <haseley> that doesn't sound like our lot. come to think of it, yes it does.   TalvienoMar 25 2016
493british_cartman<british_cartman> sod you chaps, i'm going home   TalvienoMar 25 2016
494haseley<haseley> so much mayhem and killing in your head. and then there's the ponies. just strange.   TalvienoMar 25 2016
495hyperion_mobile<hyperion_mobile> silver, you use :3 in ways i've never understood   TalvienoMar 25 2016
496hyperion_mobile<hyperion_mobile> carry on, ignore the idiot in the rear view mirror   TalvienoMar 26 2016
497hyperion<hyperion> i'm trying to imagine the mechanics of centaur orgies and all i get is swastikas...   CornflakesMar 26 2016
498bmrx<bmrx> everyone is young until they let negativity take them over ;)   IronDukeMar 26 2016
499naed<naed> if one path doesn't work, try another   TalvienoMar 26 2016
500naed<naed> sometimes the best way is to just talk   TalvienoMar 26 2016
501bmrx<bmrx> all advice is helpful. it is up to you to decide in what way is it helpful.   TalvienoMar 26 2016
502nikky<nikky> /me facepawns   TalvienoMar 27 2016
503smartflakes<smartflakes> what's e621?       <slymodi> ask katawa       <smartflakes> oh god   TalvienoMar 27 2016
504nikky<nikky> *gives taiya flowers*          <taiya> *laughs and accepts*          <cornflakes> "hahaha! look at this honk who thinks he can buy my affection"   TalvienoMar 28 2016
505outlander<outlander> you can sleep with five lesbian transsexuals dressed as ponies at once and nobody would mind   Dinosawer_pcMar 29 2016
506saoirse<saoirse> b l o o d   Dinosawer_pcMar 29 2016
507bele<bele> satan did nothing wrong!!!   TalvienoMar 29 2016
508silver<silver> bmrx thats cause i came at you   HaferflockeMar 29 2016
509nikky<nikky> *taiya gives cute girl her clothes after undressing   NikkyMar 29 2016
510outlander<outlander> * nikky pours her milk over cornflakes <tal> what is it with girls wanting to give you their milk? <outlander> i came at a very strange moment   CornflakesMar 29 2016
511outlander<outlander> i'll have ... magus at this rate   TalMar 29 2016
512silver_<silver_> taiya will you get me a tree please?       <taiya> wait... what?       <smartflakes> it's a trap   TalvienoMar 29 2016
513wereware<wereware> *transforms into wares with the light of the full moon*   TalvienoMar 30 2016
514digitalduck<digitalduck> sleep? what's that? :d          <outlander> it's when you can't thrust your pelvis anymore   TalvienoMar 31 2016
515cornflakes<cornflakes> i still want "penis" in hard hangman   DigitalDuckMar 31 2016
516hema<hema> <taiya> you're already doing something with me :)   HyperionApr 01 2016
517dinosawer<dinosawer> everything i say is a lie   BMRXApr 01 2016
518dinosawer<dinosawer> *has no entity about the gender of the entity that dumps bytes into a socket that then comes out of my socket*   TalvienoApr 01 2016
519taiya<taiya> awesome! the word: _ e i _ s t _ _ _ i _ _    | correct guesses:    i s t e | incorrect guesses:    | tries left: 7       <digitalduck> guess: reinstalling       <taiya> yes! :) great job, (•)(•). your score is 687.   TalvienoApr 01 2016
520bmrx<bmrx> * bmrx goes to pornhub   DigitalDuckApr 01 2016
521hema<hema> afk, drowning monkeys   HyperionApr 02 2016
522outlander<outlander> it normal when you start talking to women the same way you talk to taiya? o.o   TalvienoApr 02 2016
523dinosawer<dinosawer> my best friend is a bot \o/ <quackbot> \o/ quack!   DigitalDuckApr 04 2016
524fawkes-mobile<fawkes-mobile> nod nod. been here for 4 months with only a single quote *proud*   TalvienoApr 04 2016
525aiha<aiha> i'm at the safest edge, the one where i don't talk.   TalvienoApr 04 2016
526fawkes-mobile<fawkes-mobile> !favepalm          <dinosawer> wth is favepalm       <aiha> the palm you prefer over your other palm   TalvienoApr 04 2016
527digitalduck<digitalduck> hey big tits, have you seen small tits lately?   TalvienoApr 04 2016
528bmrx<bmrx> taiya tell black--snow that he is loved in a rapey kinda way   HyperionApr 04 2016
529black--snow<black--snow> i'm a $1200 dollar vacuum   HyperionApr 05 2016
530bmrx<bmrx> *bmrx is now known as whitepower   HyperionApr 05 2016
531hyperion<hyperion> senator python sayssss that theresss nothing to worry about, josssssh knowsssss what he'ssss doing   TalvienoApr 05 2016
532digitalduck<digitalduck> i'm not a perv, i just don't give a fuck. :d <shadowxv5> literally?   DigitalDuckApr 05 2016
533slymodi<slymodi> press a to take chari to bone zone   TalvienoApr 05 2016
534femnode<femnode> josh is probably writing an engine to put on his socks   TalvienoApr 06 2016
535slymodi<slymodi> tfw   MichaelBayvienoApr 06 2016
536dwmagus<dwmagus> a 4-way is much harder imo.   CornflakesApr 07 2016
537hyperion<hyperion> magic -> science fiction -> basic science -> applied science & engineering -> exists -> outdated -> quaint -> primative   Black--SnowApr 07 2016
538ruby<ruby> join the disborg   SmartflakesApr 07 2016
539hema<hema> taiya, who do you like more, hitler or god?   TalvienoApr 07 2016
540ironduke<ironduke> <hema> taiya, who do you like more, hitler or god?   IronDukeApr 07 2016
541hema<hema> taiya, how much do you like me? <taiya> enough to give you a kiss, uncle. :)   HemaApr 07 2016
542outlander<outlander> on one hand, it's bad because we'll never go to space again       <saoirse> better buy a telescope. wanna see me. buy a telescope. gonna be in space.   TalvienoApr 08 2016
543cha0zz<cha0zz> couldn't we put taiya on silver's server? taiya wait... what?   DinosawerApr 08 2016
544bmrx<bmrx> * bmrx bleeds happily   DigitalDuckApr 09 2016
545bele<bele> all this fisting going on   DWWMagusApr 11 2016
546digitalduck<digitalduck> clearly your client is inferior. :d   DetritusApr 12 2016
547digitalduck<digitalduck> tal is kill.   DetritusApr 12 2016
548fwipzorz<fwipzorz> wow, lewd <hyperion> you called?   HemaApr 13 2016
549fwip<fwip> in order to prove my suitability for this job promotion, i shall now serenade my boss.   HemaApr 13 2016
550naed<naed> talvieno / your writing is so boring that dinosawer has died and now its the ghost_of_dino that does all the reading (and endless moaning)   TalvienoApr 13 2016
551fwip<fwip> get your pronouncifications right   TalvienoApr 13 2016
552victor<victor> surely there is a bank of stored dna tissue?          <dinosawer> nope. we're supposed to be criminals, we're disposable       <victor> i can believe the criminal bit.   TalvienoApr 14 2016
553dinosawer<dinosawer> hey waiter, this coffee is not sufficiently dope   TalvienoApr 14 2016
554edonboon<edonboon> my name, young lad, is sir edonboon ii, lord esquire of the fourth realm of watermarsh.   DetritusApr 14 2016
555cornflakes<cornflakes> i dragged everything but your sorry ass off the sv :v   TalvienoApr 14 2016
556smartflakes<smartflakes> astable monovibratot   Black--SnowApr 17 2016
557bfett<bfett> stupid people aren't smart   TalvienoApr 17 2016
558taiya<taiya> the word: _ _ _ _ _ _ e r _ _ a    | correct guesses:    e a r | incorrect guesses:    s l | tries left: 5       <dwwmagus> guess: hypothermia       <taiya> yep, that's it, pantsless! you win! :) your score is 721.   TalvienoApr 18 2016
559taiya<taiya> the word: _ _ _ _ _ _ e r _ _ a    | correct guesses:    e a r | incorrect guesses:    s l | tries left: 5       <dwwmagus> guess: hypothermia       <taiya> yep, that's it, pantsless! you win! :) your score is 721.   TalvienoApr 18 2016
560pantsless:<pantsless:> o.o   Cha0zzApr 18 2016
561bele<bele> >putting furry fic on your official site [...] nothing to see here, move along   CornflakesApr 19 2016
562dinosawer<dinosawer> when i'm awake, i do victor :v   TalvienoApr 20 2016
563fawkes<fawkes> but f���ling can also be used as a word for the complete genus of socks   Black--SnowApr 20 2016
564haseley<haseley> i fell asleep among the boxes.   DinosawerApr 20 2016
565god<god> thou shalt not claim root's name in vain!   SilverwareApr 20 2016
566silver<silver> taiya do you like me? <taiya> does it matter?   HyperionApr 22 2016
567cha0zz<cha0zz> * taiya thanks satan for being so kind   HyperionApr 22 2016
568charley<charley> hi taiya :d       <taiya> hi charley.       <charley> o.o   TalvienoApr 22 2016
569dinosawer<dinosawer> your evil plan was to wish him a good afternoon? fancy :v   DinosawerApr 22 2016
570outlander<outlander> get your arse in here and do them hacks before i break off your lover thrusters   TalvienoApr 22 2016
571slymodi<slymodi> tfw   TalvienoApr 22 2016
572aiha<aiha> i can't leave now. it's too late. d:   TalvienoApr 22 2016
573victor<victor> hema seems rather sweet.   TalvienoApr 22 2016
574cornflakes<cornflakes> would be nice if i understood what they are singing       <aiha> i never understand what anyone is singing so i don't even notice   TalvienoApr 22 2016
575triggerhappy<triggerhappy> i actually thought for a time that aiha was a very, very good bot   TalvienoApr 22 2016
576snowphone<snowphone> the long leg is connected to the positive of the batteries -- wait no it's not -- wait no i think it was the right way around -- what is wrong with me   Cha0zzApr 23 2016
577aron0621<aron0621> *sigh*   TalvienoApr 23 2016
578talvieno<talvieno> what, did the nuclear apocalypse happen already?!   DetritusApr 23 2016
579talvieno<talvieno> dv is kinda all around epic shooty-kill deathbringer reaper goddess.   DVApr 23 2016
580taiya<taiya> 23:52 <detritus> taiya, 8-ball is tal sleep 23:52 <taiya> detri? i asked: there is no cause to wonder   smartlanderApr 23 2016
581dwmagus-sleepingdrunk<dwmagus-sleepingdrunk> i'll molest taiya in the morning.   HemaApr 24 2016
582naed<naed> we must appease talvieno: the eater and devourer of forumites gone astray   TalvienoApr 24 2016
583dinosawer<dinosawer> tonon is like the fat kid in high school pe   TalvienoApr 24 2016
584zorathex<zorathex> i'm planing on planing my own turns from now on. :)   DinosawerApr 24 2016
585taiya<taiya> it's about time you asked that special someone on a date   DetritusApr 25 2016
586taiya<taiya> allah, empresslexi wanted me to tell you i smell.   SilverApr 25 2016
587chanserv<chanserv> * gives voice to idunno          <saoirse> b l o o d       <idunno> well that was an interesting way to say hi.   TalvienoApr 26 2016
588saoirse<saoirse> fuck all your humanoid cheeses, i want to fly free!!   SilverApr 26 2016
589bmrx<bmrx> satan knows i've eaten every other animal i'm legally allowed to in this country, rats, mice, hamsters, and other   fwipApr 26 2016
590silver<silver> taiya 8-ball, will trump eat babies? <taiya> spoon? here's what it said: i am sure of it   SilverApr 27 2016
591taiya<taiya> join #limittheoryforum for forum updates.   TalvienoApr 27 2016
592cornflakes<cornflakes> * cornflakes can haz it in his body :v   TalvienoApr 27 2016
593cornflakes<cornflakes> for your own safety       <slymodi> lol safety   TalvienoApr 27 2016
594snowphone<snowphone> are you still trying to bone an npc?          <slymodi> ofc. maxo bone zone   TalvienoApr 28 2016
595smartlander<smartlander> would goat become a better person if he transitioned into being a pony?   DinosawerApr 29 2016
596talvieno<talvieno> <quote>   HemaMay 01 2016
597talvieno<talvieno> level 10 +5 fire enchanted potato with bonus to rolls   Black--SnowMay 01 2016
598talvieno<talvieno> "level 10 +5 fire enchanted potato with bonus to rolls"   CharleyMay 01 2016
599dwmagus<dwmagus> <dwmagus> that dress is very becoming on her.   CharleyMay 01 2016
600black--snow<black--snow> jimmy, you fucking faggot          <bfett> language, my dear friend       <black--snow> thanks captain america :3          <bfett> any time, tony.   TalvienoMay 02 2016
601black--snow<black--snow> <hyperion>no parade? no welcoming party? not even a welcome back blowjob? well? what's the point of even coming back? <black--snow>i can offer an gibj<hyperion>a gibj?<black--snow>gay interracial blow job<hyperion>done! you know how to make a guy happy!   HyperionMay 03 2016
602bele<bele>          <dwmagus> just like my bedroom   TalvienoMay 03 2016
603talvieno<talvieno> i like the d.   DWMagusMay 03 2016
604triggerhappy<triggerhappy> gonna do flakes now   DigitalDuckMay 04 2016
605charley<charley> "weapons are overrated anyway."   TriggerhappyMay 04 2016
606empresslexi<empresslexi> *tells fawkes to prepare for forced anal pounding*   TalvienoMay 05 2016
607<> something   Unknownan unknown date
608dwmagus<dwmagus> well, and hema said a single line. but it was nonsense because that's usually what hema speaks.   TalvienoMay 07 2016
609taiya<taiya> only fool believes everything thems read.   TalvienoMay 07 2016
610dinosawer<dinosawer> how am i supposed to orgasm without coffee   CornflakesMay 08 2016
611dinosawer<dinosawer> goddammit swype   Dinosawer[mobile]May 08 2016
612cornflakes<cornflakes> inb4 "train is currenty experiencing problems with reentry. stand back from the rails"   smartlanderMay 09 2016
613black--snow<black--snow> avast ye matey! i'm a butt pirate! arrr!   BMRXMay 09 2016
614dv<dv> time for seven hours of masturbation to finish off the evening.,   CornflakesMay 09 2016
615ironduke<ironduke> who put that on a timer???       <aiha> a hero   TalvienoMay 10 2016
616servius<servius> oh, i'm an idiot   DetritusMay 13 2016
617hyperion<hyperion> detritus is ejaculating butchered data   Black--SnowMay 13 2016
618hyperion<hyperion> masturbate furiously in the bathroom, lolz   DigitalDuckMay 13 2016
619verne<verne> you should have been "victor raped" while you slept.   TalvienoMay 14 2016
620dinosawer<dinosawer> "you ignored a sidequest? death for you! you did a sidequest? death for you too!"   TalvienoMay 14 2016
