Welcome to my castle!

Enjoy your stay! I'll eventually put some more work into prettying the place up, but for now, Talvieno.com exists and I am no longer worried about losing my files/projects/pages.

Related to REKT

The REKT Discord (join in the Announcements channel, the [4] emoji)
The REKT Wiki
Character Sheet Editor
REKT Sig Creator v2
REKT: 3D Nemesis map view
REKT: BTE System Map Viewer
Fuhodo Station Map
REKT Mech Creation Helper
REKT Combat Playlist (autoshuffle)
REKT Calmer Playlist (autoshuffle)
The REKT Subforum (no longer in use)
Character Sheet Editor (Old version)
REKT Player Litmus Test (just for fun)

Related to Limit Theory

Limit Theory's website (I designed the site)
Limit Theory Forums (I designed much of the css)
Limit Theory Feature List
"What About Civilians?" LT Simulation (small scale for phones, less detail)
"What About Civilians?" LT Simulation (large-scale)
Pareidolic Icon Generator

Related to IRC and Taiya

Note: IRC's been dead for a while, we all moved to discord way back. The quote list is still fun though
LT IRC User List (updated in real time)
LT IRC Quote List (updated in real time)
LT IRC Quote Rankings

Random odds and ends

Exquisite Corpse game (landing page)
City Nickname Generator (Inspired by XKCD)
Tavern Nickname & Story Generator
A little neural network game (designed from scratch, no libraries)
A tool that pulls all images from a provided page URL
A random collection of short stories set in a friend's universe: Purgatory
Paper Map Generator (give it 10-20 seconds to load)
Hacking Software Name Generator
A story background doc for a superhero-esque book I wrote around 2010
Map generation for Purgatory, a game idea I've been toying with for a while