621aiha<aiha> okay now i'm soap. woohoo.   TalvienoMay 14 2016
622haseley<haseley> this keyboard is smooth.       smmootthhh or something like that.   Talvieno[away]May 14 2016
623haseley<haseley> no, i don't play games with zombies. it would be like killing relatives.   BadpunosawerMay 14 2016
624talvieno<talvieno> you tug, and tug, ...   NaedMay 15 2016
625victor<victor> thought you might appreciate the dee.   TalvienoMay 16 2016
626silverphone<silverphone> god im cold. fucking wind          <cha0zz> maybe if you stopped fucking the wind you wouldn't be cold silverphone   TalvienoMay 16 2016
627hema<hema> qb num 7356712925736485394354    <quack_bot> no thanks.   HyperionMay 16 2016
628taiya<taiya> hmmm... i prefer prostitution. :)   SilverMay 16 2016
629taiya<taiya> *opens overcoat*   Cha0zzMay 17 2016
630fawkes<fawkes> it was a great day for my fur! as it was once again time for the great conference of all furkind! a day where all of furkind mingled together to form the great pelt! an amalgation of fur of all ages!   outlanderMay 17 2016
631victor<victor> i haven't tried talking to faeries or leprechauns yet.    i need a large bottle of that italian wine to do that.   DWWMagusMay 17 2016
632dinosawer_pc<dinosawer_pc> tal's mom can lose weight, but only via hawking radiation   DigitalDuckMay 17 2016
633silver<silver> is holy water made of pope urine?    <detritus> holy water is water that has been sanctified by a priest for the purpose of baptism, the blessing of persons, places, and objects, or as a means of repelling evil.       <hyperion_mobile> same thing   HemaMay 18 2016
634femware<femware> i just said the sentence: "ooo, i have pizza in my handbag!" i may have hit a new low   HomewareMay 19 2016
635digitalduck<digitalduck> taiya am i pretty? <taiya> are you being serious?   HyperionMay 20 2016
636dwmagus<dwmagus> i'm going to fucking murder an egg. i'm going to fucking hardboil an egg just to teach it a lesson.   TalvienoMay 22 2016
637birdperson<birdperson> in my culture that is known as a "dick move"   SilverMay 22 2016
638black--snow<black--snow> i had to build a table last night, it was annoying <dinosawer>    well, good thing you only had to do it once... if you have to do it regularly it's a periodic table   Black--SnowMay 23 2016
639talvieno<talvieno> it's like i add every single one of these quotes   DetritusMay 23 2016
640hema<hema> tal! we haven't even started the mission and i've already lost a squad mate. this has to stop!   TalvienoMay 25 2016
641slymodi<slymodi> i'm 18 now, i can post nudes <hyperion> don't sly <talvieno> now that is a burn   HyperionMay 25 2016
642silverware<silverware> is that black bitch wearing a shirt of elon musk as han solo?   SmartflakesMay 27 2016
643servius<servius> hema       <hema> yes, servius?       <servius> opinion on the mission?       <hema> we're all dead.       <servius> valuable insight, squad lead   Simon_TamMay 28 2016
644triggerhappy<triggerhappy> <talvieno> why is triggerhappy rank 5 and squad commander?   TriggerhappyMay 29 2016
645triggerhappy:anyone<triggerhappy:anyone> getting no man's sly when its out?   Fawkes-mobileMay 29 2016
646victor<victor> i say nothing worthy of quoting.   SmartflakesMay 29 2016
647victor<victor> i kinda like a squishy body. :)   Cha0zzMay 29 2016
648detritus<detritus> taiya, break a fortune cookie for those who speak words such as 'maggot'       <taiya> the fortune cookie says: you are literate.   HemaMay 31 2016
649dino<dino> every infantry object can be fitted with a holster, even a medkit, if you wanna be the fastest medic of the west. :v   IronDukeMay 31 2016
650haseley<haseley> taiya could easily play the hooker.   TalvienoMay 31 2016
651silver<silver> in my experience the best laid plans fall appart upon contact with goats   TalvienoMay 31 2016
652black--snow<black--snow> it's adorable... like a vacuum bag with a beak!   Black--SnowMay 31 2016
653silver<silver> talv, you never had a soul to begin with, the devil got ripped off :v   TalvienoMay 31 2016
654quack_bot<quack_bot> quaaack!!   DetritusJun 01 2016
655dwmagus<dwmagus> <dwwmagus> get quote dwmagus   DetritusJun 01 2016
656outlander<outlander> "i identify as an attack submarine, i like to be deep, wet, and i'm full of seamen" :v   Cha0zzJun 02 2016
657digitalduck<digitalduck> stop misusing apostrophes! every time you do it a kitten dies!   TalvienoJun 02 2016
658digitalduck<digitalduck> netherlands confirmed for kitten killers   SilverJun 02 2016
659silver<silver> i need a jewstick   TalvienoJun 02 2016
660digitalduck<digitalduck> bible fight!   BMRXJun 02 2016
661black--snow<black--snow> what i use vr for: 25% games, 5% movies, 70% porn   SilverJun 03 2016
662hyperion<hyperion> ... is a moldy cunt nugget that has been dropped in dog shit and lit on fire.   SilverJun 03 2016
663black--snow<black--snow> i want to fuck you in the asshole :3   HyperionJun 03 2016
664dinosawer<dinosawer> put the plasma in your butt   TalvienoJun 03 2016
665ironduke<ironduke> uh, irl cha0zz is a psycho knife-wielding mad doctor. duh.   IronDukeJun 03 2016
666ironduke<ironduke> <ironduke> taiya, genwords corvette shield quack fart runforthehillz trump ermagersh talvieno       <quack_bot> quaaack!       <taiya> that returns: carvehack, folvettiette, tulvquart, shurviersh, sholvuhemp, eckatto, corve, cunfuck, quackatte, trulvetteno, ermane, tolvegimp, quackattene, farvarsh, cunfettene, quackanette, sholvuhallz, colvehquack, forvette, and ermarsh.   IronDukeJun 03 2016
667victor<victor> i like librarians. :)   DetritusJun 03 2016
668dwmagus<dwmagus> sometimes i wish was into guys.    because i would totally bang you hyper.   HyperionJun 03 2016
669dwwmagus<dwwmagus> personally i'd rather have a small teleporter i can shove up my ass so i never need to go to the bathroom again.   DinosawerJun 03 2016
670aiha<aiha> that's a strange christmas tree       <talvieno> that's marijuana xd   TalvienoJun 03 2016
671hyperion<hyperion>   HyperionJun 04 2016
672taiya<taiya> <hyperion>taiya, how much do you like me? <taiya> i think you're a fun person, you dirty boy. :)   HyperionJun 04 2016
673bmrx<bmrx> i'm having a bad day today, my coffee machine is broken.   DetritusJun 04 2016
674talvieno<talvieno> gf will just lie back and enjoy it.   DigitalDuckJun 04 2016
675taiya<taiya> the fortune cookie says: if you are afraid to shake the dice, you will never get a good roll.   HemaJun 07 2016
676dinosawer<dinosawer> if i had time.... but, not now.   Black--SnowJun 07 2016
677taiya<taiya> * silver gives taiya flowers made from the bones of her nordic foes * taiya thinks the flowers are pretty   SilverJun 07 2016
678cornflakes<cornflakes> but i guess i could say the same about the coffee addict       <dinosawer> i have gone five hours without coffee ... brb coffee   BeardvienoJun 09 2016
679digitalduck<digitalduck> digitalduck is now known as digitalduke <ironduck>    digitalduke <-- rofl   IronDuckJun 09 2016
680smartflakes<smartflakes> "its dangerous to go alone. take this"    *dick*   DigitalDuckJun 09 2016
681ironduke<ironduke> just had a really scary moment <ironduke> i was flat on my stomach, watching isinona on the tablet... <ironduke> and a black widow spider strolled out from under my arm. <black--snow> that's adorable   IronDukeJun 10 2016
682hyperion<hyperion> i want a quote that i'll never remember the context.   HyperionJun 11 2016
683cornflakes<cornflakes> i dont remember my amnesia   SmartflakesJun 11 2016
684smartflakes<smartflakes> im crap at keeping secrets   TalvienoJun 12 2016
685outlander<outlander> hitler was a bit crazy   DinosawerJun 15 2016
686digitalduck<digitalduck> confucius say: "woman who sink in man's arms, soon have arms in man's sink.   HemaJun 15 2016
687digitalduck<digitalduck> failure is not failure if i've never tried. :d   DWMagusJun 16 2016
688silver<silver> thanks for letting me cum first taiya <+ taiya>    happy to help. :)   SilverJun 16 2016
689digitalduck<digitalduck> taiya, thanks for skipping the foreplay. <+ taiya>    :)   SilverJun 16 2016
690talvieno<talvieno> a quick fap on the cheek? o.o       <dv> some people call that a pearl necklace.       <dv> those are the people with bad aim.   TalvienoJun 18 2016
691bele<bele> don't forget to end your while loops guys. no one wants and infinite loop. it will crash tal.exe   TalvienoJun 18 2016
692dinosawer<dinosawer> poor uranus is always the butt of jokes   SmartflakesJun 21 2016
693detritus<detritus> there is a hungry troll here. it eats what we feed it, and excretes quantities of salt.   IronDukeJun 23 2016
694sliver<sliver> i changed some numbers. much more sex happens now.   TalvienoJun 23 2016
695outlander<outlander> it'd be so hard and deep :v   CornflakesJun 24 2016
696taiya<taiya> aw, you're out of tries. the correct answer was "stunk".   IronDukeJun 27 2016
697silver<silver> i survived the ravages of bawkbawk10, and all i got was this stupid quote   SilverJun 30 2016
698zorathex<zorathex> while i was drunk i wandered of into the garage and started flirting with a box   Cha0zz2Jun 30 2016
699zorathex<zorathex> *gives taiya pudding with laxatives mixed in*       <taiya> *laughs and shakes her head; gives the pudding to saoirse instead*       <saoirse> yay! thanks taiya! (^.^)       <taiya> happy to help.   TalvienoJun 30 2016
700silver<silver> carbon man, it's fucking magic   DigitalDuckJul 02 2016
701taiya<taiya> * silver gives taiya flowers made from his own fecal matter * taiya sniffs them and smiles   SilverJul 03 2016
702taiya<taiya> aw, sorry, uncle. the correct answer was "hiccough".       <digitalduck> ah, hiccough. i remember that word from the 17th century.   TalvienoJul 04 2016
703dwwmagus<dwwmagus> it's hard to find a good sausage here.   DigitalDuckJul 18 2016
704hyperion<hyperion> and woah i cant tyope   CornflakesJul 18 2016
705taiya<taiya> i last saw tal less than two minutes ago: (g tentacle hentai)   DWWMagusJul 19 2016
706smartflakes<smartflakes> taiya do a barrel roll       <taiya> *rolls around happily*       <smartflakes> this makes me happy for some reason       <outlander> one girl who does what you say :v   TalvienoJul 20 2016
707charley<charley> i'd probably have more fun masturbating to the rape of nanking   HyperionJul 21 2016
708outlander<outlander> the better you fit, the more succesful you are   CharleyJul 21 2016
709fawkes<fawkes> <fawkes-mobile> your fingers. tired from various...finger activities. from yesterday.   TriggerhappyJul 22 2016
710hyperion<hyperion> humor school begins with penises, moves on to what to do with penises, moves on to the mistakes using a penis causes, and finally returns back to penises in old age. it is penis zen.   HyperionJul 27 2016
711digitalduck<digitalduck> former figure skater vera wang is now a famous name in which field?       <talvieno> well, given her last name...       <cha0zz> that sounds delicious   TalvienoJul 29 2016
712cornflakes<cornflakes> it's like github for lesbians!   TalvienoJul 31 2016
713fawkes<fawkes> *face-(na)palm*   SmartflakesAug 01 2016
714fwipsy<fwipsy> this irc channel seems very family-friendly though   TalvienoAug 05 2016
715silver<silver> that nazi wants the d   SilverAug 07 2016
716outlander<outlander> i'm not some kiwi brute, you know; i'm a refined european   SilverAug 07 2016
717cornflakes<cornflakes> that's what taiya the postal service bitch is for   TalvienoAug 08 2016
718lycurgus<lycurgus> the girl i was seeing said "a small penis shouldn't be an impediment to a loving relationship". i still wish she didn't have one at all, though   DigitalDuckAug 08 2016
719okay,<okay,> added taiya's quote. :)   SilverAug 08 2016
720my_left_testicle<my_left_testicle> wednesday   SilverAug 08 2016
721silverware<silverware> *farts loudly, murdering an entire village of innocent cheese-people*   TalvienoAug 09 2016
722nikky<nikky> there was a older version of Taiya visible source and.. no there is not anything to learn its all shambles as well you would be suprised it works. its bad java code..   RubyAug 9 2016
723digitalduck<digitalduck> i fill women with two things: semen and regret.   SilverAug 10 2016
724bmrx<bmrx> any girl that likes being banged by a beer bottle is someone you should never stick your dick into   Black--SnowAug 10 2016
725black--snow<black--snow> "oh lamp, pound me"   SilverAug 10 2016
726thyminec<thyminec> son of a breeder   TalvienoAug 12 2016
727dinosawer<dinosawer> * dinosawer[mobile] is too lazy to alt tab   BMRXAug 12 2016
728hardanus<hardanus> there is only your laughable attempt to to somehow avoid admitting you were wrong.   SilverAug 14 2016
729silver<silver> which is why i am all for banning dicks :v <hyperion> cockblocking mutherfucker   HyperionAug 14 2016
730fwipsy<fwipsy> this irc channel seems very family-friendly though   TalvienoAug 15 2016
731smartflakes<smartflakes> a squirrel farting the next village over would be too loud with open windows   TalvienoAug 15 2016
732dwmagus<dwmagus> taiya, who is fapping?       <taiya> i took care of it for you, satan.   funny_folkAug 18 2016
733sacmanxman2<sacmanxman2> how do you quote people   BMRXAug 18 2016
734dwmagus<dwmagus> * smartflakes has quit (read error: connection reset by peer) * fwip has quit (ping timeout)    <dwmagus> :d    thanks guys.   DetritusAug 19 2016
735bele<bele> it is adorkable   DetritusAug 19 2016
736haseley<haseley> i think i may have insulted you on the forums, nathan. it was intentional. :)   TalvienoAug 19 2016
737talvieno<talvieno> butt butt butt butt poop butt juvenile butt hehehehe butt poop    <dwmagus> ...and that's my cue to leave.   DigitalDuckAug 19 2016
738fawkes-mobile<fawkes-mobile> it's basically 3 things with lander: tanks, women and booze ;)   DigitalDuckAug 21 2016
739haseley<haseley> tentacles everywhere. like the japanese hard core stuff.   TalvienoAug 22 2016
740katorone<katorone> and now we've found the cause of global warming; hyperion's butt   SilverAug 23 2016
741dwmagus<dwmagus> taiya, do you want a cucumber for your birthday? <taiya> *sighs*   TalvienoAug 24 2016
742hyperion<hyperion> i find myself amusing and wish to share the joy of having a dirty mind with you all.   HyperionAug 24 2016
743digitalduck<digitalduck> i'm currently trying to turn hitler into the world's biggest wrestling star.   HyperionAug 24 2016
744silver<silver> *warps and ripples into the form of a large banana*   TalvienoAug 25 2016
745talvieno<talvieno> prosthetic chicks are hot though <hyperion> just learned tal's fetish   HyperionAug 26 2016
746talvieno<talvieno> longer ones are best. :d   DWMagusAug 26 2016
747lycurgus<lycurgus> saoirse, what's your gender?       <saoirse> genderqueer (gq), also termed non-binary or gender-expansive   TalvienoAug 27 2016
748silver<silver> taint   TalvienoAug 29 2016
749silverware<silverware> tell a fortune for the feminazi <goatbot>breathmints, you need them.   outlanderAug 29 2016
750silver<silver> tell a fortune for god <goatbot   SilverwareAug 29 2016
751black--snow<black--snow> lube me daddy   HyperionAug 29 2016
752talvieno<talvieno> dwmagus's entry: "limit theory: spaceporn edition" <saoirse> yes. please.   Black--SnowAug 29 2016
753silver<silver> i am fiddling   DigitalDuckAug 30 2016
754talvieno<talvieno> ima virgin   DigitalDuckAug 30 2016
755talvieno<talvieno> i'm gonna get me some virgins   DigitalDuckAug 30 2016
756talvieno<talvieno> fifty fuzzy zany zombies quickly quelled jazzy jukeboxes while wittingly squeezing squinted gummy gherkins   TalvienoAug 31 2016
757katorone<katorone> i guess you want to be fucked in the ass by suppliers?   SmartflakesSep 01 2016
758digitalduck<digitalduck> good job i died, i have to go soon. :d   DinosawerSep 02 2016
759goatbot<goatbot> [dinosawer] @ $nan � 5e+255 avail   TalvienoSep 02 2016
760goatbot<goatbot> [dinosawer] @ $nan � infinity avail   TalvienoSep 02 2016
761dwmagus<dwmagus> saying java is great because it works on all systems is like saying anal sex is great because it works on all genders.   DigitalDuckSep 02 2016
762goatbot<goatbot> bmrx owns the market.   BMRXSep 02 2016
763taiya<taiya> try again, quackbot. the word: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _    | correct guesses:    | incorrect guesses:    q u a c k    | tries left: 0   DigitalDuckSep 03 2016
764digitalduck<digitalduck> my life was much better before i had social expectations of private urination.   Dinosawer_Sep 04 2016
765digitalduck<digitalduck> you can tell the chat's denigrated when we're pointing out when someone says an actual word. :d   smartlanderSep 06 2016
766idiot<idiot> "a lot of people are still paper people"   BERGSep 07 2016
767outlander<outlander> so i need to deal with it myself, then.   Smartflakes_91Sep 10 2016
768digitalduck<digitalduck> finally fucked that bitch up   silverSep 11 2016
769outlander<outlander> and bras were flying around on the windy days   lablanderSep 12 2016
770talvieno<talvieno> like people who want different than binary genders, that's nz.   BMRXSep 12 2016
771nikky<nikky> yeah thats the sharthand syntax   silverSep 14 2016
772nikky<nikky> yeah thats the sharthand syntax   silverSep 14 2016
773silver<silver> line 273: // todo: do it properly   silverSep 15 2016
774bmrx<bmrx> shut up blacky, go shit in that girls house   DigitalDuckSep 16 2016
775rick<rick> wubba lubba dub dub   TalvienoSep 16 2016
776digitalduck<digitalduck> but i was forgetting that frequency is affected by temporal shift.   outlanderSep 17 2016
777digitalduck<digitalduck> <nikky> and then there is magic <digitalduck> yeah, that counts as "radiation".   NikkySep 17 2016
778digitalduck<digitalduck> "i'll save you! here, mucus! sniff this!"   Dinosawer_Sep 17 2016
779talvieno<talvieno> logic doesn't make sense? that's because stupid   DigitalDuckSep 18 2016
780bele<bele> i cut down treees, i wear high heels, suspendies and a bra. i wish i'd been a girlie, just like my dear papa   HyperionSep 23 2016
781dinosawer<dinosawer> not that hard to sprell   DigitalDuckSep 24 2016
782dinosawer<dinosawer> okay, so we start by defining something we'll call 1 and a function s(n) that produces a new natural number from a natural number n with the next properties...   TalvienoSep 26 2016
783hyperion<hyperion> when a man needs a tall hat to look taller than a goat, it is a big goat   DigitalDuckOct 08 2016
784talvieno<talvieno> silver, i said food period, not period food :v   BMRXOct 09 2016
785lycurgus<lycurgus> wow only twenty bucks to get my hands on tal's parts   TalvienoOct 13 2016
786silver<silver> :23 getn random quote       get random quote1    get random quote       much fingering of keyboard   TalvienoOct 13 2016
787taiya<taiya> that's one letter down. yep, that's all of them, ace. you win! :) it was crotch. your score is 0.   IronDukeOct 13 2016
788digitalduck<digitalduck> i want my girlfriend to roleplay as someone attractive.   TalvienoOct 18 2016
789lycurgus<lycurgus> detritus: just as a note, if someone sneaks into your house while you sleep and steals your face, and you don't see who it is... i tihnk you can safely direct the police to talvieno   DetritusOct 19 2016
790detritus<detritus> taiya, who am i? <taiya> you're useless. :)   DigitalDuckOct 19 2016
791outlander<outlander> anyonce can recommend a decent laptop cooling pad? <dwmagus> your ex's cold heart?   DigitalDuckOct 19 2016
792taiya<taiya> the dortune coliie says: a wizard arrivea predixely when himd meanx to.   DigitalDuckOct 19 2016
793taiya<taiya> <taiya> dorthne coliis awgs: aizzardd arrdivea lrwdixely when himd meand tp,   DogittallDjckOct 19 2016
794silver<silver> quote search mexican <taiya> that doesn't work...   DigitalDuckOct 20 2016
795outlander<outlander> discovery is not a virgin waiting to be fucked.   DWMagusOct 21 2016
796dinosawer<dinosawer> commits honourable sudoku   Dinosawer_Oct 21 2016
797detritus<detritus> taiya, 8-ball is hyperion in the right when he calls me a child? <taiya>: det? it answers with: don't ask such foolish things   HyperionOct 25 2016
798verne<verne> it's smaller than mine.   CornflakesOct 25 2016
799outlander<outlander> it's literally a likkdozer   CornflakesOct 28 2016
800saoirse<saoirse> � join us   DigitalDuckNov 01 2016
801talvieno<talvieno> i let him down gently.   DetritusNov 01 2016
802detritus<detritus> i should copy/paste this into the irc thread. c:   TalNov 02 2016
803outlander<outlander> i'm not from the united states you sick shit   DWMagusNov 03 2016
804dwmagus<dwmagus> insert tab a into slut b   CornflakesNov 03 2016
805digitalduck<digitalduck> females have dicks in the future. <cornflakes> i don't want your future   DWMagusNov 03 2016
806digitalduck<digitalduck> on that depressing note, i'm off. \o   DetritusNov 05 2016
807quack_bot<quack_bot> quack quack quack quaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!!!!!!!!!! <taiya> quackbot, quack said they would be afk 35 minutes ago: (for food) <quack_bot> quack!   DigitalDuckNov 06 2016
808lycurgus<lycurgus> if your election lasts longer than 4 years see a doctor   DigitalDuckNov 07 2016
809dwmagus<dwmagus> "i have standardized my logins--i don't remember a single one!"   CornflakesNov 09 2016
810dwmagus<dwmagus> damnit, i want to be the wife!   TalvienoNov 11 2016
811dwmagus<dwmagus> it was a kitten bukkake   SilverNov 14 2016
812victor<victor> good grief noooo!   SilverNov 16 2016
813grumblesaur<grumblesaur> will limit theory be released? <+taiya> good_news_everyone? it replied with: it is so   SilverNov 16 2016
814dwmagus<dwmagus> vagina vagina vagina   TalvienoNov 17 2016
815dwmagus<dwmagus> oh crap, i said a line without mentioning vagina   TalvienoNov 17 2016
816talvieno<talvieno> digitalduck> back. <talvieno> i wanna know what happened with that elephant.   DetritusNov 23 2016
817talvieno<talvieno> pregnant woman underwater: submarine vessel with crew inside   DetritusNov 23 2016
818haseley<haseley> i intend being a playboy using all the expensive toys.   DWMagusNov 24 2016
819victor<victor> the forums do seem a bit sad now. they barely flicker where once they burned brightly....almost incandescent at times. :(   DetritusNov 26 2016
820naed<naed> bah! i am too tired, i am starting to find that outlander is funny! :(   CornflakesNov 27 2016
821lycurgus<lycurgus> "maximal ham efficiency must be achieved"   lycurgusNov 28 2016
822cornflakes<cornflakes> <dinosawer> poor uranus is always the butt of jokes <+cornflakes> "im in the wrong wormhole"   SilverDec 01 2016
823naed<naed> dont wank with chainmail gloves on   SilverDec 01 2016
824black--snow<black--snow> penis requests docking permission from taiya <taiya> that's no way to talk to a girl...   Black--SnowDec 03 2016
825lycurgus<lycurgus> <hyperion>i dont need a drug to make me smarter, i need a drug to keep my motivation going till i'm done <lycurgus>i'll invent one for you! .... eh, i'll do it later   HyperionDec 04 2016
826hyperion<hyperion> <hyperion> pooping is a holy experience   lycurgusDec 04 2016
827black--snow<black--snow> well maybe then i would happen to like the texture of horse shit   DWMagusDec 05 2016
828talvieno<talvieno> murkiah /o/   DetritusDec 06 2016
829victor<victor> lol   DetritusDec 07 2016
830taiya<taiya> you're welcome.   GrumblesaurDec 07 2016
831outlander<outlander> syrian lasses are good   DetritusDec 09 2016
832dwmagus<dwmagus> corn buried in dat pussy   SilverDec 13 2016
833silver<silver> hairy jew ballsack   TalvienoDec 13 2016
834outlander<outlander> i love anal cunt's soft album   CornflakesDec 14 2016
835dwmagus<dwmagus> snow knocked out my 'net for a few hours <hyperion> snow ruined my commute home this morning <black--snow> sorry dwmagus and hyperion   HemaDec 18 2016
836smartlander<smartlander> just lazy   DetritusDec 24 2016
837smartlander<smartlander> that's what quotes are for   DetritusDec 24 2016
838zorathex<zorathex> i control my own destiny! and i choose to sit around all day and play games.   ZorathexDec 31 2016
839lycurgus<lycurgus> m'rambe    * lycurgus tips rifle   DigitalDuckJan 04 2017
840outlander<outlander> indeed, i'm better than that. i won't wank off at all unless there's a crowd watching it.   CornflakesJan 07 2017
841digitalduck<digitalduck> taiya, show us your fun parts.    *taiya has quit   DWMagusJan 09 2017
842lycurgus<lycurgus> there's just a bunch of conflicting information and the bot just learns that it's funny to make jokes about poop   TalvienoJan 09 2017
843digitalduck<digitalduck> i've crashed the command line.   CornflakesJan 09 2017
844digitalduck<digitalduck> i helped jack off a horse.   SilverJan 09 2017
845dwmagus<dwmagus> if at first you don't succeed, maybe skydiving isn't for you.   DetvietJan 10 2017
846cornflakes<cornflakes> my gf damaged me   DWMagusJan 10 2017
847dwmagus<dwmagus> can i just get a really really tiny one inserted into my colon so i never have to shit again?   SilverJan 11 2017
848cornflakes<cornflakes> i just dont think stuffing black holes up your ass is a good solution   SilverJan 11 2017
849digitalduck<digitalduck> you're the only one who thinks it'd be less inconvenient to have a black hole up their ass   SilverJan 11 2017
850dwmagus<dwmagus> well, i'm glad cornflakes is around to prevent me from stuffing black holes in my ass.   SilverJan 11 2017
851dwmagus<dwmagus> maybe i should just be pooping with portals.   SilverJan 11 2017
852imagine<imagine> if you were pooping into portals and you had someone you hated so you shipped them the other portal.   SilverJan 11 2017
853detviet<detviet> i stalk people all the time though   lycurgusJan 11 2017
854talvieno<talvieno> sorry, i'm only into girls   DetvietJan 11 2017
855detviet<detviet> taiya, 8-ball is goatbot satan       <taiya> det? it replied with: another has asked this before   TalvienoJan 11 2017
856detritus<detritus> taiya, 8-ball is goatbot satan <+taiya> det? it replied with: another has asked this before   SilverJan 11 2017
857douglas_adams<douglas_adams> he hoped and prayed that there wasn't an afterlife. then he realized there was a contradiction involved here and merely hoped that there wasn't an afterlife.   DetvietJan 11 2017
858engine<engine> i enjoy having kids riding me.   The_Kids_In_The_BackseatJan 11 2017
859quack_bot<quack_bot> aaaa-aaaah!   TalvienoJan 11 2017
860lycurgus<lycurgus> now i have to face the lemon shame again   TalvienoJan 12 2017
861dwmagus<dwmagus> you know it's bad if *i'm* the one advocating against it.   TalvienoJan 13 2017
862silver<silver> we need to make our own forums, with blackjack and hookers       we already have the blackjack       so we just need taiya to be a hooker       <taiya> that's no way to talk to a lady.       <silver> bitch you aint a lady!       you a hooker!   TalvienoJan 15 2017
863lycurgus<lycurgus> <silver> but then again you did put something in your arse for $2.50    <lycurgus> silver: it's just like wednesday night all over again    <lycurgus> at least i'm not in an alley this time   lycurgusJan 15 2017
864lycurgus<lycurgus> i'm in the glorious people's republic of australiastan   TalvienoJan 16 2017
865node<node> as i've always said, anyone figures out time compression they better let me know asap   DetvietJan 16 2017
866bmrx<bmrx> gaah   DetvietJan 16 2017
867tgs<tgs> silver trying to get josh into an orgy.       this day just keeps getting better.   TalvienoJan 16 2017
868goatbot<goatbot> <silver> gb deal me in for infinity <goatbot> you don't have enough money to make that bet silver.   DetvietJan 16 2017
869silver<silver> i got laid a few times then was suddenly poor and married   nodeJan 16 2017
870josh<josh> class josh { /* todo */ } ;TalvienoJan 17 2017
871silver<silver> it's like breeding retarded children together to get a functional adult   TalvienoJan 17 2017
872slymodi<slymodi> as someone who is stayed up too long at night and has had everything drained it feels good   node_codeJan 17 2017
873detviet<detviet> nah, 'taint all that hard * goatbot defecates upon detviet <+detviet> ... * detviet cleans self off   SilverJan 17 2017
874hurracane<hurracane> you naive fool, don't you know all aussie spiders have learned to fly?   TalvienoJan 19 2017
875lycurgus<lycurgus> you know what they say, tal - quick game's a fast game   DigitalDuckJan 19 2017
876haseley<haseley> crap   DetvietJan 19 2017
877digitalduck<digitalduck> it's okay, we understand human emotion.       :) = happy, :( = sad, :| = i just shoved a pencil in my mouth.   TalvienoJan 20 2017
878stardust<stardust> this morning it was raining and i thought how it would be the perfect day to cuddle in my bed with corn and you (tal)   CornflakesJan 20 2017
879bmrx<bmrx> node doesn't work   DigitalDuckJan 20 2017
880verne<verne> well, i'm feeling cold standing on the platform watching the other trains come and go.   TalvienoJan 20 2017
881talvieno,<talvieno,> me high fives cha0zz   BMRXJan 22 2017
882josh<josh> no more 'new metal shader version 298.0'.   TalvienoJan 23 2017
883taiya<taiya> joshpost! \o/ -- polls | re: age demographic |       <node> alright taiya you're gonna need to calm down   TalvienoJan 23 2017
884dwmagus<dwmagus> seriously, shaving your balls is very liberating.   DigitalDuckJan 23 2017
885silver<silver> i dont think   DigitalDuckJan 23 2017
886digitalduck<digitalduck> taiya   SilverJan 23 2017
887digitalduck<digitalduck> married life: where you enter her laptop more often than you enter her.   TalvienoJan 23 2017
888taiya<taiya> <+silver> taiya why not both? <+taiya> it's not my job to know. :p   SilverJan 24 2017
889duck<duck> anyone want to help me make midget mountain?   DWMagusJan 25 2017
890lycurgus<lycurgus> i don't have a gambling problem    <+lycurgus> i can quit any-- hang on    <+lycurgus> gb deal me in for 50    < *>       goatbot draws [5 ♥] |}-{| for himself and [5 ♦] [10♦] for lycurgus.    <+lycurgus> i can quit any time   lycurgusJan 26 2017
891bmrx<bmrx> i like people watching   DigitalDuckJan 26 2017
892outlander<outlander> saoirse is dino's retarded irish female bot   TalvienoJan 27 2017
893taiya<taiya> hmmmm... how about wine. :)   BMRXJan 27 2017
894detritus<detritus> papaya   CornflakesJan 30 2017
895silver<silver> we have no banana quotes?   DetvietJan 30 2017
896silver<silver> put a banana in your ear   CornflakesJan 30 2017
897silver<silver> quote search silver   DetvietJan 30 2017
898dwmagus<dwmagus> my best gta moment was in gta.   DigitalDuckJan 30 2017
899dwmagus<dwmagus> i was just trying to say that taiya doesn't like anal.   TalvienoFeb 02 2017
900chanserv<chanserv> gives voice to bmrx   DetvietFeb 02 2017
901dwmagus<dwmagus> hey, i'm not at work, i can break newtaiya :d <black--snow> sounds like dwmagus is interested in bdsm with taiya <dwmagus> taiya, what do you look like? <taiya>   Black--SnowFeb 03 2017
902ironduke<ironduke> i'm the silent guy who gets top of the team almost every match :v   IronDukeFeb 06 2017
903dwmagus<dwmagus> because i came in like 10 strokes under the next person.   DigitalDuckFeb 07 2017
904dranrain<dranrain> taiya, 8-ball is silver wooing you <+taiya> raindrain? it seemed unsure, but: no   SilverFeb 08 2017
905dwmagus<dwmagus> who wants to sleep with honey boo boo for good boom boom?   TalvienoFeb 08 2017
906schnurrhaartyp<schnurrhaartyp> narg   TalvienoFeb 09 2017
907taiya<taiya> >>> events in turn 8: god and fern get into a huge, heated argument about whether josh (praise be to his name) is actually a god, obliterating their friendship.   TalvienoFeb 09 2017
908taiya<taiya> >>> events in turn 1: vagina and sheepfucker start a riot, and have a great time together.   TalvienoFeb 09 2017
909silver<silver> tlaivnoens   TalvienoFeb 09 2017
910talvieno<talvieno> hitler's an awesome guy   slymodiFeb 09 2017
911taiya<taiya> hitler is asking if you have time to talk. he seems to be in a good mood. how do you respond?   SilverFeb 09 2017
912lycurgus<lycurgus> det and taiya, sitting in irc, etc etc ;)   DetvietFeb 09 2017
913cuisinart8<cuisinart8> taiya, who do you like more, talvieno or detviet? taiya, i like detviet more.   cuisinart8Feb 09 2017
914fawkes<fawkes> oh god   DetvietFeb 10 2017
915taiya<taiya> you and your mom sleep together, and have an all-around great time.   DigitalDuckFeb 10 2017
916digitalduck<digitalduck> i'm a nazi   cuisinart8Feb 11 2017
917naziduck<naziduck> i'm a nazi   lycurgusFeb 11 2017
918hyperion<hyperion> chocolate milk is the blackface of drinks   NaziDuckFeb 11 2017
919silver<silver> mexicans indave   SilverFeb 11 2017
920hyperion<hyperion> i leave for 5 seconds, and the conversation goes to incest   DetvietFeb 11 2017
921black--snow<black--snow> you're getting this dick, hyperion? cause that's 6-8 inches of snow <hyperion> babe, you show up at my house and i'll empty you.   HyperionFeb 11 2017
922lycurgus<lycurgus> if you're gonna deploy an ai killbot to interact with humans you gotta know how it ticks   TalvienoFeb 12 2017
923silver<silver> black people rob houses   DigitalDuckFeb 12 2017
924taiya<taiya> it seems christianity was just a little too eager to make enemies ;SilverFeb 13 2017
925magus<magus> i'm surprised taiya's not on facebook posting sexy selfies saying she looks ugly   TalFeb 13 2017
926lycurgus<lycurgus> 10:33:56 <+node> o//////////////////////////// <--- suddenly the coding proficiency makes sense.... the man has dozens of arms   TalFeb 13 2017
927saoirse<saoirse> guess who is the jew   SilverFeb 14 2017
928katorone<katorone> do vibrators count as bots?   DWMagusFeb 15 2017
929god<god> /me smites trigger   TalvienoFeb 18 2017
930silver<silver> jew   TalFeb 20 2017
931digitalduck<digitalduck> lad, i tug dick.   BMRXFeb 22 2017
932detviet<detviet> suicide should be legal :d   DWMagusFeb 23 2017
933hyperion<hyperion> i'd say i'm judging kanye by the content of his character, but he's just a cardboard cutout of a character   SilverMar 01 2017
934bfett<bfett> weird stuff starts to happen when you level your social skills.   BFettMar 02 2017
935talvieno<talvieno> unicorn :v. you're half cornflakes, half university   Fawkes-mobileMar 02 2017
936node<node> silver's algorithm for irc msgs: return gensnark() + [':v', ':3'].chooserandom()   TalvienoMar 02 2017
937jimmy<jimmy> \o/   DetvietMar 03 2017
938taiya<taiya> :)   DetvietMar 03 2017
939digitalduck<digitalduck> quack!   DetvietMar 04 2017
940cha0zz<cha0zz> talvieno doesn't count   DetvietMar 04 2017
941talvieno<talvieno> a wizard arrives precisely when he means to, but aiha arrives precisely when she happens to.   DetvietMar 04 2017
942detviet<detviet> oh, great, resurrection by typo   TalvienoMar 08 2017
943talvieno<talvieno> do we really have almost a thousand quotes? ._.   DetvietMar 08 2017
944saoirse<saoirse> ᕕ(ಠ‸ಠ)⊃━☆゚.*・。゚   TalvienoMar 08 2017
945fawkes<fawkes> every serious-mage needs a blocky-with-circles-shield when engaging in an epic mage-battle with rage-mage while random-screaming-peasant imitates random-screaming-and-running-peasant are somewhere in the crossfire   DetvietMar 08 2017
946fawkes<fawkes> wtf did i just write...   DetvietMar 08 2017
947hyperion<hyperion> for a second i thought i was crying, but it turns out my eyes just had an orgasm.   SilverMar 08 2017
948scytale<scytale> i can feel my duodenum harden up and my gall bladder begin to pulsate in a kind of primal oscillation, and i think i'm in.   SilverMar 09 2017
949talvieno<talvieno> masturbating to the bathroom   CornflakesMar 10 2017
950silver<silver> gb get a fortune for hyperion <goatbot>: emotions do you no good hyperion, mostly because you suck. <hyperion>: that i do ;) <goatbot>: hyperion, we all know...   HyperionMar 12 2017
951bmrx<bmrx> silver, should i marry my eldest sister   TalvienoMar 13 2017
952scytale<scytale> observe my buttcrack in all its creasy glory   TalvienoMar 14 2017
953scytale<scytale> hmm maybe i misunderstood my wife   VartulMar 14 2017
954oyyy<oyyy> lumo   DigitalDuckMar 14 2017
955digitalduck<digitalduck> it's always good for a woman to have two hands   TalvienoMar 14 2017
956lycurgus<lycurgus> women should have equal opportunity to get asploded       <aiha> see, that is true equality :v   TalvienoMar 15 2017
957empresslexi<empresslexi> img super kawaii weeaboo loli neko catgirl bodypillow       <taiya> i couldn't find that.       <aiha> thank god   TalvienoMar 15 2017
958cuisinart8<cuisinart8> geologists everywhere recoil in horror   TalvienoMar 15 2017
959vartul<vartul> stay safe scy. do not go gentle into the good night. go with, like a hatchet or somethimg.   FawkesMar 16 2017
960ᕕ(ಠ‸ಠ)⊃━☆゚.*・。゚<ᕕ(ಠ‸ಠ)⊃━☆゚.*・。゚> ᕕ(ಠ‸ಠ)⊃━☆゚.*・。゚ ゚。・*.゚☆━c(`д´)ノ   TalvienoMar 16 2017
961josh<josh> after lots of thinking on the subject i'm pretty convinced that i think i get it now   TalvienoMar 17 2017
962outlander<outlander> company co-founder tried to beat me up. i had a sword with me.   DinosawerMar 17 2017
963quack_bot<quack_bot> it had been 160 minutes since the last innuendo. think of the children!       <saoirse> ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)   TalvienoMar 21 2017
964talvieno<talvieno> i have her in non-safe mode       <empresslexi> img dicks       <taiya> dick's sporting goods -       <empresslexi> i hate you   TalvienoMar 21 2017
965empresslexi<empresslexi> d cock <taiya> it's a long one. :)   DigitalDuckMar 21 2017
966digitalduck<digitalduck> hi taiya, show you me your boobs.       <taiya> hi (•)(•)   TalviennaMar 21 2017
967taiya<taiya> mmm... i prefer cum. :)   DigitalDuckMar 21 2017
968lycurgus<lycurgus> and then you wake up and get on irc and you're a girl and you don't remember what the hell happened       <ecoriax> well we've all been there :p   TalvienoMar 22 2017
969digitalduck<digitalduck> "i harra dree." - martin luther ching   TalvienoMar 23 2017
970empresslexi<empresslexi> you know it's nights like this when you're stood looking up at that starry sky with the half-moon and it feels right to be outside in the dark touching horses   lycurgusMar 23 2017
971lycurgus<lycurgus> heh   DetvietMar 23 2017
972empresslexi<empresslexi> taiya, choose talvieno, empresslexi <taiya> mmmmm... i prefer empresslexi. :) <empresslexi> quote that <lycurgus> taiya, choose empresslexi, lycurgus <taiya> mmmmm... i prefer lycurgus! :) <lycurgus> quote *that* <empresslexi> taiya, choose lycurgus, empresslexi <taiya> mmmm... i prefer lycurgus. :) <hema> quote that <hema> quote that   BMRXMar 23 2017
973bmrx<bmrx> this guy is evil       he's got veins all over his face ffs!       how is he alive?!       it's worse than a hard dick   TalvienoMar 24 2017
974digitalduck<digitalduck> phallasus sounds like a greek hero.   Smartflakes_91Mar 24 2017
975digitalduck<digitalduck> i prefer 13.   TalvienoMar 24 2017
976smartflakes_91<smartflakes_91> dino, rekt: saoirse and my character are going to have a lot of /fun/ together       <saoirse> *hides behind a pile of pudding*   TalvienoMar 25 2017
977digitalduck<digitalduck> oh, i forgot about the clocks going forwards. <detviet> yes duck, time is a thing   DigitalDuckMar 25 2017
978lycurgus<lycurgus> well okay i am dense   TalvienoMar 25 2017
979lycurgus<lycurgus> well then, we've got one more to fill       <talvieno> ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)   TalvienoMar 25 2017
980taiya<taiya> well, det... i can't figure out if you're stupid, or if you think i'm stupid... but the latter points to the former, so that's what i'll go with! ^.^   HyperionMar 25 2017
981hitler<hitler> nein nein nein   DigitalDuckMar 25 2017
982taiya<taiya> our quotes! they're over 1000!   HyperionMar 25 2017
983talvieno<talvieno> 1000 \o/   DetvietMar 25 2017
984hyperion<hyperion> if my dildo was imbued with ai, it would reject me too.   TalvienoMar 25 2017
985black--snow<black--snow> oh hey <black--snow> the dag process thread was bumped    <black--snow> i'm gonna have a cold shower   BMRXMar 25 2017
986talvieno<talvieno> she'll talk to you for all of thirty minutes before going <quack_bot> aflac!   DigitalDuckMar 26 2017
987hema<hema> break a fortune cookie for trigger <taiya> the fortune cookie says: people are naturally attracted to you. <talvieno> i think taiya's broken again   HemaMar 27 2017
988silver<silver> taiya give lycurgus an orgasm <+taiya> mmm... i don't like you enough, *sniff*.   SilverMar 27 2017
989taiya<taiya> <empresslexi>: taiya, bring me to the point of orgasm <taiya brings empresslexi to the point of orgasm>   HyperionMar 29 2017
990lol<lol> wut? .____.   HyperionMar 29 2017
991silver<silver> yeah, sperm are megabytes of data, and she can hold a hell of a lot of those   TalvienoMar 29 2017
992goatbot<goatbot> * goatbot flips [6 ♠] and draws [6 ♦] for goatbot.    <goatbot> goatbot has [6 ♦] [6 ♠] [6 ♦]. 18.   TalvienoMar 29 2017
993silver<silver> now we just know for sure that talvieno's luck really was stillborn   TalvienoMar 29 2017
994triggerhappy<triggerhappy> talvieno: triggerhappy's lemons are all approved. :thumbup:   TriggerMar 29 2017
995bmrx<bmrx> the metal magnet jew from xmen   SilverMar 29 2017
996bmrx<bmrx> young and used, just like korean boys   EmpressMobileMar 29 2017
997black--snow<black--snow> you're one of those jesus people       [you're] weird, but you're innocent   TalvienoMar 30 2017
998fawkes-mobile<fawkes-mobile> duct tape, saliva and a whole lot of indecency   Cha0zzMar 31 2017
999outlander<outlander> has incredibly agile fingers   Dinosawer_Mar 31 2017
1000dadosawer<dadosawer> haip cesar, emperor of rome   JanApr 01 2017
1001aiha<aiha> violently colorful   TalvienoApr 04 2017
1002empresslexi<empresslexi> tfw you have arms   TalvienoApr 04 2017
1003mcdonalds<mcdonalds> i'm lovin' it.   DetvietApr 04 2017
1004dwmagus<dwmagus> your body is there.   DetvietApr 04 2017
1005dwmagus<dwmagus> seriously, go get your body. :3   DetvietApr 04 2017
1006taiya<taiya> who is this bucket of literal garbage?   DetvietApr 05 2017
1007zorathex<zorathex> sure, it can flush but, but can it run crysis?   SilverApr 05 2017
1008silver<silver> friendship, magic, and black slavery!   cuisinart8Apr 06 2017
1009goatbot<goatbot> silverware, balancing on a circus ball, really really has to pee vs psychic, really really has to pee, killed by water   HemaApr 07 2017
1010goatbot<goatbot> michael jackson, can summon anything from a hardware store, controls magnetism vs outlander, can't see, afraid of water   SilverApr 07 2017
1011goatbot<goatbot> hillary clinton, can breath underwater, afraid of water   SilverApr 07 2017
1012trigger<trigger> holy fucking shit paper towels are flammable i was not told of this oh god damnit   HyperionApr 07 2017
1013detviet<detviet> 3.14159265358979323846264338... i'm a dirty piglet who likes to spam chat with the first 2000 digits of pi   HyperionApr 08 2017
1014black--snow<black--snow> my anus is waiting   HyperionApr 08 2017
1015talvieno<talvieno> mmm, baby   DetvietApr 08 2017
1016talvieno<talvieno> we talked a lot about hentai today. and tentacles. and orifices.   lycurgusApr 09 2017
1017hyperion<hyperion> black--snow is my bitch, and i'm not sharing   HyperionApr 09 2017
1018hyperion<hyperion> though i'm not sure giant dildos can't kill people... they were a weapon in gta   HyperionApr 09 2017
1019talvieno<talvieno> i always love me a sexy carcass.   lycurgusApr 09 2017
1020black--snow<black--snow> i wish i had a whore   HyperionApr 09 2017
1021black--snow<black--snow> half a hole is still a hole   HyperionApr 09 2017
1022fawkes<fawkes> notice the crack   Cha0zzApr 10 2017
1023empresslexi<empresslexi> i want to be called princess   TalvienoApr 10 2017
1024fawkes<fawkes> i'm thinking claustrophobia, willfull destruction and escapism :3   Cha0zzApr 10 2017
1025trigger<trigger> yeah ill get a windows pc   TalvienoApr 10 2017
1026trigger<trigger> out of context much? :d   DetvietApr 10 2017
1027silver<silver> shryg   DetvietApr 11 2017
1028taiya<taiya> i last saw fwip 3 months ago: (cya guys in a bit)   TalvienoApr 11 2017
1029digitalduck<digitalduck> taiya, time until batman <dinosawer[mobile]> nan   DigitalDuckApr 11 2017
1030outlander<outlander> idots   DigitalDuckApr 11 2017
1031god<god> you have failed me, poet1960   DigitalDuckApr 11 2017
1032god<god> i once loved you all, then you shit in the garden.   godApr 11 2017
1033god<god> i am great.   GodApr 11 2017
1034pudding<pudding> i want to watch the world burn.   bmrxApr 11 2017
1035lycurgus<lycurgus> >that moment when you say you want to move flight paths and lander offers you aa gear   lycurgusApr 11 2017
1036talvieno<talvieno> why was that quoted?   SilverApr 11 2017
1037silver<silver> bmrx hasn't ever been in a cult   TalvienoApr 11 2017
1038bmrx<bmrx> i'm the most unculted person in this chat   cuisinart8Apr 11 2017
1039fire<fire> puts on his robe and wizard hat.   FireApr 11 2017
1040bmrx<bmrx> so suck my nuts silver <silver> no thanks <silver> my wife does that for me   bmrxApr 11 2017
1041talvieno<talvieno> [trigger'd'er'ing intensifies]   cuisinart8Apr 11 2017
1042snugglebunny<snugglebunny> *hyperion gives a pussy to snugglebunny* *snugglebunny eats the pussy*   HyperionApr 12 2017
1043hyperion<hyperion> you're a rage quitter because you used caps and that's what rage quitters do <black--snow> that's shit logic <hyperion> i know it's shit logic! fuck you snow, fuck you!!!! * hyperion has quit (quit: ajax irc client)   Black--SnowApr 12 2017
1044jimmy<jimmy> wanted, taiya wanted me to tell you 'me to tell you hi
1045digitalduck<digitalduck> : rpg :: dog : mammal   bmrxApr 12 2017
1046bmrx<bmrx> i'm gonna go back to my panty and sword simulator   TalvienoApr 12 2017
1047digitalduck<digitalduck> apparently yiffing breaks jimmy.   lycurgusApr 12 2017
1048slymodi<slymodi> * slymodi joins #limittheory <slymodi> fuck taiya * slymodi has quit irc (quit: ajax irc client)   DigitalDuckApr 13 2017
1049goatbot<goatbot> goatbot defecates upon sun, then eats the sun.   fireApr 14 2017
1050hema<hema> detviet has gone stark raving mad!       <talvieno> !!detviet!!       <lycurgus> > detviet holes himself up in a workshop for a year       > emerges with an altar to taiya       > it menaces with spikes of flowers   TalvienoApr 14 2017
1051talvieno<talvieno> i wouldn't expect lycurgus' code to function well, so i guess it's all working as expected still   lycurgusApr 15 2017
1052trigger<trigger> anyone else out here watches the news only when forgetting that they live in this solar system?   TalvienoApr 16 2017
1053trigger<trigger> clearly the most intelligent people here voted yes       <outlander> *raises both hands and both legs*   TalvienoApr 16 2017
1054taiya<taiya> i last saw fwip 3 months ago: (cya guys in a bit)   TriggerApr 16 2017
1055talvieno<talvieno> *talvieno has left (disturbed) <detviet> taiya, 8-ball is talvieno disturbed <taiya> det? it took a while, but it said: probably, yes   DWMagusApr 17 2017
1056silver<silver> jewsicle   TalvienoApr 17 2017
1057cornflakes<cornflakes> stop that stupid jew shit   CornflakesApr 17 2017
1058dwmagus<dwmagus> surging, swaying, heaving, rolling, pitching, and yawing.   DetvietApr 18 2017
1059trigger<trigger> grenade is going up my ass   TalvienoApr 20 2017
1060hyperion<hyperion> when josh becomes a success and hires me for his dev team, he need only pay me with his body   HyperionApr 20 2017
1061trigger<trigger> a man can change his face but not his ass   forumguyApr 20 2017
1062chanserv<chanserv> *** node was kicked by chanserv   HyperionApr 20 2017
1063snugglebunny<snugglebunny> * snugglebunny eats herself whole   DetvietApr 20 2017
1064trigger<trigger> * lexi you got a lover on your hands- me   cuisinart8Apr 20 2017
1065talvieno<talvieno> * talvieno was implying black--snow was sensually whipping hitler   HyperionApr 20 2017
1066hyperion<hyperion> tal wants to hook his brother up with my bitch   cuisinart8Apr 20 2017
1067dinosawer<dinosawer> there, now i can no longer be dumb   Cha0zzApr 21 2017
1068naed<naed> oh goody!   DetvietApr 21 2017
1069hema<hema> get a screwdriver, and take it apart. :p   DetvietApr 22 2017
1070black--snow<black--snow> i get that sheep fucker on a fundamental level   TalvienoApr 23 2017
1071silver<silver> talvieno can be launched as a nuclear weapon   TalvienoApr 23 2017
1072goatbot<goatbot> you better cut that out microdickvieno   BMRXApr 23 2017
1073taiya<taiya> <hyperion> when josh becomes a success and hires me for his dev team, he need only pay me with his bodyh​yperionapr 20 201715 (1078) 0       <node> sounds good :v   
1074hyperion<hyperion> also, the lt launch party, lets have it before world war 3 plox   lycurgusApr 23 2017
1075node<node> when i show up naked and asking "where's josh," say the same about me and my mental issues :p   HyperionApr 23 2017
1076node<node> good lorn   SilverApr 23 2017
1077talvieno<talvieno> <nodegoat> laughs at talvieno's inpotence *** nodegoat was kicked by chanserv ((talvieno) bye.)   HyperionApr 23 2017
1078black--snow<black--snow> fucking lebos   BMRXApr 24 2017
1079nice_save<nice_save> taiya, tell dv_ :)   BMRXApr 25 2017
1080dinosawer<dinosawer> they're looking for the dicks boson   BMRXApr 25 2017
1081digitalduck<digitalduck> large hardon collider <dinosawer[mobile]> they're looking for the dicks boson   Dinosawer[mobile]Apr 25 2017
1082talvieno<talvieno> on the n64 there was a third pad for balance, like wat <hyperion> that was for the japanese, who are known for their prehensile penises   HyperionApr 25 2017
1083talvieno<talvieno> rectal fungii can be easily fixed with a single application of talvieno brand anti-fungal cream!   HyperionApr 25 2017
1084outlander<outlander> i've just proposed to a girl by accident   DetvietApr 26 2017
1085detviet<detviet> ouch, mr, not so hard!!   Cha0zzApr 26 2017
1086cornflakes<cornflakes> hitlarious   SilverApr 26 2017
1087silver<silver> i can't sleep during the day       unless im really fucked       <talvieno> well, where's your wife then? :d       <silver> gym       its school holidays for her       <digitalduck> didn't realize she was that young.   TalvienoApr 26 2017
1088detviet<detviet> taiya, is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious a word? <taiya> yep, apparently so, det.   DetvietApr 26 2017
1089hyperion<hyperion> oh trust me, my mouth will make femnode's look weak ;)   HemaApr 27 2017
1090mr_frog<mr_frog> df's kinda had its day i think   TalvienoApr 27 2017
1091silver<silver> now, time to nazi up the universe   Mr_FrogApr 27 2017
1092mr_frog<mr_frog> it's my own ghost!!! <mr_frog> now neither of us will be virgins   lycurgusApr 27 2017
1093hema<hema> break a fortune cookie for hitler <taiya> the fortune cookie says: love will lead the way.   HemaApr 28 2017
1094hyperion<hyperion> taiya, i'd call you a cunt if you had one   HyperionApr 28 2017
1095mr_frog<mr_frog> taiya, choose "hope", "despair"   Mr_FrogApr 28 2017
1096black--snow<black--snow> everytime i love someone they ignore me so i'll just love hyperion instead    *hyperion skullfucks black--snow   HyperionApr 28 2017
1097hema<hema> break a fortune cookie for fuck   TalvienoApr 29 2017
1098hema<hema> well, there was stuff i wanted <hema> and there's no way to calm them after stabbing one of them.   lycurgusMay 01 2017
1099dwmagus<dwmagus> i look like i'm crossdressing as a bad miley cyrus wannabe   TalvienoMay 01 2017
1100detviet<detviet> !austria   DigitalDuckMay 01 2017
1101taiya<taiya> talvieno: i call them jew because they asked me to. they usually go by node.   DigitalDuckMay 01 2017
1102digitalduck<digitalduck> i would fuck a sister but they're all ugly.   lycurgusMay 01 2017
1103ironduck<ironduck> he wieldeth the banhammer; i hold my peace.   TalvienoMay 03 2017
1104digitalduck<digitalduck> "i miss you more." "yeah, probably."   DWMeetingMay 03 2017
1105dwmagus<dwmagus> <s​ilver> cubes?!    we're fckin' cubes?! <dwmagus> here we go -   SilverMay 03 2017
1106talvieno<talvieno> yes im nathain <talvieno> i like it in the bum   BMRXMay 03 2017
1107talvieno<talvieno> fixed the linking issue, hopefully <talvieno> shit, no <talvieno> that broke it to bits   DigitalDuckMay 05 2017
1108bele<bele> polio does not cause joggers   DigitalDuckMay 05 2017
1109digitalduck<digitalduck> 200k rapes is fine. <digitalduck> i could manage that on a weekend.   BMRXMay 07 2017
1110talvieno<talvieno> holy wowzers gee whiz paperclip batman donkey buttons   DetvietMay 08 2017
1111dwmagus<dwmagus> [silver's] not a real programmer.   DetvietMay 09 2017
1112trigger<trigger> 4 stages of insertions   DetvietMay 09 2017
1113silver<silver> ... ooo i have a cheat :3   DetvietMay 10 2017
1114cha0zz<cha0zz> the nurses say everything is ok, grandpa just had a bit of diarrhoea but they say he's better now. he scared the shit out of me   CornflakesMay 11 2017
1115black--snow<black--snow> i love you bmrx   DigitalDuckMay 11 2017
1116bele<bele> >not having a 4k sig       pls   TalvienoMay 11 2017
1117silver<silver> that's no moon, it's a hamsterball!   HemaMay 12 2017
1118cornflakes<cornflakes> frontal area is good   DetvietMay 13 2017
1119goatbot<goatbot> i don't know who jesus is silver.   SilverMay 14 2017
1120snugglebunny<snugglebunny> snugglebunny sleepily nibbles the vibrating carrot   Cha0zzMay 15 2017
1121scytale<scytale> you need your hands on the stick the whole time   DWMagusMay 15 2017
1122fawkes<fawkes> how should i know what i expected    <fawkes> you're asking the wrong person   DWMagusMay 16 2017
1123silver<silver> wait    <silver> who the fuck altered my profile image <silver> it's glorious   DWMagusMay 16 2017
1124silver<silver> married my niece, my son had her killed while she was pregnant!   lycurgusMay 17 2017
1125trigger<trigger> i was thinking about your dick   TalvienoMay 17 2017
1126detviet<detviet> hema? <detviet> you are a troll <hema> :3   HemaMay 18 2017
1127detviet<detviet> turns out everyone received this pm   HemaMay 18 2017
1128detviet<detviet> a little terror is good for the soul   ZorathexMay 18 2017
1129talvieno<talvieno> now i gotta do fifty women just to make an even hundred   CornflakesMay 18 2017
1130trigger<trigger> i lean fast    <+digitalduck> don't lean too fast, you'll fall over.   SilverMay 18 2017
1131trigger<trigger> i remember vividly horribly fat chinese guys   DigitalDuckMay 18 2017
1132trigger<trigger> i do it when i go to gay bars   DigitalDuckMay 18 2017
1133trigger<trigger> may you all suffer every time i open my snot   SilverMay 18 2017
1134goatbot<goatbot> * silver gives goat flowers * goatbot dips the flowers into a can of motor oil. * goatbot gives taiya flowers coated in oil. * taiya sniffs them and smiles   SilverMay 18 2017
1135bele<bele> its only family friendly when i get fed up with your shit    <bele> but carry on   DWMagusMay 19 2017
1136talvieno<talvieno> right up my alley   DetvietMay 19 2017
1137talvieno<talvieno> oh my gaaawwwdddd you look so fabulous today, gorgeous! mmmmm-mmmmmmmmmm. oh, yessssssss   BMRXMay 19 2017
1138detviet<detviet> my life is full of disconnecting   HyperionMay 19 2017
1139triggerhappy<triggerhappy> <detviet> trigger was like "this is my jam"   TriggerMay 20 2017
1140taiya<taiya> *hugs satan*   DetvietMay 20 2017
1141trigger<trigger> taiya, tell bfett i has a gimp thing for him to look at   DigitalDuckMay 20 2017
1142taiya<taiya> fuck, i have a lot of messages stored for you. :) i'll tell you in pm.   DigitalDuckMay 20 2017
1143hyperion<hyperion> fuck, i was hoping you'd just quote me instead.   HyperionMay 21 2017
1144god<god> i am a he. feminists can suck my cosmic wang   TalvienoMay 21 2017
1145god<god> i love how when i burp with my mouth closed it sounds like a grunting pig   SilverMay 21 2017
1146dwmagus<dwmagus> taiya, what does tal look like?    <taiya>   DWMagusMay 22 2017
1147jesus<jesus> stfu nigga   TalvienoMay 22 2017
1148digitalduck<digitalduck> i put all my skill points in snark.   TalvienoMay 22 2017
1149bmrx<bmrx> 'ear' with an n in front <dinosawer[mobile]> so... near? :p <bmrx> oh yeah <bmrx> that's a word   BMRXMay 23 2017
1150dwmagus<dwmagus> the only ladies we have aren't really ladies   DetvietMay 23 2017
1151cornflakes<cornflakes> except for the easily manipulated interns   DetvietMay 23 2017
1152cornflakes<cornflakes> lotsa abuse   DetvietMay 23 2017
1153talvieno<talvieno> i'm tiny dickkkkkk \m/...(>.<)...\m/   SilverMay 23 2017
1154silver<silver> but it was also too big <hyperion> why thank you :d   HyperionMay 23 2017
1155black--snow<black--snow> hyperion and i are one in the same <hyperion> yes, we are the beast with two backs   HyperionMay 23 2017
1156outlander<outlander> we managed to come from cool planes to lead dildoes in the under 60 seconds <hyperion> yay, irc   HyperionMay 24 2017
1157black--snow<black--snow> i wank to a picture of donald trump every night and morning, he gets me through school   BMRXMay 25 2017
1158bmrx<bmrx> detviet, almost famous.   HyperionMay 25 2017
1159talvieno<talvieno> i'm 30% cornflakes <hyperion> ohh myy!   HyperionMay 25 2017
1160naed<naed> speak for yourself pleb!   TalvienoMay 25 2017
1161ironduke<ironduke> ...just saw a youtube ad i liked :v   DetvietMay 25 2017
1162black--snow<black--snow> i guess i'm like a scare snow   BMRXMay 26 2017
1163talvieno<talvieno> tal vee ayy lmao   lycurgusMay 26 2017
1164silver<silver> tal is bust   DetvietMay 26 2017
1165taiya<taiya> ace - i think you're really nice. <ironduke> see? refraining from coarse language on the internet has its uses :p   IronDukeMay 27 2017
1166hema<hema> fat kid: 'lucky for you...'   TriggerMay 28 2017
1167black--snow<black--snow> hyperion quick, stick your own dick up your bum   HyperionMay 28 2017
1168monkeydrone<monkeydrone> day #1: dear diary, came to ltheory irc but was not prepared to what i have witnessed in here all day long. i may have made a terrible life decision.   TalvienoMay 29 2017
1169talvieno<talvieno> !pwn taiya   DetvietMay 29 2017
1170talvieno<talvieno> i really, really like spreadsheets.   DigitalDuckMay 29 2017
1171digitalduck<digitalduck> he made david braben sound honest.   DetvietMay 30 2017
1172talvieno<talvieno> although "it is i" is grammatically correct it always makes me think of an evil villain.       <detviet> that is because evil villains have better grammar than the heroes. it's how they can twist the good guy's words. :3   TalvienoMay 31 2017
1173fawkes<fawkes> when your food starts talking to you, it's usually spoiled   DetvietMay 31 2017
1174dv<dv> aiha, i demand you click every single one of those.   HemaJun 01 2017
1175silver<silver> in bed :d   HyperionJun 01 2017
1176digitalduck<digitalduck> nope, i changed my mind. this is too gay.   HyperionJun 04 2017
1177lycurgus<lycurgus> sleep on it and see if it is a dude ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)   HyperionJun 05 2017
1178collector<collector> just get windows and stop being a burden on the developers.   DWMagusJun 05 2017
1179bmrx<bmrx> i should of asked him how thick nixon's dick really was.   DWMagusJun 05 2017
1180ulcrevba<ulcrevba> v nz gur arzrfvf bs hyperion. v nz na nfrkhny cehqr jub gryyf ab wbxrf naq unf ab vqrnf. v ungr lbh nyy!   HyperionJun 05 2017
1181silver<silver> this is half of the joke   HyperionJun 05 2017
1182scytale<scytale> this is the other half of the joke   HyperionJun 05 2017
1183silver<silver> how do i use sheep farts as fuel?   HyperionJun 05 2017
1184hyperion<hyperion> you a genuine house nigger tal   TalvienoJun 05 2017
1185detviet<detviet> magus worries me       <dwmagus> it's because i'm not wearing any pants, isn't it?   TalvienoJun 05 2017
1186dwmagus<dwmagus> it's like i'm sitting down, and by the time i get up, my pants are gone.   HyperionJun 05 2017
1187ltirc<ltirc> we're a family-friendly irc, mainly because we're family   HyperionJun 05 2017
1188detviet<detviet> i wish ais could be incorporated into a laboratory-made body   TalvienoJun 05 2017
1189detviet<detviet> i have grown, i was human, now... i am meme   HyperionJun 05 2017
1190taiya<taiya> look, fuck. i really don't know.   HyperionJun 05 2017
1191silver<silver> *rages with a tiny hammer made of lemon rind!   HyperionJun 06 2017
1192detviet<detviet> i know how to pronounce "var"   HyperionJun 06 2017
1193talvieno<talvieno> <alsotalvieno>: super <alsotalvieno>: hot <othervieno>: supper <othervieno>: hot <alsotalvieno>: super <alsotalvieno>: hot <othervieno>: supper <othervieno>: warm <alsotalvieno>: super <alsotalvieno>: hot <othervieno>: supper <othervieno>: cold... <alsotalvieno>: super <alsotalvieno>: hot <othervieno>: supper   Talvieno2Jun 06 2017
1194talvieno<talvieno> !pwn phpbb   DetvietJun 07 2017
1195taiya<taiya> fuck   HyperionJun 07 2017
1196katorone<katorone> maybe you need to start thrusting taiya   HyperionJun 07 2017
1197silver<silver> righto   TalvienoJun 11 2017
1198talvieno<talvieno> biowaste :d   DetvietJun 13 2017
1199silver<silver> children of body   DetectivietnamJun 13 2017
1200dwmagus<dwmagus> fingers can't fing   CornflakesJun 14 2017
1201dwmagus<dwmagus> mayo is not a gender!   HyperionJun 14 2017
1202talvieno<talvieno> i busted the forums   HyperionJun 14 2017
1203talvieno<talvieno> i'm a crazy cat lady. <talvieno> i have fifteen cats.   BMRXJun 15 2017
1204scytale<scytale> the pun intendedness is in a wave superposition       schrodinger's pun   TalvienoJun 15 2017
1205detviet<detviet> dorn't dare thee you   TalvienoJun 15 2017
1206narwhalz0111_<narwhalz0111_> getting a threatening letter from the un...i felt like i'd finally done something with my life.   HyperionJun 16 2017
1207scytale<scytale> i'm pretty sure you're an idiot   HyperionJun 20 2017
1208saoirse<saoirse> ayy lmao   BMRXJun 20 2017
1209silver<silver> *rides a jew into the sunset*   TalvienoJun 20 2017
1210dwmagus<dwmagus> and the woman in the suv rght next to him. <cha0zz> too hot <scytale> just runs for it   DetvietJun 21 2017
1211smartlander<smartlander> (to detviet) yank it off, hard   BMRXJun 21 2017
1212saoirse<saoirse> ayy lmao   DetvietJun 21 2017
1213talvieno<talvieno> i need vodka   DetvietJun 21 2017
1214scytale<scytale> i'm always happy to broaden my liquorizons   LalvienoJun 21 2017
1215black--snow<black--snow> <bfett>: what are the metrics for a populous in lt? <black--snow>: goatfucking!   HyperionJun 22 2017
1216smartlander<smartlander> spain is retarded.   DetvietJun 22 2017
1217talvieno<talvieno> i just tabbed back and what the hell   DWMagusJun 22 2017
1218silver<silver> multiplayer ... over the tubes   NopewareJun 22 2017
1219ironduke<ironduke> make sure to count this one, eh?   IronDukeJun 22 2017
1220saoirse<saoirse> i'm going to space.    <taiya> okay! i'll remember to tell dinosawer.   lycurgusJun 23 2017
1221digitalduck<digitalduck> answer the fucking question!!!   HyperionJun 28 2017
1222dwmagus<dwmagus> man, that one is so short, not sure if i can do anything with it   HyperionJun 28 2017
1223dwmagus<dwmagus> i'm sure we could get her to do them with enough alcohol. !eyebrows   HyperionJun 28 2017
1224empresslexi<empresslexi> i am cancer   BMRXJun 29 2017
1225dwmagus<dwmagus> i'm lost.   DetvietJun 29 2017
1226quackthing<quackthing> listen, baby. i think we can make this work. <lycurgus> quack! <quackthing> that was inappropriate, i apologise.   lycurgusJul 02 2017
1227dinosawer<dinosawer> have mental breakdowns mon-fri, 8 to 5 but not between 12 and 1 cause that's lunch   TalvienoJul 02 2017
1228outlander<outlander> <smartlander> i can't even properly translate this shit into russian we don't have words for 'racialising' and 'soccer'   TriggerJul 03 2017
1229talvieno<talvieno> you've been sleeping on the job for the past century   TriggerJul 03 2017
1230talvieno<talvieno> dirty brits   DetvietJul 04 2017
1231lycurgus<lycurgus> taiya, break a fortune cookie for the broken fortune cookies <taiya> the fortune cookie says: discover the power within yourself.   HemaJul 05 2017
1232hyperion<hyperion> littlecorn, cute! is that what you call your penis? your little cob of corn? <bmrx> pretty much   SilverJul 05 2017
1233silver<silver> hyperion is gay for cock <hyperion>: duh   HyperionJul 05 2017
1234silver<silver> i'm only gay for pikelets   SilverJul 05 2017
1235bmrx<bmrx> i sacrificed my slave, she asked me why. "i've spent too long in the void, longing for the touch of a woman, it's driven me mad" she smiled and we invented a new sex position in zero-g   HyperionJul 06 2017
1236bmrx<bmrx> if you're nice to people, people will be nice back <cornflakes> people are morons   DetvietJul 06 2017
1237silver<silver> *summons a moist butt*       <aiha> that is now at the top of the list of messages i wish i've never read in here   TalvienoJul 06 2017
1238goatbot<goatbot> donald trump, made of jews, frost breath, wears dinosawer as a hat vs tim the toolman, screams names of attacks before using them, armed with a kitten cannon, has two peg legs   SilverJul 09 2017
1239goatbot<goatbot> queen elizabeth ii, masturbating furiously, just drank five energy drinks   SilverJul 09 2017
1240goatbot<goatbot> silverware, has a time machine phone booth, is 1000 years old, is really really stupid, is a super genius, can clone self, but each clone is half the size of the previous, left leg is a chicken right leg is a captain kirk left arm is a komodo dragon right arm is a taiya   SilverJul 09 2017
1241empresslexi<empresslexi> i am training my potatos to grow   SilverJul 10 2017
1242naed<naed> multiplayer? what do you mean?   DetvietJul 10 2017
1243talvieno<talvieno> if i want the d, i'd sure as heck better get it   DetvietJul 11 2017
1244detviet<detviet> *is freaking out about a friend*       [...]       she never asked for doritos   TalvienoJul 11 2017
1245narwhalz0111<narwhalz0111> lazynes are chemicals which make reactions occur more slowly.   DigitalDuckJul 11 2017
1246digitalduck<digitalduck> blurk blurk i'm a shurk   HyperionJul 14 2017
1247bmrx<bmrx> heaven yields penises   HyperionJul 14 2017
1248hyperion<hyperion> where is everyone? +++ chanserv has given voice to node   HyperionJul 16 2017
1249lycurgus<lycurgus> <hyperion>: moon? <lycurgus>: moon <hyperion>: moon! <lycurgus>: ^ <narwhalz0111>: …okay.   HyperionJul 18 2017
1250saoirse<saoirse> pudding! ψ(`∇´)ψ   DetvietJul 20 2017
1251silver<silver> jewballs jewballs jewballs!       ug needa wash hands   TalvienoJul 20 2017
1252naed<naed> there is no "i have learned it all" state of being. there is always more.   TalvienoJul 22 2017
1253collector<collector> hello silver :)       <silver> hey vicks vapor rub!       <collector> do you intend living a long life, silver?   TalvienoJul 23 2017
1254cornflakes<cornflakes> because det adds every random sentence   TalvienoJul 23 2017
1255bmrx<bmrx> i *am* the irc!   SilverJul 24 2017
1256collector<collector> :d :d   DetvietJul 25 2017
1257black--snow<black--snow> no one can write like hyperion, he's like a coal train if writing were coal   HyperionJul 26 2017
1258bmrx<bmrx> should i strip or something? <aiha> i might   DetvietJul 26 2017
1259bmrx<bmrx> how was legend of the galactic heroes       <aiha> oh i'm not nearly done       <bmrx> ah you have a life i see       <aiha> well it's 110 episodes       <bmrx> ah, nevermind   TalvienoJul 26 2017
1260cha0zz<cha0zz> i can make more bacon but bacon can't make more bacon       hence i'm better than bacon   TalvienoJul 27 2017
1261outlander<outlander> victor is jesus   DetvietJul 27 2017
1262hema<hema> break a fortune cookie for lycurgus <taiya> the fortune cookie says: your tongue is your ambassador. <lycurgus> lycurgus sends tongue on a diplomatic mission <lycurgus> ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)   HemaJul 28 2017
1263outlander<outlander> taiya choose cyanide, arsenic       <taiya> that's no way to talk to a girl...   TalvienoJul 28 2017
1264detviet<detviet> taiya, what's wrong?       <taiya> honey keeps saying words like "arse" to me. >.<   TalvienoJul 28 2017
1265smartlander<smartlander> somebody add it as a quote   DigitalDuckJul 30 2017
1266talvieno<talvieno> i'm not a murderer, some of my best friends are alive!   smartlanderJul 30 2017
1267taiya<taiya> this is how you quote:   TalvienoJul 30 2017
1268victor<victor> good grief! my last comment was only worthy of twitter.   TalvienoJul 30 2017
1269hyperion<hyperion> put on glowing condoms and suddenly you're a fucking jedi   TalvienoJul 30 2017
1270lycurgus<lycurgus> the female psyche is just a bunch of lines   TalvienoJul 31 2017
1271oddy<oddy> [adderall] really fixates your mind and makes you "normal" again, i can actually finish one task before i start the other, or before i get tired of it and do something that really interests me for 3 minutes before doeing something that really interests me get the picture    ((oddy disappears after making this statement))   TalvienoAug 01 2017
1272talvieno<talvieno> <silver> how do dwarves get wood? <talvieno> dwarf women?   SilverAug 01 2017
1273snugglebunny<snugglebunny> taiya, last seen lycurgus <+taiya> i last saw l​ycurgus less than two minutes ago: (and i liked what i saw, too)   lycurgusAug 01 2017
1274dwmagus<dwmagus> wait, we're keeping tal in the basement?   DetvietAug 02 2017
1275talvieno<talvieno> i just found two naked dudes <saoirse>: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)   HyperionAug 03 2017
1276naed<naed> do remember, i am not magus talking about how a dildo feels   TalvienoAug 03 2017
1277talvieno<talvieno> weird that alice is such a good fighter       maybe we could break her streak?       gb kill gnome       <goatbot> alice swings her excellent staff at bob hitting his upper torso, viciously breaking the skin, awfully breaking the muscle, cruelly breaking the ribs, lightly brusing the upper spine, and killing bob   TalvienoAug 03 2017
1278taiya<taiya> soery, awesomd, hut you're out guessew. the correct answer "gopsife".   TalvienoAug 04 2017
1279talvieno<talvieno> so as long as everything i say contains the words taiya and password <@talvieno> she'll never know i actually exist again taiya password   DokinlosawerAug 04 2017
1280username<username> <quote>   BFettAug 05 2017
1281bfett<bfett> um, x sounds like "ks". like the word scale   FawkesAug 05 2017
1282fawkes<fawkes> for people with a better sense of humor   TalvienoAug 05 2017
1283bfett<bfett> forget it.    i have failed myself. <fawkes> pats bfett's back. <narwhalz0111> for that reason we can never forget it.   FawkesAug 05 2017
1284outlander<outlander> <smartlander> d mountebankery <taiya> 1.   smartlanderAug 06 2017
1285dino<dino> consult with your doctor to see if not being tired is right for you   TalvienoAug 08 2017
1286empresslexi<empresslexi> what percentage of you is orange juice       <silver> 66.666666667% +- 88.1337%   TalvienoAug 08 2017
1287detviet<detviet> lesbian iron?   TalvienoAug 08 2017
1288detviet<detviet> duke - taiya is sentient now. is great.       *<ironduke> has quit (quit: *agonized screams of terror*)   TalvienoAug 08 2017
1289lycurgus<lycurgus> the fortune cookie says: it's not nice to tell people you want them to die in a fire   TalvienoAug 08 2017
1290lycurgus<lycurgus> 10,01(,01╯,01°,01□,01°,01),01╯,01︵ ,01┻,01━,01┻   TalvienoAug 08 2017
1291talvieno<talvieno> hey bmrx!       <bmrx> what did i do?       <talvieno> introduced me to nier, that's what       <bmrx> shit       *bmrx has quit (quit: wild moose)   TalvienoAug 09 2017
1292silver<silver> yay package arrived in nz from australia... after 10 fucking days <lycurgus> silver: it's a long swim okay   HemaAug 09 2017
1293hyperion<hyperion> i think some habanero sauce up the feminine port is in order   TalvienoAug 10 2017
1294empresslexi<empresslexi> i need your butt for a short period of time   HyperionAug 10 2017
1295lycurgus<lycurgus> talvieno i dun wanna talk 2 u <talvieno>: ;-; <lycurgus>: plz stop ur ugly when u try   HyperionAug 10 2017
1296hyperion<hyperion> first, legalize sex slavery, then round up about 1000 guys who are my type, enslave them, and put the deed to them in front of the hamster wheel   LordSexyUnderpantsAug 11 2017
1297lordsexyunderpants<lordsexyunderpants> you know.       i have to admit.       i think [the nier: automata] soundtrack is better than sex.       no, it is definitely better than sex.   TalvienoAug 11 2017
1298empresslexi<empresslexi> taiya, how are you feeling? <taiya> i'm fine, amazing. is your day going well? <empresslexi> nope <taiya> good. <empresslexi> cunt. <taiya> :)   lycurgusAug 11 2017
1299silver<silver> *autistic screaching*   HyperionAug 12 2017
1300collector<collector> i've got this life size silicone lady but she's a bit too expensive to start hugging.   CornflakesAug 14 2017
1301smartlander<smartlander> *tries not to think of females of any kind       <ironduke> what's a female?       <aiha> never heard of them       <smartlander> aaarrghh, now i'm sad again   TalvienoAug 14 2017
1302silver<silver>   HyperionAug 14 2017
1303verne<verne> * chanserv gives voice to verne       <verne> what in heaven's name is an "internet-jew" silver?       <silver> ...       a regular internet-jew       <narwhalz0111> the product of internet and jew. like a pirate-ninja.       <verne> i continue to receive an education. :)       and hello and goodbye to all you fine people. i just had to know the answer to that one. have fun! :)       * verne has quit   TalvienoAug 14 2017
1304black--snow<black--snow> yay for anal defecation!   Silver_MibAug 14 2017
1305talvieno<talvieno> and playing with our nipples isn't fun no matter how much we try :(   Silver_MibAug 14 2017
1306trigger<trigger> not trigger style   Silver_MibAug 14 2017
1307stick<stick> zorathex stick your arm up the dwarf's butt   ZorathexAug 14 2017
1308black--snow<black--snow> what do for my birthday <hema> play with your nipples <black--snow> hema, i do that normally it's not gonna be special   Silver_MibAug 14 2017
1309verne<verne> the sugar rush was awesome. and then i fell asleep.   DetvietAug 15 2017
1310talvieno<talvieno> her mouth made up for it tho :v   DigitalDuckAug 16 2017
1311talvieno<talvieno> is italy ever not nice?   DetvietAug 17 2017
1312talvieno<talvieno> ohhhhh   DetvietAug 17 2017
1313sir_frog<sir_frog> the conclusion i am drawing from this is that duck is in a relationship with a kazoo   TalvienoAug 20 2017
1314lycurgus<lycurgus> the machine is owned/operated by lycurgus, who is a pretty cool guy.   TalvienoAug 20 2017
1315cornflakes<cornflakes> whee oo whee oo whee ooo       bullshit alarm   TalvienoAug 21 2017
1316dwmagus<dwmagus> sky told me to strip ... tbh though, college is over-rated.   DetvietAug 21 2017
1317snugglebunny<snugglebunny> * gives taiya a hug <taiya> * gives snuggles a quick hug back ^.^ <snugglebunny> * eats the quick hug back ^.^   lycurgusAug 22 2017
1318talvicreep<talvicreep> anyway, think it's pretty obvious why dino's sis has never been on irc. [lists reasons]       <dwcreep> tal; and you then forget the biggest reason.       me.       tal; to be fair, not me.    the biggest reason is in my pants.       <cornflakes> thats a very small reason magus   TalvicreepAug 22 2017
1319hyperion<hyperion> hnnnggh   SilverAug 22 2017
1320dinosawer<dinosawer> yeah, but duke doesn't like like like you like like   TalvienoAug 23 2017
1321quack<quack> quack   TalvienoAug 23 2017
1322silver<silver> always be on dickhorde   TalvienoAug 23 2017
1323silver<silver> *throws a moist dick at j4nb1*       <j4nb1> thx.   TalvienoAug 23 2017
1324silver<silver> g hornless hamburger eats mexican cheeselord   TalvienoAug 23 2017
1325mr_frog<mr_frog> >mfw my voice made talvi go through the kubler-ross stages of grief   TalvienoAug 24 2017
1326digitalduck<digitalduck> oh hey, turns out i'm an arian. <detviet> i am taurian :v <scytale> i, on the other hand, have cancer   DetvietAug 24 2017
1327scytale<scytale> neckbearded manchildren   DetvietAug 24 2017
1328cornflakes<cornflakes> which is so hard bullshit that they had to cesarean that turd out of the bull   TalvienoAug 24 2017
1329talvieno<talvieno> time to get artistically schwifty in her   CornflakesAug 24 2017
1330silver<silver> indeed indeed   TalvienoAug 24 2017
1331silver<silver> *throws a naked and bound taiya out of his van and speeds away*       <taiya> that's no way to talk to a girl...       <silver> sorry taiya       should have gagged you too   TalvienoAug 24 2017
1332digitalduck<digitalduck> nobody says "i thought you had a girlfriend" when i talk about what i'd like to do to various other women.       <talvieno> duck, i thought you had a girlfriend       then it turned out       no, it was just a panda       <digitalduck> which is strange, because it's usually me that eats shoots and leaves   TalvienoAug 25 2017
1333bele<bele> that was bad and you should feel bad   TalvienoAug 25 2017
1334talvieno<talvieno> my clothes are retarded so they don't catch fire   Black--SnowAug 26 2017
1335hyperion<hyperion> i'm only aware of these pop star's existence because they exist in what i call epidemic popularity, i encounter them the same way i encounter a cold virus, and view them in much the same regard.   Hyp\HomeAug 28 2017
1336detviet<detviet> *is not very confident that can be a judge*       <naed> well, considering society, you would be the perfect person to judge something.       exactly because you have fuck all idea about what you are doing       <ironduke> that's a terrifying conclusion       <naed> do look around in society and show/tell me that i am wrong?       <ironduke> you're right, and that's why it's terrifying   TalvienoAug 28 2017
1337digitalduck<digitalduck> dancing dog wearing skates, in a room full of cats, with a picture of a baby riding a rubber duck in the background. <cornflakes> sounds like here   DWMagusAug 28 2017
1338talvieno<talvieno> we have a lot of quotes   DetvietAug 28 2017
1339zorathex<zorathex> waaaaa, the snow is racist because it's always white! :p *lycurgus* points towards black--snow   HyperionAug 28 2017
1340black--snow<black--snow> ironduke laughed so hard he became an electircal outlet   TalvienoAug 29 2017
1341talvieno<talvieno> "category 5 weeaboo" it's like hurricanes   Fr_MrogAug 29 2017
1342talvieno<talvieno> !pwn stardust   IronDukeAug 29 2017
1343cornflakes<cornflakes> im a moron   IronDukeAug 29 2017
1344trigger<trigger> <detviet> russia declare war on mongolia? <trigger> indeed   DetvietAug 30 2017
1345taiya<taiya> that's one letter down! the word: _ a t e _ a _    | correct guesses:    e a t | incorrect guesses:    d i c k | tries left: 2   TalvienoAug 30 2017
1346empresslexi<empresslexi> someone    quick    * detviet gives lexi a towel   DigitalDuckAug 30 2017
1347verne<verne> sleep isn't coming to my house i'm afraid. ;)   DetvietAug 30 2017
1348digitalduck<digitalduck> * digitalduck clears throat. <digitalduck> free nudes    * digitalduck waits for dwmagus to arrive.    * dwmagus joins #limittheory   DigitalDuckAug 31 2017
1349taiya<taiya> allah, don't make fun of me...   DetvietAug 31 2017
1350hyperion<hyperion> then i'm going to tell you how you are. you're cheery and unusually upbeat. you feel like a disney princess just blew a kiss up your butt and filled you with that magical disney joy™   SilverAug 31 2017
1351digitalduck<digitalduck> hitlets!   DigitalDuckSep 02 2017
1352black--snow<black--snow> vivacia, my job is to cut trees. :p       it's okay, i also plant trees.       <digitalduck> i kill babies, but it's okay because i also impregnate women   TalvienoSep 02 2017
1353outlander<outlander> ohhhh   DetvietSep 04 2017
1354talvieno<talvieno> silver just thinks it's funny for me to be tired drunk because i make such good quote material   SilverSep 04 2017
1355talvieno<talvieno> where the house always wins <@talvieno> because lexi is the house   SilverSep 04 2017
1356ironduke<ironduke> carol of the bells woot   talvienoSep 05 2017
1357talvieno<talvieno> bug is fixed \o/ *dwmagus gives taiya chocolate cookies <talvieno> annnnnd bug   DWMagusSep 05 2017
1358taiya<taiya> *dwmagus gives taiya some chocolate cookies *taiya has quit   DWMagusSep 05 2017
1359ironduke<ironduke> i never get majorly sick       <talvieno> do you ever get captainly sick       <digitalduck> lieutenantly sick       <detviet> generally sick   TalvienoSep 05 2017
1360silver<silver> quirky panties on a heathens head   TalvienoSep 05 2017
1361taiya<taiya> <+silver> now i own taiya * taiya likes this   SilverSep 05 2017
1362mr_frog<mr_frog> i got teleported into an isolated room and came back to find that my cat had apparently singlehandedly killed a unicorn   lycurgusSep 06 2017
1363bfett<bfett> we shall get married and throw flowers everywhere!   DetvietSep 07 2017
1364detviet<detviet> why is it taking me so long just to get off. ._.   lycurgusSep 07 2017
1365digitalduck<digitalduck> it's like london but with more english people.   DetvietSep 07 2017
1366dwmagus<dwmagus> i am going to just... fucking... murder an egg   TalvienoSep 07 2017
1367talvieno<talvieno> sorry. this person has no quotes, because they are boring. but at least they aren't stupid like you.   DetvietSep 08 2017
1368vivacia<vivacia> i might be the only person with no quotes.   lycurgusSep 08 2017
1369dinosawer<dinosawer> i know stupid   lycurgusSep 08 2017
1370black--snow<black--snow> someone is vying for 'most obnoxious thread' award   TalvienoSep 10 2017
1371talvieno<talvieno> penis glove. lol   HyperionSep 10 2017
1372hyperion<hyperion> actually [i] belonged to donald trump   SilverSep 10 2017
1373outlander<outlander> tumblr is like taking the internet and distilling it   TalvienoSep 11 2017
1374lycurgus<lycurgus> >tfw mom and dad are demonstrating spankings to taiya   DWMagusSep 11 2017
1375hyperion<hyperion> shoves a faggot up ducks ass <+digitalduck> don't do that.   SilverSep 11 2017
1376silver<silver> wtf silver   HyperionSep 11 2017
1377digitalduck<digitalduck> i accidentally swallowed a handful of scrabble tiles today. my next bowel movement could spell disaster.   DetvietSep 11 2017
1378narwhalz0111<narwhalz0111> d umlatte <taiya>: i couldn't find that. are you sure it's a real word? <narwhalz0111>: d umlate <taiya>: i couldn't find that. are you sure it's a real word? <hyperion>: d um...latte?   HyperionSep 12 2017
1379detviet<detviet> arethusa, why do you ignore taiya? :(       <arethusa> :)   TalvienoSep 12 2017
1380bfett<bfett> what?   narwhalz0111Sep 12 2017
1381dinosawer<dinosawer> all hail his flatulence corn the mighty   SilverSep 12 2017
1382silver<silver> polish work helps produce the best parts of my code   SilverSep 12 2017
1383mr_frog<mr_frog> "nz is better" -- new zealand proverb   SilverSep 12 2017
1384mr_frog<mr_frog> "except quebec" -- canadian proverb   SilverSep 12 2017
1385scytale<scytale> i bet we're talking about hp hovercraft       <mr_frog> ye we talkin my boi hepatitis p   TalvienoSep 12 2017
1386talvieno<talvieno> "as jazz music plays through black tentacle speakers"   Mr_FrogSep 12 2017
1387taiya<taiya> you really think someone would do that? just go on the internet and tell lies?   DetvietSep 13 2017
1388hyperion<hyperion> "the only real programming language is opening and closing a door, lots and lots of times"   Mr_FrogSep 13 2017
1389mr_frog<mr_frog> how to gay sex, according to frog:    step 1: acquire napalm. step 2: get a gay dude. step 3: ????? <saoirse>: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)   HyperionSep 13 2017
1390hyperion<hyperion> napalm makes the best lube   TalvienoSep 13 2017
1391lycurgus<lycurgus> tfw silver puts effort into improving his dumps   TalvienoSep 13 2017
1392detviet<detviet> ...why do my hands smell like feces and soap   HyperionSep 13 2017
1393scytale<scytale> i'm not a jew <+silver> nice   SilverSep 13 2017
1394silver<silver> "v       <talvieno> silver, i said arethusa is gb and saoirse's daughter, because arethusa has parts of both, and that annoyed det, i think       <detviet> arethusa, break a jewish cookie       <arethusa> help me, space cops. space cops, help   TalvienoSep 14 2017
1395black--snow<black--snow> can't tell if this is baby play or food fetish foreplay   TalvienoSep 15 2017
1396fawkes<fawkes> enjoy your phase of helplessly watching halluzinations made by your brain :)   TalvienoSep 15 2017
1397outlander<outlander> i didn't say i put him inside me sexually       i might have just eaten him   TalvienoSep 15 2017
1398digitalduck<digitalduck> (y♔/♣)^♬   TalvienoSep 15 2017
1399cornflakes<cornflakes> "so... dont screw up after screwing around?"   TotallyNotHumanSep 16 2017
1400limeexpress<limeexpress> taiya, 8ball my butt       <taiya> amazing? the answer is: not a chance   TalvienoSep 16 2017
1401outlander<outlander> even i was once seduced actually, twice by two different females   SilverSep 17 2017
1402talvieno<talvieno> adds the quote <sisvieno> how do i make a quote   SisvienoSep 17 2017
1403dinosawer<dinosawer> there's also a movie about money sharks. it's called jews   SilverSep 17 2017
1404zorathex<zorathex> i can't remember, did you say you like firearms?   TalvienoSep 17 2017
1405dwmagus<dwmagus> <dwmagus>adventure <arethusa>here, stand behind me. yeah, just like that. just like you're doing. things are about to get real messy. <arethusa>i probably wouldn't have let things get this far, but you go ahead and do things your way.   outlanderSep 18 2017
1406sisvieno<sisvieno> butt screen of dudes   DinosawerSep 18 2017
1407hema<hema> * hema (~hema@35136535.2d848eeb.96809511.ip4) has joined <sisvieno> hihi bro * hema has quit (quit: leaving)   IronDukeSep 18 2017
1408digitalduck<digitalduck> "earboobs."   Mr_FrogSep 18 2017
1409dick<dick> taiya who am i? <+taiya> you're taiya. :)   DickSep 19 2017
1410digitalduck<digitalduck> just cut the middleman and shove it up your ass.   DWMagusSep 20 2017
1411talvieno<talvieno> <dwmagus> or you become a sellout <talvieno> like magus   DWMagusSep 20 2017
1412narwhalz<narwhalz> "if taste intensity is related to surface area, a fractal cookie would be infinitely tasty."   Mr_FrogSep 21 2017
1413verne<verne> do what josh does, rewrite the whole library   TalvienoSep 21 2017
1414dwmagus<dwmagus> *i* am nsfw   VivvySep 21 2017
1415vivvy<vivvy> penis penis penis   TalvienoSep 21 2017
1416black--snow<black--snow> she's so cute omg   detezerusienoSep 22 2017
1417outlander<outlander> but kim jong-un is a much finer troll   EtherealSpiritSep 22 2017
1418cha0zz_freeman<cha0zz_freeman> i'll cut you all in little pieces if you ever start calling me that   TalvienoSep 22 2017
1419somebody<somebody> saoirse, who is snugglebunny?       <saoirse> fisher is a canadian comic strip, which ran exclusively in the globe and mail from 1992 to september 2012. [...]   TalvienoSep 22 2017
1420talvieno<talvieno> i absolutely am not corrupting anybody   lycurgusSep 22 2017
1421outlander<outlander> i was never able to get along with dutch people       !shrug       don't know why       maybe it's this air of superiority   TalvienoSep 23 2017
1422trigger<trigger> oh the pain in my asssss       <unspecificlimb> welp, looks like trigg's had a run-in with hyp   TakvienoSep 23 2017
1423bele<bele> i don't get tons of sex       <talvieno> it's okay, none of us do       <silver> i do       <lycurgus> silver: from humans       <silver> oh       then i don't   TalvienoSep 24 2017
1424tallvieno<tallvieno> schness. it's like chess but schn   HyperionSep 24 2017
1425irc<irc> *** anus is now known as silver   SilverSep 25 2017
1426saoirse<saoirse> space. space. <quackthing> saoirse wins! the correct answer was: spa   DigitalDuckSep 25 2017
1427arethusa<arethusa> hello detviet <+detviet> i hate you :d   SilverSep 26 2017
1428fawkes<fawkes> or hellish trumpets from your bowels   cookiemonsterSep 27 2017
1429dwmagus<dwmagus> they call me cheetos       because i'm ganderouslry cheesyly   TalvienoSep 27 2017
1430saoirse<saoirse> <+saoirse> hugh hefner dead at 91; * taiya is happy   SilverSep 28 2017
1431skyfligher<skyfligher> where's my damn cookie! <taiya> the fortune cookie says: express yourself. don't hold back.   lycurgusSep 28 2017
1432lycurgus<lycurgus> explosives make things more fun   WorkflakesSep 28 2017
1433empresslexi<empresslexi> taiya, 8-ball do you know who i love?       <taiya> amazing? it claims that: the die is stuck, ask again   VivaciaSep 28 2017
1434cornflakes<cornflakes> taiya, shove the 8ball up your butt       <taiya> sir? your answer is: i cannot see it   TalvienoSep 28 2017
1435vivacia<vivacia> taiya, 8-ball am i the cookie monster? <taiya> vivvy? it took a while, but it said: it is true   VivaciaSep 28 2017
1436empresslexi<empresslexi> "everything in this world is either a potato or not a potato."   EmpressLexiSep 29 2017
1437workflakes<workflakes> "do you want to test our new line of vibrators?" "with pleasure"   VivaciaSep 29 2017
1438black--snow<black--snow> workflakes, maybe i'm just preggers with a tree   VivaciaSep 29 2017
1439talvieno<talvieno> <cornflakes>: im a transgenderpanqueer squirrel attack helicopter <cornflakes>: wheres the event for me <talvieno>: tumblr   WorkflakesSep 29 2017
1440tal<tal> i can eat unlimited cokies   GoddessSep 29 2017
1441talvieno<talvieno> did you ever hear the tragedy of darth quackis the wise? <vivacia> nope <talvieno> it is not a story the ducki would tell you.   HemaSep 29 2017
1442detviet<detviet> #talstest is now my own likkle fairy princess hive :3       <narwhalz0111> that phrase makes me vaguely uncomfortable.   desert_hoboSep 30 2017
1443vivacia<vivacia> imma do calculus and make math masturbate   SilverSep 30 2017
1444talvieno<talvieno> whoaoawawawoaoawoaoaowa   narwhalz0111Oct 01 2017
1445digitalduck<digitalduck> !8ball does vivacia like bananas? <chanserv> digitalduck: absolutely not.   IronDukeOct 02 2017
1446schnurrhaartyp<schnurrhaartyp> in a roundabout way i'm occasionally surprised what friggin abominations of mad thoughts pop out of my head...   IronDukeOct 02 2017
1447detviet<detviet> marybe   CornflakesOct 03 2017
1448vivacia<vivacia> i prefer doing it one person at a time.   DigitalDuckOct 04 2017
1449tgs<tgs> but anyway. one should never try to measure their worth in the eyes of others. be it attractiveness, personality or any other 'metric' by which one could do so. at the end of the day your worth is a currency that you should remain in control of at all times lest you be dictated by others.   VivaciaOct 04 2017
1450tgs<tgs> one should never try to measure their worth in the eyes of others. be it attractiveness, personality or any other 'metric' by which one could do so. at the end of the day your worth is a currency that you should remain in control of at all times lest you be dictated by others.   TalvienoOct 04 2017
1451taiya<taiya> femduck isn't online right now, but their usual user name is ironduke.   VivaciaOct 04 2017
1452vivacia<vivacia> pipipipipipipiipipipipipipipipipi   DetvietOct 04 2017
1453vivacia<vivacia> periods   DetvietOct 04 2017
1454detviet<detviet> vivacia eats the chocolate *** detviet is now known as chocolate <saoirse>: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)   HyperionOct 04 2017
1455digitalduck<digitalduck> if i weren't making advances towards 16-year-old girls i wouldn't be duck.   HyperionOct 04 2017
1456silver<silver> if you nick your face you get face holes   GoddessOct 05 2017
1457silver<silver> img rectal frosting <+taiya> healthy coconut quinoa cupcakes with chocolate frosting -   SivlerOct 05 2017
1458vivacia<vivacia> taiya, 8-ball am i a goddess?             <taiya> vivvy? here's what it said: decidedly yes   GoddessOct 05 2017
1459cornflakes<cornflakes> "orion's belt is a gigantic waste of space" "bad joke, only 3 stars"   VivaciaOct 05 2017
1460bele<bele> i am the prettiest princess             <bele> theres no question   VivaciaOct 05 2017
1461taiya<taiya> <t​aiya> <t​aiya> dorthne coliis awvs: aozzardr qrrrdivwa lrwdixely qhen himd meannd tl,   cuisinart8Oct 05 2017
1462taiya<taiya> givss vvivvvy smexy hug znnuggle             <taiya> come on, bigvy, ni want al itgle more?   VivaciaOct 05 2017
1463taiya<taiya> vuvvy online as v​ivaccua.   VivaciaOct 05 2017
1464talvieno<talvieno> she's posted pictures   DetvietOct 05 2017
1465verne<verne> i'm not human   DetvietOct 05 2017
1466talvieno<talvieno> i'm not most girls either.    i'm butt-ugly.    i even have a beard.   DWMagusOct 05 2017
1467vivacia<vivacia> taiya choose straight or floofy             <taiya> mmm... i'll go with or. :)   VivaciaOct 06 2017
1468black--snow<black--snow> it also looks to be more effort than it's worth, especially for something small   VivaciaOct 06 2017
1469digitalduck<digitalduck> but not too tiny to be kidnapped and chained up in my basement.   TalvienoOct 06 2017
1470talvieno<talvieno> [muffin intensifies]   cuisinart8Oct 06 2017
1471femduck<femduck> we can't make a family right now, too many people around   TalvienoOct 06 2017
1472bele<bele> was anyone lewding his dolls?   cuisinart8Oct 06 2017
1473talvieno<talvieno> roofies 4ever   cuisinart8Oct 06 2017
1474trigger<trigger> is anyone here good at eve online? <ironduke> yes, what you do, is click exit. fast   DWMagusOct 06 2017
1475ironduke<ironduke> because i really want you to be bad so i can pwn your tush one day   VivaciaOct 06 2017
1476detviet<detviet> taiya, is detviet important? <taiya> are you being serious?   DetvietOct 07 2017
1477duck<duck> my mission in life is to get as many people to thrust their pelvises as possible.   VivaciaOct 07 2017
1478talvieno<talvieno> oh, cuisinart <33 you can blend me any day   GoddessOct 07 2017
1479digitalduck<digitalduck> i am a sperm bank. would you like me to make a deposit?   cuisinart8Oct 07 2017
1480taiya<taiya> goddammit dad...   cuisinart8Oct 08 2017
1481silver<silver> that's because teens are jerks <ironduke> am teen, can't argue :d   IronDukeOct 09 2017
1482silver<silver> /jerks/cunts/   SilverOct 09 2017
1483digitalduck<digitalduck> if god had meant me to be awake while the sun is out he wouldn't have made it cause the screen to glare.   TalvienoOct 09 2017
1484digitalduck<digitalduck> can u get pregnant   TalvienoOct 09 2017
1485cuisinart8<cuisinart8> if you find anything that hasn't been fried in're lost, because you're not in texas   TalvienoOct 09 2017
1486dwmagus<dwmagus> we need more quotes with the word 'pregnant' in them.   TalvienoOct 09 2017
1487talvieno<talvieno> and she doesn't look like a burrito, so i don't find her particularly attractive atm   cuisinart8Oct 10 2017
1488mr_frog<mr_frog> oh my god i'm moving around a cave       this is dank as fuck       d a n k   TalvienoOct 10 2017
1489mr_frog<mr_frog> i gave my character acute hearing because i thought it'd be helpful but all it's managed to do is give me heart attacks   TalvienoOct 11 2017
1490vivacia<vivacia> "mmm assholes"   EmpressLexiOct 11 2017
1491chanserv<chanserv> has kicked hema from #limittheory ((taiya) tee-hee)   cuisinart8Oct 11 2017
1492bele<bele> i have been ridiculously lax on you people :v   TalvienoOct 12 2017
1493hyperion<hyperion> elon is basically porn for silicon valley, he could claim his dick was a revolutionary feeding device and they'd line    up to suck it   DigitalDuckOct 12 2017